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mark your palm pilots
Jan 12, 2016
Penny Dreadful Has a Premiere Date and a Spooky New Trailer (VIDEO)
There's also a return date for House of Lies, if you care.
Jan 01, 2016
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2016 gives you everything you need.
Look who else wanted me to pass on some nice wishes:
Ethan says he wants you to know everything will be alright.
Vanessa wishes you a year of inner peace and health.

Victor hopes you’ll have more ...
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Dec 26, 2015
Penny Dreadful, Special Recap: Dorian & Vanessa
Hello my dears,

This recap is a Christmas gif for dreamsofghostsandstars from her sister pixietarantino! (So much love to you both. I hope you enjoy this. ♥)

What I love the most about Penny Dreadful is how it creates a magical connection between its lonely, often scared, helplessly isolated characters and the audience. In every beautiful, elegant moment the characters speak to us as well. Every hand that reaches out to another and every soothing word that is spoken on the show feels like a compassionate embrace through the screen. Each character is beautifully unique so their interactions bring out something different in each other and reveal more to us in the process. That’s why even though I might not actively ship anyone I love every moment they share on screen.

Now, if we specifically talk about Dorian and Vanessa, I have to say they are one of those pairings ...Read more
BEST OF 2015
Dec 26, 2015
Best of the Year: The 5 Most Improved Shows of 2015
Some shows look at their flaw and stay flawed. Not these go-getters! They went out and did something about it!
best of 2015
Dec 24, 2015
Best of the Year: The 10 Most Underrated Performances of 2015
It's time to shine a light on some of the year's best performances that no one is talking about.
Yay! Boo!
Dec 10, 2015
Golden Globes Surprises and Snubs: Outlander Sweeps, Mad Men Is Denied, and WTF Is Mozart In the Jungle Doing There?
Many weird, but pleasant surprises snuck in to the nominations this year, but some others left us with some major side-eye.
Nov 15, 2015
Penny Dreadful Season 3: First Photo, and Synopsis (Mild Spoilers)
A little bit of information about the next season.
Nov 13, 2015
Penny Dreadful "Glorious Horrors" Photo Recap
“Glorious Horrors” begins with Mrs. Murray’s dead body and her maid’s glorious scream.

Remember how errbody got some lovin’ the previous episode?
We see our first couple: Victor wakes up to find Lily making breakfast and he has a serious case of heart eyes.

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Oct 29, 2015
Penny Dreadful, "Above The Vaulted Sky" Photo Recap

Above the Vaulted Sky starts with Mrs. Poole magically torturing Mrs. Murray, doing what she does best.

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