Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 02, 2004 on Showtime
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While there is some truth to the power of hypnosis in helping patients relax and focus mentally, Penn and Teller explore the more outrageous claims of hypno-charlatans that assert they can enlarge the size of male genitals and achieve other impossible results. Special guest experts and guest stars include: CJ Johnson (Himself-Stage Hypnotist) Dr. Mike Stower (Himself-Hypnotherapist) Wendi Friesen (Herself-Clinical Hypnotherapist) Dr. Linda Reid (Herself-Primary Care Physician at UCLA) Cindy (Herself-Panic-Anxiety Disorder Sufferer) Joline Jaffe (Model in penis enlargement scene) Shera Pollins (Model in penis enlargement scene)moreless

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      • Penn: [on Friesen] It's one thing to sell fantasy tapes to guys with tiny c*cks... but when you hit up a cancer patient for 30 bucks and waste the valuable time they have left on this garbage you're at the very bottom of the bullsh*t barrel.

      • Friesen: It's said that everything we experience, we remember, but at that time, we didn't have words to explain it.
        Penn: 'It's said?' 'IT'S SAID???' It's also said that if you want to cite bullsh*t without backing it up, just start your sentence with 'It's said'!"

      • Penn: Now you're saying, well surely Wendi has at least a little training in psychology right?
        Wendi: I'm not a psychologist. In some ways that's helpful because my training would then be immersed in the hours and years it takes to learn psychology.
        Penn: Sure Wendi! In some ways, it's helpful to not be bogged down with knowledge or understanding!

      • Penn: [on Cindy, a panic-anxiety disorder sufferer] If you think it sounds like a job for a good're probably right. But instead, Cindy has sought help from our orgasmic, penis-hair growing friend, Wendi.

      • Penn: [on Wendi's creation of hypno-orgasms] You know, I could show Wendi a more effective way to...wag her tongue sexually.

      • Penn: [on using hypnosis to enduce orgasm] Ugggh....this would be so hot if I didn't HATE WENDI SO MUCH!

      • Reid: [on Freisen's hypnotherapy for cancer] It's heartbreaking when people use these types of therapies to make themselves money. Delaying treatment for cancer could mean the difference between life and death.

      • Reid: [on Freisen's hypnotherapy for hair loss] Your thoughts are NOT going to be able to make a difference. They're not going to be able to turn on the cells, they're not going to be able to make hair grow. It's wishful thinking, but save your money.

      • Penn: What makes Wendi's products so popular? Her catalog pretty much covers all the usual stuff. You know, weight loss, quitting smoking, penis enlargement...wait a minute...WHAT THE F*CK?

      • Penn: In the 50s, a Cold War program was designed to hypnotize assassins to pull the trigger on Castro. [cut to shot of Castro] You can see how well that panned out.

      • Johnson: The hypnotist doesn't CONTROL the subject's mind. The subject is in control of their own mind and they're voluntarily going along with what the hypnotist is suggesting.

      • Penn: If following directions on stage is hypnosis, then so is every sh*tty Summerstock production of Annie!

      • Penn: [Penn is juggling pins while Teller messes with trick cards] When I was a kid, I took up juggling and thought I was at the bottom of the entertainment ladder. There was no ART to it, I just practiced. Later I met Teller and realized I wasn't at the bottom of the ladder because magicians are...just faking it. Then we met hypnotists...and realized there was a group even worse off than we were. They can't do anything or even FAKE anything! Audience members just entertain each other. It's no wonder even an HONEST hypnotist needs to bullsh*t himself a little.

      • Penn: [on stage hypnosis] Our friend James Randi describes this kind of act as "an agreement between an operator and a subject to fantasize together". Seems pretty fair.

      • Johnson: Part of stage hypnosis is people's desire and willingness to be up there. [...] They're going along with things and they're doing what they're instructed to do because they want to have their inhibitions loosened up so that they can "perform".

      • Female Volunteer: I really don't want to be caught on tv doing something really stupid.
        Penn: [As she goes on stage] Oh please, PLEASE don't throw me in the briar patch!

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