Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 6 Episode 7

Sensitivity Training

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 31, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Didn't tell us anything we already suspect of sensitivity training and John Rocker interview seemed pointless.

    All right so on the topic P and T decide to see if Sensitivity Training actually works and what is the motivation behind it. Well yes even a nine year old could figure this out not much of what they said was surprising:

    A) It doesn't work
    B) It's mainly for large companies trying to avoid lawsuits for any offensive behaviors of an employee.

    That's it in a nutshell. An entertaining episode but like last week's episode rather disappointing. Also Penn tried to make John Rocker look like a victim? WTF? He recited some of what Rocker said was clearly offensive but seemed to focus more on the racial part of it yet ignored the obvious sexist, anti-gay and stereotypical parts of it which depicted New York City in a negative light. He basically said that Rocker was crucified because of one article in Sports Illustrated. Penn lied there and I'am baffled as to why no one else pointed out their review or other forums. It wasn't just that article on Sports Illustrated that got Rocker suspended and subsequently barred from baseball it was as it goes with most individuals with issues a long list of offensive behavior most of which you can read up on Wikipedia like for example:

    A) Mocking asian women
    B) Calling a black teammate a "fat monkey" yet all this damaging info doesn't get mentioned by P ant T. Jesus when these guys want to be bias, it really shows.

    Anyways, the interview with Rocker telling us that the sensitivity training didn't work and that he's learned nothing (gee what a surprise for a guy with this kind of thinking not learning anything) was a waste of time.

    It was an average episode. P and T seemed agitated that large companies do sensitivity training but what do they expect a large corporation to not do such things and then open themselves to potential lawsuits from people complaining about offensive behavior? Even they can't be that gullible.

    Yes sensitivity training is Bullsh**! but really for large corporations not to do it would warrant such an overload of potential trivial lawsuits (which do occur), I don't quite blame them for doing so.
  • Could've been handled better... oh, sorry, I hope that wasn't insensitive.

    I predicted that Penn & Teller would have a hard time topping last week's great expose on the hypocrisy of the green movement, and I was right. This episode was informative; though I already knew that sensitivity training and diversity seminars were complete junk, it revealed some startling new facts to me. Like how these bogus programs actually hurt movement for women and minorities in the corporate world, and how much these program coordinators get paid for their PC pablum. Other than that, it mostly rehashed common points that every sensible person should know. Treat people as individuals, judge them for how they act rather than their demographic, focusing on race, gender or ethnicity diminishes the person as an individual, don't go berserk and cry "racist" when someone makes a stupid comment, ect. That, and they could've revealed more by focusing on more than one diversity seminar (Then again, the instructor they featured could have been the only one who would agree to be filmed. P&T have been doing this for six years now - people get wary when they hear the show mentioned if they don't want to be exposed as con artists on national TV.)

    All in all, an okay episode that had room for improvement. At least they got Bobby Slayton on to tell some jokes. That was a nice touch.