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"State of Penn &Teller: Bullsh**! Address" by Your Humble Editor

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    Greetings, please be seated.

    I apologize for slowing on my own updates (i've successfully updated the first two seasons completely and have also completed work on the Circumcision episode of Season 3 though all of that was completed a VERY long time ago) but life gets the better of us all sometimes. I hope, in the future, to continue the process in the same way I have been but do have certain pulls on my time right now that take precedence (for one thing, I'm actually PAID for those...). However, I do check in on a rough weekly basis so if anyone does want to continue what I have been doing in fixing previously done episodes and editing the new (I have, at least, added all episodes thus far broadcast though many in later seasons are underdeveloped), you are more than welcome to. However, it is REQUIRED that you follow the format I have set forth in the first two seasons (this includes, as much as I don't like doing it, the censorship style I have adopted. I believe that the person should be able to tell what the word is even if part of it is obscured.)

    Regarding news on the show itself, I'm not sure if you've heard, but the 8th season will be hitting DVD on May 3rd. Special Features are, as usual, unrelated to the show (I believe I've heard it comes with two episodes of that new Showtime Matt LeBlanc show "Episodes"). DVD is expected to contain all 10 episodes of Season 8. There is no word that they would be including a certain other episode and I have no reason to believe they will. My info is coming from Cover art looks a lil' something like this:

    Season 8 cover art

    And finally, there's one other point I'd like to discuss. I have absolutely no idea if there will be a ninth season or not. The following things have happened since Season 8 concluded:

    -Penn said in a webvideo (one of his Penn Points) that Showtime was "where "Penn &Teller's Bullsh**!" used to be", and went out of his way to underline his word choice.

    -Teller said in a later interview with the Atlantic City Weekly (where I saw their show actually last year or year before, quite nice...Atlantic City I mean) that "We are in the process of making a decision to continue with Showtime or move on to a new show on Discovery."

    -Since the season ended, Penn & Teller have begun other projects (in addition, of course, to the Rio). Teller is directing and co-wrote an acclaimed off-Broadway play currently running called "Play Dead" that is a throwback to old school spooky thrill shows and has audience participation. The duo also filmed a special in England called "Penn & Teller: Fool Us!" in which magicians performed for them and, if they successfully fooled them, were given the opportunity to open for them at the Rio. That special has since been picked up for a six-special run later this year. Finally, there is rumor, spawned from Teller's earlier remarks and a twitter account that appeared for the show, that the duo is working on another show, this one for Discovery Channel, called "Penn & Teller: Secrets of the Universe".

    So, unfortunately, if you PUSHED ME, I'd say the situation has reached the point where it is HIGHLY possible that the Bullsh**! train may have reached its station. I'm not, however, going to change the show's status from "Returning Series" to "Cancelled" until I know for certain though. I hold out hope just like everyone else. And, on a personal note, my theory (based on NO particular tip or information or interview, just my own thoughts) is that this might have something to do with "The Vatican" episode and the possibility that P&T may not have wanted to do another season after the handling of that particular debacle (they mightve already been under contract for Season 8 when it happened). But again, I stress that that is opinion and conjecture; I have no particular reason or proof of that claim.

    I thank you for taking the time to read this long and rambling update. If there is further development on these fronts I will let you all know. I just figured it was my duty to say as much as I know from internet research.

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