Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

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  • Magicians Penn & Teller make it their mission to take on a world full of BS in this hillarious series.

    One word can be used to describe this series: hillarious. Penn & Teller go from topic to topic with each episode pointing out and picking fun at absurdities within our society. Aside from the humourous nature of the show, the duo manages to also make some pretty interesting and valid points on some pretty serious issues. While many of the episodes cover \"odd\" or fun topics such as swearing, pet psychology and cryptozoology, there are also several episodes which cover very serious issues, such as what to do with ground zero of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City.

    While I\'m sure the show employs its fair share of cheap editing cuts and hack jobs to make the targets of each episode look absolutely moronic, you just have to enjoy how Penn & Teller take people who are VERY serious and passionate about the topic of the day and make them look like complete fools. You enjoy it, that is, unless you are someone who is a vehement follower/believer of what they are poking fun at (For example, several pro-animal people I know were highly offended by the PETA episode). I would say that P&T: BS might remind someone a lot of the films of Michael Moore, though I personally see a strong distinction between the two. P&T: BS is meant to be funny, it is meant to be absurd and while they do try to get some serious points across I would say that P&T maintain their role as entertainers and do not attempt to pass themselves off as \"legitimate\" documentary artists. Maybe both P&T and Moore are obnoxious, but I find P&T is more obnoxious in a likeable sense.

    If you have Showtime and enjoy a good laugh, this show is definately for you. Maybe sometimes they target an issue that you personally agree with, but even so the show is worth it if you just ignore the single episode.