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I'll do my best to keep my composure, but in case you didn't know, I'm a nerd that prefers the absurd

Much like last week, I just wanna make clear, I don't do reviews...or haven't you heard?

It's not that I can't, it's that I don't want to...I just simply prefer to try something new

So. In the spirit of full disclosure, for the better or the worse, this week my word will be strictly in verse

For a second week, Penny came near me, strapped me in for a ride and spoke clearly, "You get by now, I'm not for the meek, right?"

I couldn't help but smile at her charm

I said, "Hell yeah. You know what I seek...bring on the gaslight"

Next thing I knew, I was in a park, & although it was dark

The first thing she shows me is a prostitutes severed arm

Next, there was Ethan, coming to from a blackout.

Popular theory is he may be a wolf, & that idea has clout

The thing is though, it seems to me,

There's much more to it than simple Lycanthopy

...We'll just have to wait & see, really

Now, what can I say about Dorian Gray?

To be fair, I'd describe him as a hedonist extraordinaire...into sex, blood & rot,

You either want him or want to be him

Honestly, either way, do you not?

Off we go to the lives of Malcolm & Miss Ives

At the seance...were you surprised?

Vanessa had a fit during her bit, & I tried to find a word to describe it

Was it sublime, or exquisite?

Ultimately, most consider it brilliant, & I think likewise

Finally, a word on Victor and his creature,

I liked Proteus & seeing Victor as his teacher

I took to heart the moment he was ripped apart, and my stomach churned as the prodigal son returned

But ultimately, Adam's rage is a product of neglect

With the benefit of hindsight, honestly, what else could the doctor expect?

When the credits rolled by the end, I realized I achieved a state of Morbid Zen

Penny kissed me & asked, "Next week? Again?"

I smiled & said back, "Yeah. I'll see you then"
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