Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

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  • A great show. Watch it.

    Penn and Teller's Bull**** is about taking life and trying to screen out the insanity. This is not a conspiracy show. They don't go off blaming everybody for all sorts of nonsensical stuff. Rather, they look at the subject, and RESEARCH it to find out what has screwed it up. Plus, they do it with humor.

    For example, PETA. Sure, animal rights is good. But killing people and supporting terrorism is bad. The use of propaganda to exaggerate your goals is bad. Not only that, they want to destroy animal research, which can have good results (the resarch, that is).

    They also don't like people who try to take advantage of others, using pseudosciences like Feng Shui and psychics. There was an episode recently where there was a woman in a coma, and the mother was getting money off from her. That is just evil.

    Penn and Teller is here to defend the truth. And that's all there is.