Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 6 Episode 5

Sleep, Inc.

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Penn and Teller see if actual sleeping medication and a mattress really do help with sleep using a not so typical candidate.

    Well gotta call em like I see them this episode was rather poorly done. While I generally agree with Penn and Teller debunk it's episodes like this that do more harm than good to them.

    As a chronic insomniac myself, I was interested to see how much they would dive into the world of insomnia but to my surprise their efforts were rather weak to say the least.

    First of they chose a really unlikely insomniac named Pat, this obese guy as a candidate for this episode. Pat was supposed to enter a mattress convention to choose the right mattress to help him sleep. Instead Pat stays up the whole night partying. I guess what P and T were doing by this is showing everything that a person who doesn't want to sleep should do only problem they didn't offer any help till the end and the suggestions they did offer (going to bed at a normal time, exercising, etc) are all stuff insomniacs have tried and guess what? We still have trouble.

    I also didn't like the fact that this was a one sided view of what they think sleeping pills or insomnia is about. They found one, only one doctor who spoke out against sleeping pills yet they couldn't (or wouldn't) find a doctor who prescribe sleeping aid? Come on now that would have been easy.

    I take sleeping pills myself and have to say that they work. The doctor against the pills said people who take these pills are more likely to have strokes and heart attacks but that really isn't the case. Actually the guy they chose as a test subject, Pat, a heavily obese guy is more likely to have a heart attack by his sheer high cholesterol alone that regardless of whether he used a sleeping aid.

    So there you have I'am objective about rating episodes so this episode really was disappointing unlike the previous episode P and T just didn't persuade me at all to their side. Again whose tried all the suggestions they've mentioned and still has problems sleeping, I have to call this episode by their own world Bullsh**!. I mean even they agreed along with another skeptic that the right mattress DOES make a difference in sleeping aid.

    They just didn't do homework or offer an alternative view and normally I would have fine with that if they presented a strong enough cause for their views but they didn't.