Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 6 Episode 2

New Age Medicine

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 26, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Ought to be labeled "exactly why I rarely watch this show." Packed with bad logic and illogical arguments from a duo who claim to be avatars of reason and critical thinking.

    I enjoyed last week's episode, and so let myself be drawn into this one, but I was reminded why I often found myself yelling at the screen while watching past episodes.

    No, I'm not defending alternative medicine here; I think most of it is bunk. But once again Penn & Teller throw overboard all the "logic" and "reason" that they claim to be promoting in order to make cheap jokes and make people look silly. Sure, it's entertaining, and it's usually in a good cause, and if it were part of a comedy routine I'd be laughing right along with everyone.

    But don't stand up there and claim to be debunking things in the name of reason and logic, and then spend 30 seconds saying that "chi" is an invalid concept because those letters appear in "Chihuahua" and "Chi-Chi Rodriguez". That's an insult to critical thinking, and P&T ought to know better. Also, they need to review the concept of an "ad hominem" argument, and why it goes against the sort of clear-thinking logic they claim to love so much.

    The topless cheerleaders were nice, though.
  • Penn and Teller take on even more bulls@*! forms of alternative medicine, this time, focusing on the New Age.

    It's P&T:BS, so it's going to be entertaining, and this episode was. The New Age procedures, executed by our favourite fake doctor, were so absurd and it was pretty hilarious to see people respond positively to the good old placebo effect. They did a remarkable job of finding alternative medicine even more ridiculous than those that they covered in Season 1.

    Some of the ground covered felt a little bit too close to the procedures they debunked in Season 1, and the episode format was quite close to the Alternative Medicine episode from that same season, which is why I don't give this episode a full 9. Still, the laughs are here, and what more can I ask for?
  • Penn and Teller talk about acupuncture and other new age medicine.

    So, so funny. I always thought acupuncture was a total sham, but even though I did think that, I always thought it must have at least some sort of healing effect, otherwise it wouldn't exist.

    But the suction cups, the toiler suckers, the chimes, and all the acupuncturist terminology just led me to believe that it's nothing more than bullocks. I thought the woman working with the fat guy with the broken knee was the most hilarious. Especially when she was asked what "quantum spinal alignment" was. And when they used sound therapy. Totally hilarious.

    Anyway. Acupuncture is such a fake science in my opinion now.