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If you're a fan of sexy butt shots from Victorian London, wacky freak-outs that occur around a séance table, and corpses stitched together only to be ripped apart in a waterfall of meat pieces, congrats! Showtime has ordered a second season of its supernatural lollapalooza Penny Dreadful, just four episodes into the series' maiden outing. And Season 2 will feature even more monster-mashing, as the episode count has been upped by two for a total of 10.

Showtime used its official renewal announcement to tout a bunch of odd premium-cable statistics for Penny Dreadful's performance so far. According to the network, the series boasts an average of 4.8 million viewers across all platforms (TV, browser streaming, mobile phone streaming, peeking in someone's windows) and is the most-watched new show on Showtime Anytime, the streaming service that Showtime launched in 2010, which basically means that Penny Dreadful has done better than Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex

I'm an episode behind, but from what I've seen so far, Penny Dreadful is... weird. Its formula of combining some of classic literature's famous monsters and creeps (Frankenstein and his monster, Dorian Grey, vampires, Jack the Ripper maybe) keeps the show chugging along, but some storylines stand out from others for me. I LOVED Proteus, for example, but haven't really clicked with gun-slinging Josh Hartnett or the vampires. Still, despite not loving Penny Dreadful so far, I have an odd addiction to the show and can't wait to watch each episode. 

Of course, that could be in large part due to Eva Green, because she's the bee's knees.

What do YOU think? And which monsters would you like to see added to Season 2? Dracula? The Wolfman? RoboCop? Smurfs? Mario Lopez? 

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