Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 2 Episode 11

The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 06, 2004 on Showtime



  • Quotes

    • Penn: [with Teller in monastic garb] Let's take a moment to consider the important, relevant lessons Teller and I have learned from the King [drop garb to reveal Elvis jumpsuits] of Kings. Elvis Aaron Presley died in 1977. He was born and lived in a time when most people in his land were literate. We have many firsthand reports about Elvis's life. We have many reliable records, medical, musical and otherwise. Even so, there are people, LOTS of people, who insist Elvis is not really dead. Sound familiar? Even the dozens of books written by people who actually knew Elvis contain conflicting stories of his life. Sound familiar? There are people who insist Elvis didn't take drugs. Sound familiar?...yeah, that one doesn't to us either. We have photographs of Elvis in the morgue, DEAD as a f*cking doornail, and in just 25 years, there are stories that he's...not...dead. In "Fit for a King", an important work delving into Elvis eating habits, the author suggests that, in order to make Elvis's beloved fried chicken, you'll need 3/4 of a cup of flour, salt, paprika, and pepper. In..."Are You Hungry Tonight", a definitive look into Elvis's favorite foods, the King's beloved fried chicken recipe calls for 1/2 cup of flour, salt, and pepper. Glaring differences. 1/4 cup less flour, no paprika? F*CKING HERETICS! Now imagine trying to figure which is the true Elvis chicken 2000 years from now. Elvis...never did no drugs.

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