Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 1 Episode 5

Secondhand Smoke / Baby Bullshit

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2003 on Showtime

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  • I call Bulls**t on P&T

    They make the same errors in logical debate that they decry in others.
    P&T let their libertarian politics interfere with their logic.
    They arrive at the same "politically arrived conclusion" they accuse the others of.

    Instead of examining an issue from the outside/ojbectively, they wade in to an argument to take one of the sides.

    Try debunking scientific studies with SCIENCE and scientists not with talk shows host and some analyst at an institute.

    And name a restaurant/bar that was forced to close because of this law passing.... can you think of one?

    Around my city, bar attendance went UP after smoking was banned! People who had avoided bars because of the smoke suddenly starting going to them more often. And yes, a few smokers boycotted for a few weeks, but then they came right back to all the same places & now just go outside for a smoke.

    This is mostly a bunch of whining smokers complaining. They falsely claim we want to ban them personally (not true, they're welcome to come SANS cigarette). Or using a false slippery slope argument, that they will next be prevented from smoking in private/at home .

    I'm glad to hear P&T retracted their incorrect statements. Maybe that should be on the Season 1 DVD so anyone watching this episode for the first time will know that.
  • First episode devoted to two issues.

    Now being a one time smoker I always respected someone who didn't want me to smoke around them so I was kind of surprised at the real facts behind the second hand smoking issue. That the statistics really does not support a large enough difference between people subject to second hand smoke and those who aren’t and who comes down with cancer. What really is behind all the no smoking bans is one side of non-smokers that just don't want to smell see the smoking in public places and feel their rights should supercede those of the smokers without having any really scientific basis. A very interesting episode that blew away everything that I thought was true about second hand smoke. I rated this average because the second half was about all the useless baby improvement products that get pushed on scared parents. Sorry, not so interested in the second half.
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