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Vatican episode???

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    [1]Aug 29, 2009
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    OK boys, very funny.

    Now let's see you have the "descended male genitalia" to give the same treatment to Islam!

    C'mon I dare ya! I dog dare ya! I double dog dare ya!

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    [2]Sep 8, 2009
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    hey pike i wonder if penn and teller have been down to new orleans where catholic charities, lutheran, baptist and other church groups have been helping rebuild for the past four years. i havent seen any other organized groups come to help , other than the red cross and salvation army. by the way how do i get the direct e-mail address for them.
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    [3]Sep 11, 2009
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    Not sure what the connections from this episode were to your comments.

    What's an organization the only purpose of which is to control people - that's what churches are - got anything to do with charity? If there weren't any churches, there would be just as many people doing good by themselves. It's our nature and doesn't need reinforcement by fictional forces outside of our realm. Not to mention the billions of people worldwide being attached to the false hope religion spreads instead of using their precious time and energy to really improve their actual lives.

    As for Islam: also O.T., has nothing to do with the current topic. I know what you are getting at: Christians are supposed to be more tolerant, etc. etc. But I think you are adorning yourself with borrowed plumes here. All advances we have today, human, women's rights and so on, originated from the age of Enlightenment and have not only not been supported by Christianity but been fighting a continuous struggle against churches up till today. So no, you can't claim to be part of a more tolerant religion just because you grew up in a more tolerant neighbourhood.



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    Those "charities" could probably sell off some of their luxuries and pay to rebuild the whole city. I wonder how much donated money got skimmed off the top and sent to Italy to buy the pope a new robe. Not to mention how much money gets spent making sure that poor saps keep on believing the BS and donating more and more to the vatican's luxury while thinking they're actually helping people.
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