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gun control

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    [1]Nov 12, 2007
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    This episode really opened my eyes to how biased this show is, every excruciating minuteannoyed me more and more. They never said what needed to be said and ignored obvious facts in order to bolster their own argument. How about all those countries that have almost no guns and as a result almost no gun crime. later u have a bunch of gun obsessed morons talking about their god like invulnerabilitydue to being armed. A small childcould poke fun at them and yet.... Penn remains uncharacteristically quiet. Always going 4 the popular vote id love to see " free speech is BULL**** ".

    Penn and teller, straight talking. (Unlesstheir points contradict the almighty constitution of the USA)

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    [2]Nov 18, 2007
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    I wonder who is really bias here. Penn and Teller made the point that there is no direct link between gun ownership and violent crime not between gun ownership and gun crimes. Keepin mind most locations that have no population gun ownership generallydo not have the most unbiased data. Does availability increase usability. Wellyes it does but that goes both ways.In other words a firearm can be a deterentjust by threat alone. I alwayssay this topeople that believe that gun should be banned. Why should the policehave access to firearms if they have access to less lethal why should we allow firearms usage by anybody police or otherwise. Simple it's a deterent. There is no police force in the world that would say no to firearms. Why?When you have a society with no deterents then you have a society of victims. The primary protector of ones self is ones self. Nobody can proctect you as good as you can protect yourself because there is only two people in a crime. The police only show up after the crime taken place.

    Countries with less gunor completegun bans will of course have less gun based crimes but crimes in general are higher with other weapons as well as secondary crimes. Gettingkilled by a gun or by a knifeyour dead either way.

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    [3]Nov 21, 2007
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    I thought the best point was that if you make guns illegal, then only cops and criminals will have them. Neither should be trusted with your life.
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