Penny Dreadful

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 25, 2014 on Showtime
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While Victor confronts his firstborn creation over the corpse of the second, Ethan returns to Malcolm seeking work in exchange for money to buy Brona medicine. Soon the Wild West showman is accompanying Malcolm, Sembene, and Vanessa on a night job to find the missing Mina Harker.


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      • Young Victor: When the poets write of death, its invariably serene. I wonder if that's what it is, really. This death, this ending of things.
        Caroline: Is there an ending there, Victor, or merely a movement? A gesture towards something else?
        Young Victor: Toward Heaven?
        Caroline: You can say there are some things not meant to know. We'll know all too soon, anyway.

      • Caliban: Did you think I wouldn't find you? Did you imagine that I was dead? That I could die? You know better, Frankenstein. I would seek you even unto the maelstrom of the blackest tempest of the darkest night. Stand and face me! Look upon this face anew. Is it not well-made? Is the language not rich with felicity of expression? Are the eyes not alert? Are these not the eyes that you looked into once? Hear how I bled.

      • Caliban: And so you fled. The first human action that I experienced was rejection. Is it any wonder at my loathing of your species?

      • Caliban: Did you not know that was what you were creating, the modern age? Did you really imagine that your modern creation would hold to the values of Keats and Wordsworth? We are men of iron and mechanization now. We are steam engines and turbines. Were you really so naive to imagine that we'd see eternity in a daffodil? Who is the child, Frankenstein?

      • Caliban: Once I resolved to find you, I knew where to look. I knew in which occupation I would find you engaged. The cutting of flesh. The work of the surgeon... and the butcher.

      • Vincent: Your... visage creates challenges.
        Caliban: It is a horror.
        Vincent: Not everywhere. There is a place where the malformed find grace. Where the hideous can be beautiful. Where strangeness is not shunned but celebrated. This place is the theater.

      • Caliban: Could there have been a more appropriate place for me? Night after night the players died gruesomely, and then came back to life again for the next show. They were undying like me. Creatures of perpetual resurrection.

      • Vanessa: Are you seeking passage back to America, then?
        Ethan: Not much for me there except my father. And no love lost between us.
        Vanessa: You don't miss your home?
        Ethan: Landscape's nice. Legal system, less so.

      • Caliban: In this life there are hungers that compel us. Food, shelter, warmth, even poetry. But one thing stands titanic. Name it.
        Victor: Love.
        Caliban: Top marks
        Victor: I could never love you.
        Caliban: I do not seek your love, demon. I do not seek what is not there. I would weep for you if ever I'd learned how. No. I seek... a companion. Look around. Take your pick. You will make me an immortal mate. A woman. Like myself. Everlasting. This you shall do or I will strike down all those you love and render your brightest day your darkest night.

      • Malcolm: Where is your master?
        Fenton: Right behind you. Don't you feel him in the dark? On the back of your neck? His breath. Now one finger reaching out. Do you not feel it? You soon will, and then... and then... all light will end and the world will live in darkness. The Hidden Ones will emerge and rule. Amunet... Amun-Ra.

      • Vanessa: We here have been brutalized with loss. It has made us brutal in return. There is no going back from this moment.
        Malcolm: If we're to proceed, we proceed as one. Without hesitation and with fealty to each other alone. This we seek demands nothing less. It's not for the weak or the kind. No one in this room is kind. That's why you're here. Look into each other's eyes and pledge to go as far as your soul will allow.

      • Ethan: I took a room at the Mariner's Inn on the other side of the river.
        Vanessa: Why are you there of all places?
        Ethan: I don't know.
        Vanessa: What's her name?
        Ethan: Brona. It means "sadness" in Gaelic.
        Vanessa: Does she live up to the name?
        Ethan: Can't tell. She has consumption.
        Vanessa: Then she will. Who doesn't love a lost cause?

      • Victor: There is one thing you need to consider. When you transform a life, you're making it anew. Whatever happens to that creature downstairs, we are responsible for it. It is our burden, now. Every action builds another link that binds us to it. That chain is everlasting.

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      • Young Victor: "There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream, The earth, and every common sight, To me did seem Apparell'd in celestial light, The glory and the freshness of a dream. It is not now as it hath been of yore; Turn wheresoe'er I may, By night or day, The things which I have seen I now can see no more."
        Referencing Wordsworth's poem "Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood" (1804), published in Poems, in Two Volumes in 1807.

      • Vincent: We are in rehearsal presently for a new offering. The old penny dreadful, Sweeney Todd, The Modern Tonsorial.
        Referencing the penny dreadful story first published in serial form as The String of Pearls in 1846-47. Sweeney is a London barber who kills some of his customers and then turns them over to his partner and neighbor, Mrs. Lovett, to turn into meat pies which are then sold to unwitting diners. The story has served as the basis for several movies and a Broadway musical, as well as an adaptation of the musical to film in 2007 starring Johnny Depp in the title role.

      • Vincent: Do you know The Tempest? You shall be Caliban.
        Referencing the play by Shakespeare, circa 1610-11, which features the sorcerer Prospero luring his enemies to his remote island so that he can restore his daughter Miranda to her proper place in society. Caliban is his unwilling servant, a native of the island who Prospero has dominated.