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  • This is why you pay for Showtime. Penn and Teller attempt to challenge, entertain and offend. And they succeed wonderfully on all three counts.

    Each week when I tune in to see Penn and Teller rant about a new topic they're going to debunk, I know I'm in for a treat. I know it's going to be funny, controversial and told in their unique style. They interview experts from various sides of a debate and challenge the viewer to rethink their own opinion.

    I love how they took a widely accepted practice like their episode "Circumcision" and broke down all the arguments for it - their conclusion seemed to be that it was an unnecessary and painful tradition and moneymaker for the doctors. I knew it was a tradition but never knew how much money hospitals made on circumcision surgeries. The hospitals gleefully perform the "mandatory" circumcision because it's a guaranteed bonus for every baby boy born. Penn and Teller also emphasize (in grisly detail) how much pain is inflicted on the young child, and mention how there is no empirical evidence to suggest the circumcised men get sicknesses or infections more readily than the non-circumcised.

    This single episode brought forth new data and let me form a new opinion on something I never thought twice about before.

    But another week they will challenge something I believe in like the value of a college education (which they conclude is unnecessary to being successful in the world). Thus I am forced to face my own biases and draw new conclusions or at least see it from another perspective.

    That is the brilliance of Penn and Teller.

    If there are to be any complaints about their presentation however, you could claim that they are arrogant or condescending or that they go over the top with nudity or "profanity" (another topic they debunk). I would claim however, that they are usually more right than they are wrong, and if nothing else I have seen a topic from a very different perspective and am made better for it. And I have to say that I often respect someone who is "wrong and strong" about their opinion more than someone who is "meek but right".

    This is what you pay for on cable television: unique and challenging programming that pushes the envelope. 9.5/10.