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AIRED ON 6/29/2014

Season 1 : Episode 8

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Some of literature's most terrifying characters, including Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and iconic figures from the novel Dracula are lurking in the darkest corners of Victorian London. Penny Dreadful is a frightening psychological thriller that weaves together these classic horror origin stories into a new adult drama.

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  • Delicious

    (Un)holy damn, what a great first season! I just binged on season 1, and I have to say, I'm rarely as pleased with a recommendation as I was this time. This genre is difficult to nail down (or stake down?), with so many shows about pretty vampires or bubblegum horror, but PD pulled off a dark, seamless masterpiece in its first season. I wholeheartedly recommend others to watch this show!
  • How can tjis have 8.0 but a tween show like th originals is at 9.0. makes u wat to cry about the age group f the people on this website.

    How can this have 8.0 but a tween show like the originals is at 9.0. makes u want to cry about the age group f the people on this website. the original musical score in Penny surpasses the originals in its entirety, with all that it has too offer, easily.
  • Victorian Gothic at its BEST!!!

    All the damned and troubled souls from classic literature march in harmony, in Logan's creation. Penny Dreadful reincarnates Victorian Gothic in a way poetic and gruesome, elegant and raw, all together. It's the precious amalgam of: a) disciplined, inspired and emphatic acting, b) concrete and talented writing, and c) skillful and creative directing!

    It's one of the best productions of the last decade.

  • If Varney the Vampire had been penned today...

    I've seldom seen a show more aptly named. If those Victorian penny dreadfuls had been penned today, this is exactly what they'd have been like. And having them brilliantly adapted to the screen is all the better. Add in a brace of excellent actors and the result is a sumptuous mishmash of Victorian horrors.

    I can hardly wait for season two!
  • The dark has never seemed more appealing..

    A clever take on the genre, combining the devils of various literature. The actors play awesome roles, Eva Green shows her trademark versatility with ease and skill. If I didn't know any better, to experience this show is to experience an Anne Rice novel, through a visual medium. The scenes and visuals are truly enhancing the characters dialog. This is television at its best. One can only wish this show will have a long stay on air.

    Season 1 - ending

    Wow, a cool ending. Mina is gone, but this leaves open the possibility of Dracula coming to avenge her death and get his bride Vanessa. At the beginning of the series when I saw Billie Piper's character sick with lung disease, I figured she would become a vampire, but when Frankenstein's first ask for a bride, well, her character's faith was literally sealed in my mind and Episode 8 indeed confirmed it.

    I was surprised that Van Helsing would be killed in the way it happened, so, in that regard ,it would seem that while there will be Dracula coming in the near future, Victor Frankenstein will be the one with the knowledge to combat him.

    Hey Ethan is a werewolf! Who would have thought of that? I mean, when you revisit the episodes, you do seem him very concerned about the various monstrous killings happening, but never thought he was the one responsible.

    And this Madame Kali, I suspect she will become some form of nuisance in season 2.

    Now of course, what will be interesting is how will they get Timothy Dalton's character to be relevant in Season 2. As protector of Vanessa?

    Lots in the works. Will Frankenstein's bride remember some of her past? How will Ethan react when eventually he will cross path with his resurrected love? Will there be a flicker of memory in her undead brain?

    Anyways, I'm really looking forward to Season 2.

    I wonder the rational on how mere bullets can kill vampires. So, one also has to wonder if Mina is really dead, or will be back......... I thought decapitation/stake in the heart was the only way to kill them, unless the use of sunlight/fire.moreless

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    Basically don't plan on doing anything in April except watching TV.

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