Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Season 3

Showtime (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • The Best
    Episode 13
    Penn and Teller skewer our pursuit of "the best" in everything, from neighborhoods to electronics to automobiles to spouses, and demonstrate how such rampant consumerism is a race designed so that the runners never win.
  • Signs From Heaven
    Episode 12
    Penn & Teller take a look at how people seem to see religious symbols with in all kinds of object for example doors and grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Endangered Species
    Episode 11
    The magicians take a hard look at the fight to save endangered species, an expensive and fruitless exercise to preserve critters that may already be on the road to extinction through natural selection; also, examining the Endangered Species Act.
  • Ghost Busters
    Episode 10
    They've often been accused of being other than normal themselves, but Penn and Teller diligently set about debunking the world of paranormal ghosts, spooks and phantoms - and those who claim they can detect or exorcise such flights of fancy.
  • Gun Control
    Episode 9
    The fearless hosts tackle the facts, the stats, and the truth to find out who's right in the raging controversy over the Second Amendment and gun control.
  • Hair
    Episode 8
    Penn and Teller feather their locks, trim their bangs and set off to explore one of the most ego-challenging subjects of all: hair, and the billion-dollar-per-year industry spawned by those who want to change it, want to shed it, or just want to grow it back.
  • Big Brother
    Episode 7
    A look at how the Land of the Free has been transformed into a surveillance society where citizens are photographed, X-rayed, sound-recorded, spied upon, measured, tracked, indexed and archived 24 hours a day. Who is watching the watchers?
  • College
    Episode 6
    A look at college education, viewed by many as a must for those looking for success. In reality a $400 billion-per-year industry driven by fear and more interested in espousing leftist dogma than in learning.
  • Holier Than Thou
    Holier Than Thou
    Episode 5
    The guys take on Mother Teresa, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama to reveal the truth about the so-called enlightened spiritual leaders.
  • Life Coaching
    Episode 4
    Are new-age therapists just spouting psychobabble? Penn & Teller take on people who call themselves "Life Coaches". Are they really helping people or just offering their services for over inflated prices.
  • 5/9/05
    Explores the growing belief in conspiracy theories, which stems from the lack of trust in government leaders. Also the ease of the internet to instantly spread those theories around the world.
  • Family Values
    Episode 2

    Explores the family structure that is reported on by the Media and politicians that a traditional family must be a Father, Mother, Two kids and a Dog.

    Featured experts include:

    Brian Brown- Himself, Executive Director of the Family Institute of Connecticut
    Michael Medved- Himself, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host
    Tom Leykis- Himself, Radio Host
    Stephanie Coontz- Herself, Author and Professor of History, Evergreen State College
    Judith Stacey- Herself, Professor of Sociology, New York University and Founding Member of the Council on Contemporary Families.
    John and Nan Wise, Julio and Amy- Themselves, New Jersey polyamorous family
    Richard Cohen- Himself, Psychotherapist andDirector of International Healing Foundation
    Audrey and Gayda- Themselves, San Francisco lesbian couple
    Nanette Gartrell- Professor of Psychiatry, UC San Francisco

  • Circumcision
    Episode 1
    This episode examines the historical, religious, medical and ethical arguments associated with circumcision. Special guest experts include: Mark Reiss: Himself- Vice President, Doctors Opposing Circumcision Shmuel Boteach: Himself - Rabbi, author William Stowell: Himself - Restored foreskin recipient Marilyn Fayre Milos: Herself - RN, Executive Director of NOCIRC J. Steven Svoboda: Himself - Attorney's for the Rights of the Child Dr. Paul Fleiss: Himself - Pediatrician and Author Dr. Edgar Schoen: Himself - Expert in Infant Circumcision R. Wayne Griffiths: Himself - Cofounder and Executive Director of National Organization of Restoring Men Lynda Otis: Herself - NOCIRC of Solano County, California Dr. Elizabeth Lyster: Herself - OB/GYN Yvonne K. Fulbright: Herself - Sexologist and Authormoreless