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*A couple of weeks ago, I made a humble little thing in the Horror Community called "The Penny Dreadful Anticipation Thread" Now that we have our official Penny Dreadful Community, I believe it's time to plant the lightning rods, gather the remains of the dead, break out the sutures, sew up a creature both new and familiar, slap it on the ass and give birth to "The Son Of The Penny Dreadful Anticipation Thread"

It's Alive!
It's ALIVE!!


So, anyway, the first question you may be asking yourself is,

"What the hell is a penny dreadful?"

Well, simply put, penny dreadfuls were cheap, pulp fiction-style short stories published on a weekly basis during the Victorian era in England, focusing primarily on crime and the occult. Word has it they were originally geared for children, but they became so popular over time that they evolved into more & more sensationalistic, lurid little beasties in order to draw wider readerships...and hey, it worked! For example, the penny dreadful Varney The Vampire was one of the major inspirations for Bram Stoker prior to his writing of Dracula.

Ok, "What is Penny Dreadful then?"

It's a series that will air sometime in the spring on Showtime. Here...have some teasers:

New Trailer! (added 01-17)

Damn! This looks like it might be cooler than nipples on a pair of witch titties! That's not really a question, but personally, I'm really psyched. Technically we'll just all have to wait and see when it premieres, but until then, here's a few of the production blogs they've released so far to warm us up.

New Production Blog! (Added 02-08)

*I'll return now and then to add more teasers, trailers & production blogs as they release 'em so feel free to pop back in here on occasion for new schtuff!