Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

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  • Famous magician skeptics explain incredibly broad subjects using incredibly narrow and usually totally insane examples, swear a lot, and fail to take themselves too seriously along the way. Think Mythbusters with Tourette's...

    What a crazy show. Penn Gillette has a much publicised long standing obsession with freaks and human curiosities and in this show he takes it to a new level, exploring societal phenomenae and forming incredibly biased arguments to support their point of view. The show typically takes a subject that most people generally have a specific pre-conceived notion about. They then feign to provide a balanced argument using spokespersons from both sides and 'expose' society's pre-conceptions to be a load of bunk. They do this using lots of nudity and swearing, partly for titillation and partly for very poorly explained legal reasons. They especially like to tackle religious and environmental themes and particularly love to find the most bizarre and obviously flawed people they can to discredit their opponent's arguments. It's a touch disingenous, but it still makes for very entertaining viewing, and if nothing else, forces you to think about both sides of the argument. I would gladly see twenty shows like this on tv for every tv evangelist, terrible sitcom or twentysomething drama. Not for everybody's tastes, but if you seriously take offence to this show, then you're probably the exact person they're taking aim at, so you get what you deserve...
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