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Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Showtime (ended 2010)



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Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Fan Reviews (40)

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  • Reed this you lovers of this show

    The program is totally stupyd im i not a beliver of anithing but i don´t close my mind like this two persons of the program...

    Hear this, there is a medium studing a place were she thinks there are spirits and she just said: -I see a person behind me- and the host of the programs said: \"maybe is a someone saing shut the fock up\" but... did he probe in anyway that what she is saing is -bullshyt- and in resume of the program u get nothing you just get what they said: -ovnis... bullshyt- -Spirits... Bullshyt-

    Belive me there are better shows if u want to know about if that is true and they dónt said is true but they don´t say its b#llsh!t they actualli reasearch about it and see the opinions of the belivers and the no belivers... there are pleny of that programs in Discovery Channel. And you now what i know you would say: -you stupyd you are saying bullshyt- and you know what i dont care because this program Svcks and it is the worst of all, this review is for you losers.
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