Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 3 Episode 10

Ghost Busters

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2005 on Showtime
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They've often been accused of being other than normal themselves, but Penn and Teller diligently set about debunking the world of paranormal ghosts, spooks and phantoms - and those who claim they can detect or exorcise such flights of fancy.
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  • Worst BS Episode Ever. Didn't Disprove Anything.

    As a fan of the Ghostbusters movies and animated series, and having an interest in the paranormal, I was very interested to see this episode. I was really curious as to how Penn & Teller would try to prove that ghosts/spirits don't exist, when there is lots of hard evidence to the contrary.

    First, I was expecting some sort of Ghostbusters reference, especially since that was the episode title. I thought maybe we'd see Penn & Teller wearing Ghostbusters jumpsuits/uniforms or something. I was highly disappointed to find that they mentioned the word/name "ghostbusters" 8 times total, and that was it. None of it was in reference to the movie, but to the "job" itself.

    As for this particular episode, I thought it was a little shortsighted of Penn & Teller to simply dismiss all paranormal studies based on the two (count 'em, TWO) groups they got on the show. I wonder if they tried to get any famous paranormal investigators on the show, but couldn't. You know, the ones you frequently see on shows like Sightings, or the two guys from Ghost Hunters. It's very well possible that they just happened to get the worst two groups in the paranormal investigator community. There are no doubt frauds in that community (as in any group of people). Maybe they just happened to get two of them.

    There's a famous haunting that (I believe) was shown on Sightings called the "Heartland Ghost" (a tv movie was made based on it). It was about an entity that was leaving actual physical cuts on this guy. They filmed it while it was happening, and the cuts just appeared out of thin air. Why didn't Penn & Teller try to disprove that case? What about any of the other famous hauntings commonly shown on the ghost specials that pop up around Halloween? Winchester House? Hotel del Coronado?

    Normally, I agree wholeheartedly on the topics Penn & Teller cover. I mean, really, anyone with common sense knows that the Virgin Mary doesn't REALLY appear in a grilled cheese sandwich. But for this topic, they left so many things out, that they would need much more than a half-hour, and would need to deal with famous cases, in order to prove to me that the entire "world of the paranormal" is fake.

    I highly suggest avoiding this particular episode and watching *any* episode of Ghost Hunters instead. Those guys throughly investigate supposed hauntings, using science and experimentation, and more often than not, they deem places to NOT be haunted.moreless
  • Penn & Teller Tackle the BS abouyts Gohsts & Ghostbusting.

    This Penn and Teller BS Episode was lackluster. Now don't get me wrong no Penn and Teller episode is really bad but this episode was drawn out. The people Penn and Tellar chose to highlight were obviously idiots while I know that is thier point and that is why there is a rare bad show but these guys and girls were the worst. On the postive side of the show Penn's Commentary was absolutly hysterical. Penn always amazes me with the way he can just rip people a new one. Also on the positive side they have the smartest person they have EVER had on the show a Nobel Prize Winner. Overall not a great episode but certainly not bad.moreless

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