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  • Conspiracy Theories

    This episode was BULLSHIT!
    Some of the previous episodes have been informative, and served to highlight the all too common human capacity to be duped by individuals or movements that play on all the right psychological vulnerabilities, resulting in the victim being sucked into a tissue of lies. In this, I applaud Penn and Teller's attempts to light a spark of awareness and critical thought in people, they did not do this in the conspiracy theories episode however.
    This episode was poorly researched and used as examples of the typical "conspiracy theorist", only the most "crazy" and nebulous characters they could find (often in appearance as well as ideas). This served the underlying agenda of the episode, an agenda which was summed up in Penn's all-encompassing opening statement, "Conspiracy theories are bullshit!"
    Such a statement categorizes a very wide and diverse field into a singular, one-size-fits-all mold and is analogous to saying something like, "All music is crap!" just because you don't like one particular style. Now, if they had contrasted the "crazies" they had on the show with many of the very hard working and serious conspiracy researchers that are out there, I would not be writing this critique, but as it stands, Penn and Teller have a public voice that reaches far more people than almost any of these individuals, and what is more, it is a voice that utilizes the techniques of modern gimmickry, showmanship and lowest-common-denominator emotional appeals (such as insults and in one case, even an incitement to violence against anyone who believes these theories!). As such, even being the iconoclastic media icons they usually are, the very real possibility exists that their trusting audience will accept their presentation as representing the entire field, and taking their word for it, never delve into a realm of knowledge that very often serves as a vital counterpoint to the gestalt group-think mass media who all too often play the role of government lapdogs and propagandists in a world that desperately needs the truth.
  • Reed this you lovers of this show

    The program is totally stupyd im i not a beliver of anithing but i don´t close my mind like this two persons of the program...

    Hear this, there is a medium studing a place were she thinks there are spirits and she just said: -I see a person behind me- and the host of the programs said: \"maybe is a someone saing shut the fock up\" but... did he probe in anyway that what she is saing is -bullshyt- and in resume of the program u get nothing you just get what they said: -ovnis... bullshyt- -Spirits... Bullshyt-

    Belive me there are better shows if u want to know about if that is true and they dónt said is true but they don´t say its b#llsh!t they actualli reasearch about it and see the opinions of the belivers and the no belivers... there are pleny of that programs in Discovery Channel. And you now what i know you would say: -you stupyd you are saying bullshyt- and you know what i dont care because this program Svcks and it is the worst of all, this review is for you losers.
  • The New season has been an utter disappointment and every episode is worse than the last

    For a long time I have enjoyed watching this show despite the fact that I usually disagree with them and that I find Pen Jillette to be a real....jerk. Nevertheless, for a long time I felt this show provided discussion for me and my friends on some interesting subjects as well as provided some interesting information and often, some perspective I hadn't considered. Now I find every episode to be ridiculously one-sided and skewed to completely distort reality, the topics are less interesting and more often than not just a waste of time. For example they just did an episode on obesity and most of the episode was a mini olympics that turned out to have no point whatsoever. Basically, if you want to watch this episode watch the earlier seasons and then go research the subjects on your own and definitely, skip this season.
  • Nice!

    I'm not going to comment on any particular topics on the show, let's just say I agree with some and not so much with others. The basic idea of the show (disproving various things) is good. I'd like to think that this kind of show's purpose would be to make the world a better place but unfortunately Penn and Teller are just too arrogant. Debunking frauds is great but going after some people who are just trying to do good is too much for me. The show is just too close minded with too little compassion and too much name calling. The way things are presented is just not intelligent - not if they really want to make a difference.
  • well... yes and no.. yes to the idea.. no to agreeing with them a lot. A good show and idea.

    Childish, very childish. The show is original, HUGE HUGE props for the idea, I really admire their vision to state their honest opinions like this, the childish part is .. Well them, Penn and Teller, their unbelievably one-sided and biased points of view .. is at best laughable most of the time, and worst slanderous. But then that is part of the thing I like about it, they state their opinions strongly and I admire that completely. Which is part of the problem.. again.. stating their opinion as fact is dangerous, but at the same time it’s better to do it when you mean it rather than what most of the rest of Hollywood does, state opinions and ideas as fact when their outright lies. So, wonderfull stuff in today’s Hollywood, as for Penn and Teller’s beliefs, as I’d hope they’d agree, don’t let them convince you of SHIT.
  • bullsh** is the sh**

    I really would have never of thought that Penn and Teller could be so funny. The show tells it how it is and i love it. All the show is them sending out camera crews and getting them to go talk to people who are involved in that weeks topic and point out how ridiculous they are or being, and usually one person who is right and telling the truth on the subject. If you want to hear some truth on TV watch this.

    oh and if you like T*** and A** they usually show that on every episode to.
  • Watch!, as Penn & teller lead us through this bullsh!t world. I agree with most of what they say, and i think that their take on almost every case is the right way to go. You have to be a little critical when you watch it though, because so

    Watch!, as Penn & teller lead us through this bullsh!t world. I agree with most of what they say, and i think that their take on almost every case is the right way to go.

    You have to be a little critical when you watch it though, because sometimes they say sh!t that's so stupid that i couldn't believe what i just heard, like they're idea to give all women in America guns. They're reason for this is that the people who aren't as strong should be able to protect themselves. That's however where i put my foot down, America is the country in the western world that has the worst gun policy, and as a following of that the most murders. I live in Denmark, and we actually hear about it every time people get killed, and its mostly in traffic accidents that people die, why? Because we aren't hairy barbarians with to much testosteron and an itchy trigger finger. Weapons are illegal for everyone, except the state, that is to say the police and the army. The reason that that works in Denmark is that here we can actually trust the authorities most of the time. Guns are illegal, and so people don't kill each other.

    "Guns don't kill people, people (with guns) kill people" - quote by me. And an even better one by brittish comedian Eddie Izzard "Guns don't kill people, people kill people, and monkeys do to (if they have a gun).

    That's the general trend of what they get wrong, they never look at ways that actually work around the world, they try to come to a conclusion, and so fail (in my oppinion).

    Apart from a few episodes like that though, i think that they are very smart people, or at least Penn is, but i can only assume that the forever silent Teller has the same oppinion.
  • Penn & Teller drew me in with their potty mouths and language but it's been the correcting information for which I never knew that has kept me watching.

    Only once have I disagreed with Penn & Teller and even if I disagreed with them every time their personalities and showman ship would definately be enough to keep me watching every single episode! Different from most shows on TV it brings to light the information we are fed by the governments of the world as gospel and forced to believe and gives both sides of arguements and issues so one can make their own mind up. As an Australian it is great most are relevant to us as well as Americans as ultamately we are all people and P&T is great for everbody
  • Famous magician skeptics explain incredibly broad subjects using incredibly narrow and usually totally insane examples, swear a lot, and fail to take themselves too seriously along the way. Think Mythbusters with Tourette's...

    What a crazy show. Penn Gillette has a much publicised long standing obsession with freaks and human curiosities and in this show he takes it to a new level, exploring societal phenomenae and forming incredibly biased arguments to support their point of view. The show typically takes a subject that most people generally have a specific pre-conceived notion about. They then feign to provide a balanced argument using spokespersons from both sides and 'expose' society's pre-conceptions to be a load of bunk. They do this using lots of nudity and swearing, partly for titillation and partly for very poorly explained legal reasons. They especially like to tackle religious and environmental themes and particularly love to find the most bizarre and obviously flawed people they can to discredit their opponent's arguments. It's a touch disingenous, but it still makes for very entertaining viewing, and if nothing else, forces you to think about both sides of the argument. I would gladly see twenty shows like this on tv for every tv evangelist, terrible sitcom or twentysomething drama. Not for everybody's tastes, but if you seriously take offence to this show, then you're probably the exact person they're taking aim at, so you get what you deserve...
  • Penn & Teller: **** is a fantastic show. It's a blistering, take no prisoners approach that gores the sacred cows on both the left and right. Rare in these days of politically correct comedy. And it's funny that censors the very name of the show!

    Penn & Teller: **** is a fantastic show. It's a blistering, take no prisoners approach that gores the sacred cows on both the left and right. Rare in these days of politically correct comedy.

    Penn & Teller is best when it's tearing apart the pseudoscientific foundations of the latest nonsense ideas. Whether it's recycling, global warming, weight loss fads, bottled water, or religion -- Penn & Teller are willing to wade in and mercilessly mock the stupid and the ignorant.

    I particular enjoy their attacks on psychics. They've exposed all the psychics as frauds and shown how techniques like "cold reading" are used to fool people. I agree with Penn & Teller that there are few forms of life on the planet lower than the frauds that exploit the pain and loss of strangers for financial gain -- and that's what psychics do everyday.

    Another good episode was their filling bottles with tap water from a hose and getting rich morons to believe it was gourmet bottled water. Listening to the rubes claim to taste all sorts of non-existent flavors in hose water was hilarious. What's sad is all the money spent on this nonsense in real life.

    Penn & Teller are great for America.
  • It is a great show but just like its title it can be bullsh**

    Let's start off with the shows name. It is a crime that even on this website the name has to be childishly changed because of censorship. The show is good for one thing and one thing only, to get you thinking. It makes you think about this world around us. To see the views of others and start debate. You should not take everything the writers for Penn and Teller's Bullsh** says as the bona fide truth. It is biased documentary. The show itself has stated a few times it is biased. So, watch, listen and think. Exercise your curiosity, if the particular episode you are watch intrigues you, and research for yourself. The truth is out there but you have to form your own opinion of it.
  • Informative and Controversial and very funny

    i find this show such a breath of fresh air
    I love the witty and funny way penn and teller put there points across.
    I also like the wide range of controversial topics they cover such as the bible and creationism and abstinance the way they show how absurd some things are in this world is great and there should be more debate on these topics on mainstreem Tv instead on a obscure cable channel.
    Penn and Teller seem to have the guts to stand up and say what they believe and dont care who they upset and i Love them for that.
  • someone finally said it

    This show is great. I seriously only agree with them 60 percent of the time, but its about time somebody stood up and said what they believe instead of always agreeing with what everybody says. Even when I disagree with them i still respect them for saying it straight up, no bullshit
  • Great show!

    I think this show is one of the greatest I have ever seen. Especially if it's both informative and very funny. Penn and Teller did great all the seasons that show has been on the air, and I hope that they do even better in any new seasons they have, if they want to have any more seasons.
  • From Sensational to Sensationalism. Have Penn & Teller become BS ???

    The first season was sensational! I'd tape episodes and pass them on to anyone who either didn't have ST or might have missed this show. I loved the cold, hard facts and clinical accuracy of the figures these two master-exposers laid out for all to see. From how we're not going to drown in our garbage or plastic bags to how gov't endangered species acts are little more than nonsense. I could even gloss over, in my own mind, how these guys are more atheist than Tom Cruise is Scientologist. I appreciated their honesty. I admired their courage. I felt I could take the premise of this show to the bank and earn interest!
    Then, as the 2nd season unfolded, something didn't feel right. I'd listen and listen and hear more and more F*%#! this and BS that. I've frequently found that the louder and more profane someone gets, the more full of crap they tend to be. The cutting and pasting of scenes to manipulate sentences (statements), not just the feeling of the show is deceptive. Just because it's obvious, doesn't make it acceptable. Is it tongue in cheek? Is it another example of their wry humor? I kept tuning in to find out.
    Their show on ghosts was pretty obvious, but of concern is that they didn't present any real, tangible, solid facts. Right up front, I do not believe in ghosts and I spent most of the 1980's internationally published, aired on radio and seen on tv specials reporting, in part, on psychic investigations. That P&T lamely pointed out electrical outlets and light fixtures, some of which were pretty far away from the "ghost meter" these sad, so-called ghost hunters held, only made me doubt P&T!
    The endangered species show was too disjointed to figure out exactly what they wanted to say, about species' anyway. The brief oration at the end (by Penn of course), explained that common sense in being "nice" to species of animals is one thing, and losing one (a species) now and then is to be expected (I fully agree) cleared a lot of it up I suppose, but using the disabled lady to endorse a "kill it and bury it on the property" attitude just didn't seem up to the standards I've come to expect from them.
    Yes, there is far too much "government" in our lives and in order to get funding limits, lawyers create absurd laws and guidelines. This lady couldn't build her dream home on a lot she owns because Scrub Jays (a kind of Blue Jay bird) live there and are "endangered" ????? Scrub Jays are about as common as pigeons, at least here in CA. If Florida needs any, ever, I'm sure we can help. For heaven's sake, let the lady build her home and stop taking showers by garden hose in a friend's back yard because she has no other options! Meanwhile, WalMart got permission to build on similarly protected land and appropriately, P&T point out the money motive. The clips of the former head of Greenpeace saying anything have to be discounted completely. If P&T manipulated SOME of what he said, how can any of it be considered 'real', true or believable?
    The most part of this show is to lay open gov't for everyone to see. To pull Big Brother's pants down, point and laugh. This is commendable. This is brave and admirable and every reason I watch this show every week. They just need to keep in mind that in order to stay respected, they have to respect us (the viewers) and not think we're that easily distracted by yelling F*#! and waving their arms in the air. If you end every sentence with an exclaimation mark !!!!!! it very quickly stops meaning anything. Penn & Teller have too much to teach us still, they shouldn't make us stop listening.
  • Just because everyone says doesn't make it so.

    This is a great show where many common beliefs are shown to be B(the title substance)S.

    Penn & Teller use humor when neccessary and occasionally just flat out make fun of people.

    Bottled Water, Self Help Gurus, Sex-aides, Feng Shui, Alien Abductions and many others are put to the test and come up short.

    These shows are worth watching over and over. You will learn, and be better for it.
  • Funny but informative show done the comedic fashion which only Penn and Teller can bring you!

    This show should always be viewed before even the local news. It's more informative than CNN, FOX News, or MSNBC. This show holds back nothing. These guys take no sides, nor prisoners. This is the raw truth with all the facts and figures to back it up. If they say it's so, do the research: it IS so. Never in my life have I enjoyed myself while being educated at the same time. I haven't had just a slendid time learning since Kindergarten. This is not just for entertainment. And if these guys tick you off at times, that's great also!! That means they are making you think, and that's the first step to realizing "the truth shall set you free."
  • Its Mythbusters but on culture not urban legends.

    I've been a fan of Penn and Teller for a long time. They are great comedians and magicians. They are also skeptic in the tradition of Houdini and the Amazing Randi.

    What the confront is stupidness, flimflam, and humbug of American (and world) culture. They aren't republican and they aren't democrats. They instead leans toward a lesser known party that favors people over gov't, Libertarianism. As a result much of what they confront deals with gov't pushing stupid agendas and scheisters preying on the uninformed. I myself lean very much to libertarian views and find myself agreeing with much of what Penn and Teller say. There are some points I very much don't agree with (id say their stance of religion in general is a bit driven soley by their being athiests. In this they push agenda more than inform) but most of what they say is very well reasoned and told in a humorful way.
  • following their mentor houdini, two magicians (plus thier huge legal squad and fact finders) set out to debunk or at least expose the truth hidden behind scam artists of everyday life. the show is funny, semi biased, but always at least informative.

    this show is great! i've been a fan of p&t for a long time and this show is a great fit for them. thier tounge in cheek attitude is perfect to present the information in a funny way. sure they are sometimes biased but they always at least back up thier biases and give equal time to each side of the arguement (sometimes more than one). you always take something away from each issue even if you disagree with them
  • Penn and Teller, the two famous magicians have now come up with a truly great concept for a show - research a myth to the extreme and prove it's BS.

    Penn Jillette and Teller so far have debunked 39 myths that some of us believe in. Some of them could be seen as quite controversial but P&T are protected by something that cannot be beat, the United States Constitution (which is frequently referred to). I'm from the UK so its hard to see over here, none the less I have seen every episode and so far they have not put a foot wrong. An intersting fact of this show is that they debunk things that you think they wouldn't, like second hand smoke for example, neither P or T smoke. The show basically is making sure that people are shown the truth about their rights as Americans. They also debunk things which are less controversial such as "Talking to the dead" and "Alien abductions", but whatever episode you're watching don't think its all "one sided" they get the best people they can on both sides to argue the case. Penn and Teller have the American peoples rights and lives in their hearts and thats what makes this show so great.
  • This is why you pay for Showtime. Penn and Teller attempt to challenge, entertain and offend. And they succeed wonderfully on all three counts.

    Each week when I tune in to see Penn and Teller rant about a new topic they're going to debunk, I know I'm in for a treat. I know it's going to be funny, controversial and told in their unique style. They interview experts from various sides of a debate and challenge the viewer to rethink their own opinion.

    I love how they took a widely accepted practice like their episode "Circumcision" and broke down all the arguments for it - their conclusion seemed to be that it was an unnecessary and painful tradition and moneymaker for the doctors. I knew it was a tradition but never knew how much money hospitals made on circumcision surgeries. The hospitals gleefully perform the "mandatory" circumcision because it's a guaranteed bonus for every baby boy born. Penn and Teller also emphasize (in grisly detail) how much pain is inflicted on the young child, and mention how there is no empirical evidence to suggest the circumcised men get sicknesses or infections more readily than the non-circumcised.

    This single episode brought forth new data and let me form a new opinion on something I never thought twice about before.

    But another week they will challenge something I believe in like the value of a college education (which they conclude is unnecessary to being successful in the world). Thus I am forced to face my own biases and draw new conclusions or at least see it from another perspective.

    That is the brilliance of Penn and Teller.

    If there are to be any complaints about their presentation however, you could claim that they are arrogant or condescending or that they go over the top with nudity or "profanity" (another topic they debunk). I would claim however, that they are usually more right than they are wrong, and if nothing else I have seen a topic from a very different perspective and am made better for it. And I have to say that I often respect someone who is "wrong and strong" about their opinion more than someone who is "meek but right".

    This is what you pay for on cable television: unique and challenging programming that pushes the envelope. 9.5/10.

  • Mythbusters ain't got nothing on Penn & Teller. Watch as they debunk topics like religion, ghosts, aliens, JFK, the government, big brother, and so much more.

    Penn Jillete & Teller are mostly known for their magic, I mean after all they are world renowned magicians. Penn & Teller have now found a new way to amaze their fans only this time with their knowledge. In their show they tackle and debunk all the things people are afraid to face the truth about such as religion, ghosts, aliens, JFK, the government, big brother, and so much more. They present it in a way where it is impossible not to see their point and they have a crack research team to find the real answers to some of the truths and myths that we don’t want to hear. Plus they are magicians so they are incredibly funny and entertaining, but don’t bring the kids as theses answers are not for them plus it’s full of foul language and nudity, which is a plus for the adults.

    I have got like 12 of my friends hooked on this and we all get Showtime now for the sole reason of watching this show. Try it out folks you won’t be disappointed. Prudes need not apply.
  • teriffic funny smart show

    at first when i heard of the show i thought "what do a couple of magicians know anything about this stuff" then i watched the show and noticed they make really good points and back everything up with good evidence the comedy they had and interesting little magic tricks kept the show entertaining throughout the entire show some of the things penn (teller doesn't talk ) said really changed my veiws on such thing as bottled water , recyclying , envirormentalists , the Bible , and more. so this really is a great show and i wish it was on often
  • I dont think BULLSH*T is bullsh*t.

    While I don't necessarily agree with everything that is said on the show, I think that it does say a lot of very interesting things. Things that people don't spend enough time thinking about.

    Penn and Teller have a knack of putting the spotlight on everyday things, like pet shows and making it Real, with a truck load of expletives thrown in. It's not the kind of educational shows you want your kids to be watching but without the swearing and the vulgarities you don't really get the point that its plain bullsh*t.

    So the last word is that BULLSH*T is really an educational show for the masses, even though the masses would probably be super offended by the sound of the title.

    Here's to the Kings of Free Speech.
  • Magicians Penn & Teller make it their mission to take on a world full of BS in this hillarious series.

    One word can be used to describe this series: hillarious. Penn & Teller go from topic to topic with each episode pointing out and picking fun at absurdities within our society. Aside from the humourous nature of the show, the duo manages to also make some pretty interesting and valid points on some pretty serious issues. While many of the episodes cover \"odd\" or fun topics such as swearing, pet psychology and cryptozoology, there are also several episodes which cover very serious issues, such as what to do with ground zero of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City.

    While I\'m sure the show employs its fair share of cheap editing cuts and hack jobs to make the targets of each episode look absolutely moronic, you just have to enjoy how Penn & Teller take people who are VERY serious and passionate about the topic of the day and make them look like complete fools. You enjoy it, that is, unless you are someone who is a vehement follower/believer of what they are poking fun at (For example, several pro-animal people I know were highly offended by the PETA episode). I would say that P&T: BS might remind someone a lot of the films of Michael Moore, though I personally see a strong distinction between the two. P&T: BS is meant to be funny, it is meant to be absurd and while they do try to get some serious points across I would say that P&T maintain their role as entertainers and do not attempt to pass themselves off as \"legitimate\" documentary artists. Maybe both P&T and Moore are obnoxious, but I find P&T is more obnoxious in a likeable sense.

    If you have Showtime and enjoy a good laugh, this show is definately for you. Maybe sometimes they target an issue that you personally agree with, but even so the show is worth it if you just ignore the single episode.
  • Awesome show

    Penn Jillete and Teller go beyond the word skepticism. Supported by the scientific area, this two guys open the eyes of their audience by revealing the truth that we did not know about certain topics. Religion, politics, enviromental issues are themes we as individuals not know entirely. I know it, you know it, every single one of us knows it; but, we let ourselves believe in a thing that we can not prove, and accept it as the reality and the truth. Penn and Teller don't, they research until the find what really happened or is happening. And when they find out, they release their truth and share it with their viewers, but they do not only lecture us about what they have found, they have science to establish it. And science is their main weapon to state their truth.
  • An eye-opening experience

    Penn and Teller use their unique style of presentation to bring some truths and half-truths about how bad the things that are good for us are and how good the bad things for us are. Informative and eye opening, it is entertaining thanks to Penn voice overs calling somebody a stupid mother effer or a lying a$$hole. It makes it feel less like a documentary and more like a P&T stage show. Add to that, the sprinkling of scatly clad or nude ladies (and yes nude men too, for those that prefer that) makes for a entertaining and fun show. >
  • Skepticism for the perfectly good masses

    This show is a great view into the minds of Penn & Teller. They are great skeptical thinkers and in this show they use Penn's brash way of talking to expose fakes and frauds in our world. Penn and his friends have long railed against psychics that claim to be able to communicate with the dead. Penn & Co. have always tried to expose these psychics for preying upon the grieving and lying to use human suffering to make money. It is no coincidence that the very first episode of the first series dealt with this issue.

    The names Penn calls the accused "woo-woo-artists", liars, "whack-jobs", and con-artists may be a turn off initially for skeptics and believers. I find it a great display of rebellion against the belief that some of these con-artists (especially religious leaders) are beyond reproach. Because to Penn they're all just a-holes.
  • As Albert Einstein said : "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." And even if it sometimes hurts our pride, Penn & Teller ultimately show us how wrong we can all be.

    This show should be shown throughout every classroom. It's fun and educative.

    Imagine a show where you could actually learn something about yourself. That you were made to believe. And I'm not talking about religion, I'm talking about the lack of common sense we all sometimes experience. This show focuses on the lack of judgement we show in the face of a good salesman. Because it's all down to profit. Why else would someone try to scam you.

    So two things to remember about this show :
    - if it seems too good, it probably isn't true,
    - if it's also expensive, then it really is Bulls**!
  • This is the best show in the history of TV. Everybody should watch it. It's really sad to see that can't even write its name correctly. The name of the show is Bullsh1t not Bullsh**. Is sh1t such a bad word that it shouldn't be written? This is...

    This is the best show in the history of TV. Everybody should watch it. It's really sad to see that can't even write its name correctly. The name of the show is Bullsh1t not Bullsh**. Is sh1t such a bad word that it shouldn't be written? This is the type of archaic mentality Pen & Teller are fighting against.
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