Ethan Speculation

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    Well into Ep 7 now and there is little to form a solid lead on where Ethans character is headed.

    Last episode it seemed there was a decent amount of support he would be the werewolf in this rocky horror show. With the whole one with wolves, beauty and beast play, and some other seemed an alright assumption. With Ep 7, it seems to back track away from that. The show hints that none of the group have left the house for a prolonged period while caring after Miss Ives. There has been no sign of transformation and he keeps the saints medal close to him.

    Given the full contents of the episode my speculation is as follows:

    Ethan comes from an influential family. From this he had entered the priest hood and then moved out west for mission work. There he started to become one with the natives, taking on their ways. This was disrupted when more Americans traveled west and so he suffered himself to drink and road shows than return. The gun slinging couldve been picked up as a youth or while helping defend the injuns. It could be the internal conflict he seems to show at times, on trying to decide on what he believes and what past is the right to follow.

    I have read on one review of Ep 7 that the demon possessed or talked through Ethan...I did not make this connection. To me these black eyed versions are manifestations of Miss Ives. They are not really there...that is just how the demon in her cares to display himself to her.

    To me this is able to explain everything so far for his character and could make an interesting story. Able to dual wield six shooters and cast exorcisms....seems like he was pulled out of Supernatural.

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