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  • Its Mythbusters but on culture not urban legends.

    I've been a fan of Penn and Teller for a long time. They are great comedians and magicians. They are also skeptic in the tradition of Houdini and the Amazing Randi.

    What the confront is stupidness, flimflam, and humbug of American (and world) culture. They aren't republican and they aren't democrats. They instead leans toward a lesser known party that favors people over gov't, Libertarianism. As a result much of what they confront deals with gov't pushing stupid agendas and scheisters preying on the uninformed. I myself lean very much to libertarian views and find myself agreeing with much of what Penn and Teller say. There are some points I very much don't agree with (id say their stance of religion in general is a bit driven soley by their being athiests. In this they push agenda more than inform) but most of what they say is very well reasoned and told in a humorful way.
  • From Sensational to Sensationalism. Have Penn & Teller become BS ???

    The first season was sensational! I'd tape episodes and pass them on to anyone who either didn't have ST or might have missed this show. I loved the cold, hard facts and clinical accuracy of the figures these two master-exposers laid out for all to see. From how we're not going to drown in our garbage or plastic bags to how gov't endangered species acts are little more than nonsense. I could even gloss over, in my own mind, how these guys are more atheist than Tom Cruise is Scientologist. I appreciated their honesty. I admired their courage. I felt I could take the premise of this show to the bank and earn interest!
    Then, as the 2nd season unfolded, something didn't feel right. I'd listen and listen and hear more and more F*%#! this and BS that. I've frequently found that the louder and more profane someone gets, the more full of crap they tend to be. The cutting and pasting of scenes to manipulate sentences (statements), not just the feeling of the show is deceptive. Just because it's obvious, doesn't make it acceptable. Is it tongue in cheek? Is it another example of their wry humor? I kept tuning in to find out.
    Their show on ghosts was pretty obvious, but of concern is that they didn't present any real, tangible, solid facts. Right up front, I do not believe in ghosts and I spent most of the 1980's internationally published, aired on radio and seen on tv specials reporting, in part, on psychic investigations. That P&T lamely pointed out electrical outlets and light fixtures, some of which were pretty far away from the "ghost meter" these sad, so-called ghost hunters held, only made me doubt P&T!
    The endangered species show was too disjointed to figure out exactly what they wanted to say, about species' anyway. The brief oration at the end (by Penn of course), explained that common sense in being "nice" to species of animals is one thing, and losing one (a species) now and then is to be expected (I fully agree) cleared a lot of it up I suppose, but using the disabled lady to endorse a "kill it and bury it on the property" attitude just didn't seem up to the standards I've come to expect from them.
    Yes, there is far too much "government" in our lives and in order to get funding limits, lawyers create absurd laws and guidelines. This lady couldn't build her dream home on a lot she owns because Scrub Jays (a kind of Blue Jay bird) live there and are "endangered" ????? Scrub Jays are about as common as pigeons, at least here in CA. If Florida needs any, ever, I'm sure we can help. For heaven's sake, let the lady build her home and stop taking showers by garden hose in a friend's back yard because she has no other options! Meanwhile, WalMart got permission to build on similarly protected land and appropriately, P&T point out the money motive. The clips of the former head of Greenpeace saying anything have to be discounted completely. If P&T manipulated SOME of what he said, how can any of it be considered 'real', true or believable?
    The most part of this show is to lay open gov't for everyone to see. To pull Big Brother's pants down, point and laugh. This is commendable. This is brave and admirable and every reason I watch this show every week. They just need to keep in mind that in order to stay respected, they have to respect us (the viewers) and not think we're that easily distracted by yelling F*#! and waving their arms in the air. If you end every sentence with an exclaimation mark !!!!!! it very quickly stops meaning anything. Penn & Teller have too much to teach us still, they shouldn't make us stop listening.
  • Penn and Teller, the two famous magicians have now come up with a truly great concept for a show - research a myth to the extreme and prove it's BS.

    Penn Jillette and Teller so far have debunked 39 myths that some of us believe in. Some of them could be seen as quite controversial but P&T are protected by something that cannot be beat, the United States Constitution (which is frequently referred to). I'm from the UK so its hard to see over here, none the less I have seen every episode and so far they have not put a foot wrong. An intersting fact of this show is that they debunk things that you think they wouldn't, like second hand smoke for example, neither P or T smoke. The show basically is making sure that people are shown the truth about their rights as Americans. They also debunk things which are less controversial such as "Talking to the dead" and "Alien abductions", but whatever episode you're watching don't think its all "one sided" they get the best people they can on both sides to argue the case. Penn and Teller have the American peoples rights and lives in their hearts and thats what makes this show so great.
  • Just because everyone says doesn't make it so.

    This is a great show where many common beliefs are shown to be B(the title substance)S.

    Penn & Teller use humor when neccessary and occasionally just flat out make fun of people.

    Bottled Water, Self Help Gurus, Sex-aides, Feng Shui, Alien Abductions and many others are put to the test and come up short.

    These shows are worth watching over and over. You will learn, and be better for it.
  • Possibly the best show on t.v.

    In my oppinion this is probibly one of the greatest shows ever conceived, when i first heard of it, I was a bit skeptical, but as they do with popular belifes, the quikly debunked, so to say, my belifes. In "Penn and Teller's Bullshit" Week after week they take popular "bullshit" belifes and show that they are just that. One problem with the show is that I feel that anyone who watches the show most likly shares there belife, then again, they have done some shows that no one thought was a problem, such as recycling as the fact that Gandhi is "an asshole." Season after Season, Show after show, Penn and teller never cease to amaze me about all the "Bullshit" in the world.
  • Mythbusters ain't got nothing on Penn & Teller. Watch as they debunk topics like religion, ghosts, aliens, JFK, the government, big brother, and so much more.

    Penn Jillete & Teller are mostly known for their magic, I mean after all they are world renowned magicians. Penn & Teller have now found a new way to amaze their fans only this time with their knowledge. In their show they tackle and debunk all the things people are afraid to face the truth about such as religion, ghosts, aliens, JFK, the government, big brother, and so much more. They present it in a way where it is impossible not to see their point and they have a crack research team to find the real answers to some of the truths and myths that we don’t want to hear. Plus they are magicians so they are incredibly funny and entertaining, but don’t bring the kids as theses answers are not for them plus it’s full of foul language and nudity, which is a plus for the adults.

    I have got like 12 of my friends hooked on this and we all get Showtime now for the sole reason of watching this show. Try it out folks you won’t be disappointed. Prudes need not apply.
  • teriffic funny smart show

    at first when i heard of the show i thought "what do a couple of magicians know anything about this stuff" then i watched the show and noticed they make really good points and back everything up with good evidence the comedy they had and interesting little magic tricks kept the show entertaining throughout the entire show some of the things penn (teller doesn't talk ) said really changed my veiws on such thing as bottled water , recyclying , envirormentalists , the Bible , and more. so this really is a great show and i wish it was on often
  • Magicians turned into informative wisemen At last... The truth to the world's many questions finally answered.

    A show that is likely classified from trash...all the way to unbelievely way ahead of its time.

    Bullshit! The topics range from recycling to UFO's and Penn and Teller anaylze the topics from point A to point B to determine the often hidden and ugly truths which many viewers never took the time to see...

    Why makes this show so special. Watch and you shall see what is know as the "WOW" factor.
  • Awsome show

    Wow. I love this show. They MUST keep making them forever! Now.. reason i'm only giving it a 9.9 is because it's on Sho and they don't promote it on any other stations. Maybe if the FCC would read the constitution and allow shows like this on normal tv, this show would do awsomely on Comedy central or equililant. (pardon my spelling). Ok well i'm changing my mind. It's a 10, not Penn and Teller's fault for having a channel that's not my favorite or that not many ppl have. Ok there u have it.
  • The amount of things in the world we buy into...

    This show comes as no surprise, the second I heard about it, the second I knew I had to see it, the amount of times I tell others that this is rubbish and that is a waste of money.

    Most topics are covered every week and exposing them for the pure rubbish they are, every episode "tries to be fair and objective" but its difficult when the topics at stake are quiet one sided..

    I suppose it's easier being British viewing this program (mainly on American things) and as a cynical old bastard (with Grumpy Old Men being our voice for others) it's easy to ask "why would anyone buy into this" - although given that I always spout this to others I know.

    Perhaps the best episode is the one on PETA where it denounces the organisation and associates it with animal liberation fronts with a violent forefront. The way that the show uses the language to amplify the title of the show makes the show priceless.

    Prehaps the whole show is summed up by Penn's class quote at the beginning of the show series:

    I'm Penn, this is my partner Teller and this is "Bullshit!". That's the name of our show. We're gonna hunt down as many pervades of bullshit as we can. Sure, we lie cheat and swindle, we've been known to deal a bit of bullshit ourselves, so some of you may ask why pee on someone else's parade. One important difference - we tell you we're lying. You'll notice more obscenity than we usually use. That's not just because it's on Showtime and we wanna get attention. It's also a legal matter. If one calls people liars and quacks, one can be sued and lose a lot of one's money. But mothefuckers and assholes - it's pretty safe. If we said it's all scams, we could also be in trouble. But bullshit, oddly, is safe. So forgive all the bullshit language. We're trying to talk about the truth without spending the rest of our lives in court because of litigious motherfuckers.

    - An absolute great show, well worth the watch, if only for Teller's funny magic tricks duing a MASSIVE rant by Penn in mostly every episode.
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