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Warning for spoilers!

The episode began with Malcolm and Vanessa discussing her dream about Mina and how she could be in the theater.

Malcolm said he wanted to save Mina even if it meant killing her to end her suffering.

She asks him if that will bring him peace, he basically tells her not to ask stupid questions and leaves to contact the rest of the group to meet that night.
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As always, Vanessa senses a special someone at the door before Sembene comes in.6
Dorian is adorably eager to see her.7
more like:
Vanessa on the other hand seems to be distancing herself from him.8
Dorian tells her he came by while she was eating people's cheeks and they told him she was sick.
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Vanessa keeps looking at him as if he's a little kid as he keeps talking nervously. He says he had to travel to keep himself busy while waiting for her to recover. And he wants to do stuff together now that she's okay.12
Vanessa reacts like:
Which confuses Dorian: (lmao his face)14
He keeps pushing:
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Ahaha oh poor Dorian. He just keeps talking faster and faster and suggesting different plans.
Vanessa just gets up and starts to leave while he continues talking and simply not understanding her rejection.
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I'm pretty sure he just stood there until Sembene walked in and cleared his throat like "Boy you pretty but you gotta go home."

Then we were back with the Sadness and her pretty, goodhearted, part time shooter, part time exorcist, full time bamf, bisexual + possibly supernatural boyfriend. (I love Ethan, okay)

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It was sad.

Then we saw two people just creeping around Ethan30
Get in line buddy.

In the meantime Malcolm was making sure he had the necessary equipment for vampire hunting.
He got his gun and as he was walking out he saw Madame Kali from the séance.
Their whole interaction was like34 35 36 37 38
She asked him about Vanessa.464748
Malcolm showed signs of actual interest in her. He seemed excited to have feelings.
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Basically they flirted like whoa and then he left, telling her they'd see each other later. Madame Kali smiled until he walked out and then just gave him a weird stare so I'm thinking there'll be some ploy there. But we'll have to wait and see.

Then we were with our tragic baby.53 54
Something didn't work out properly and that douche was angry with Caliban.575661 62
Maude felt pretty bad about it so she went to Caliban and brought him an orange.
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Oh Caliban.
I'm pretty convinced that Maude thought of him like a weird little kid who needed to be shown kindness and compassion. After telling him about her brother it was clear to me that he reminded her of him but well, Caliban probably hasn't read a book about friendships between women and men. As far as we know, Maude is the only girl he's ever interacted with and well, an orange and a kiss lead to different hopes for him.

Back at the most normal house in the city:80 81 834 845
Malcolm admitted that seeing his children's photos broke his heart and for some reason he felt the need to remind Vanessa that his heart was a man's heart, not a young girl's. I guess which means they're super valid and real compared to silly girl feelings. (I want someone to slap Malcolm so bad. Can't Sembene just walk in and do that every time he does and says something douchey? Oh okay. That would take all the screentime.)
He proceeded to tell her that he didn't mind feeling bad about all the things he did while she seeked to rid herself of guilt and that he'd sacrifice her anytime for Vanessa.
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Vanessa told him not to hide the photos and let them break his heart if he liked his guilt so much.
And that was an efficient burn.
Caliban was uh... he wanted to look his best for Maude.9091 92 93 95 96 97
He understandably freaked her out when he refused to leave.100 101
Uh oh.
102 104
He stopped himself before things got uglier.
Then he had to leave the theater.105 1055106107
Later we were back with our favorite mystical couple.108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 a1
Actually they talked about how the flower died and it would take fifty years for it to bloom again. Vanessa called it a lifetime but Dorian casually said it would take an instant.
Dorian baby, why so subtle? Thank god no one actually listens to him.
Vanessa asked him if he wanted an explanation for running out. a2
When he didn't she said he never risked anything. He suddenly got passionate and told her he'd risk everything for her. She said no.a3 a45a4 a5a6 a7 a8
He took it really hard.

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Ah you guys. It was sad. I know Dorian doesn't make everyone feel all the things yet but he will probably have a bigger part to play in the second season when his immortality can prove to be useful. I think Vanessa will need a lot of help with her exorcism and the vampire master and everything else, so their connection and his feelings for her might even save her somehow, who knows?

I also suspect his story will start to unfold next season so we will hopefully see more depth and more of the tragic parts of him.

What I love is that Reeve's portrayal of Dorian is so eerie sometimes. He looks like he is actually an immortal little boy and it's creepy and charming and that's Dorian in a nutshell.

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