Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on Showtime
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The blizzard of bullshit surrounding immigration melts when Penn and Teller spend some time with the "Minutemen," a militia group dedicated to preventing illegal border crossings, while illegal immigrants demonstrate their fence-jumping techniques.
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  • A real "hit or miss" episode.

    Some topics are way too complex for P&T to tackle in a simple 25 minute show and this is one of them. The part with the Mexican illegals building the wall and then showing how to get through, over or under it was pretty good, but the "experts" they had really didn't get to the heart of the issue. Once again they set up straw man arguments like comparing the immigration of over 100 years ago to the situation today, which is totally apples and organges, and such things as comaparing US citizen's resistance to the Indians and the first Europeans were specious at best. A fairly empty growing country in need of population cannnot compare to the situation today where most immigrants end up in our already over-crowded cities. And also Penn and Teller failed to mention the staggering social costs that immigrants put on our country, especially in the border and southern states. How about a mention of the almost 100 California hospitals that are financially insolvent becuase of free health care to illegals. Very few Americans "hate" the individuals who are just trying to make a better life for their families and to pursue the American dream, but many of us want to see these people brought into the light of day, and allowed to become productive and legal citizens. I think Penn and Teller kind of missed the boat on these issues. Hey guys, how about bumping some shows to an hour?moreless
  • Possibly the best episode of the season. Classic Penn and Teller Bullsh*t!.

    This episode is a classic example of why I have been a loyal fan of the series since season one. Penn and Teller tackle the nonsense of the current "immigration crisis". They speak to people from both sides, do a very good experiment to prove the point and leave you with information you may not have known before such as how $60 billion of tax payer's money is being wasted to build a ridiculous wall across the U.S./Mexican border all in the classic Bullsh*t fashion. This is one not to miss.moreless

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