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  • Brilliant show in places than a turd sandwhich

    The gripping story line carries you along through a realistic Mary Shelly-Esq old town London. The writers love the characters and develop them brilliantly. Up to a point. I am captivated by the show and how there is an untold mystery with the irresistible man leading into a triangle with all the characters. NAKED TRANSEXUAL? Then the next episode is practically a gay porno? This follows no practicum with any of the rest of the show. Its like there an affirmative action demand to show butt fucking. I mean this kinda brought this show into scope for me. There is some dark shit going on at showtime. They twist in peoples faith and how it helps, but on the other hand there is countable minutes of satanic . There was no cause for the show to take a turn into gay porn. It's not a few frames, its bj's and showing insertion and Gimmie monsters and blood why fill air time with that shit. Call me a ***phobe I don't care. Honestly, none of the sex scenes are necessary but to fill a filth quota. Not to mention there's no good tits. Give me fantastic tits and have your gay scenes, fine. But its some kinda gay/ugly women thing that is just unnecessary. Took it from a 10 rating way down for the blatant bunny trail gay story line. Like the writers were under pressure from other sources.
  • Bad form John, bad form.

    Terrible way to end a series. Most tv shows that have a bad ending, or steep decline in quality I can still tell people to watch up to a point. Not with Penny Dreadful. There's no good stopping point before the end, and the ending is so detestable it ruins the entire experience.
  • I don't buy it.

    It looked like, to me at least, that the show was re-written from the point Ethan ran up the stairs to get Vanessa.

    Like they had something else in season 4?? Yes, I know it was announce "it was always only supposed to go three seasons".

    But Caliban? What's he supposed to do? Jekyll? No Hyde monster? Lilly, just wanders off? Frankenstein? Jeez this was an abrupt ending. Dracula ran off in the at least his feet did. Another tell that it was a edit (Leg .

    Yeah, I don't buy it.
  • The changes to this site are horrible!

    The changes to this site are horrible! I'm not liking any of it. The way you had it before was a much better user experience.
  • Oscar Worthy !

    Both Eva Green & Rory Kinnear deserve give them one, at least already. Yes, they are too Damned good!
  • Season 3 premiere episode is utter BRILLIANCE!!!

    This seasons premiere was one of the best hours of television I have ever seen. From the acting to the cinematography, writing, costumes, lighting and set design there was nothing but brilliance. New interesting characters were introduced, especially Vanessa's new psychologist. The main characters were shown in a new light and I could just feel Vanessa's depression, guilt, loneliness, isolation and lethargy right down to my bones. This was just a magnificent start to the season. Don't get me wrong, I have loved the first two seasons very much but this episode just gave me goosebumps.
  • Marvellous new addiction

    Once I started to watch this show, I couldn't stop until the last episode, and then watched the entire thing all over again. I loved the growing relationship between Vanessa and all the men in the group, the respect, the acceptance. Vanessa is shown as a strong woman, but a caring and sensitive one, even fragile sometimes; that is not usual, strong women are usually depicted as angry, I don't understand why, but I hate it.

    There's poetry in this show, and we need more of that!
  • The Bloodborne Equivilent Of A Macabre Horror Masterpiece.

    Enticing, Satiable and Intriguing are the first words that come into my mind after watching the first season of this show. I absolutely love this show. I mean I generally enjoy anything horror with a Victorian setting but this just blew it out of the water. I will start with the story which takes place in 1890's London and delves into a story about a man trying to find his daughter along with numerous other side plots which all are very fascinating. I will move onto the acting which in my opinion is what this show is all about. I mean I have never seen a show that has had so many relatable characters as this show. I honestly couldn't pick a favorite. I mean you have Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Reeve Carney, Harry Treadaway, Rory Kinnear, Danny Sapani and Timothy Dalton who is a Beast. I couldn't have picked better actors and actresses who evoke so much emotion in the scenes that it creates such a palpable atmosphere. The action is Superbly crafted being as it was created by John Logan who is the writer known for the recent 007 movies as well as Gladiator and The Last Samurai. The executive producer is Sam Mendes who is the director of the past two 007 films as well as Jarhead. The action is on point with very gruesome and in your face fight scenes that are very visceral and extremely chaotic. I will now move onto the cinematography and the location which was shot expertly and they filmed in both London and Ireland which I was happy to see because the aesthetic is certainly there without a doubt. I will close by saying this is a Phenomenal show which I pray continues for many seasons to come and the third season is coming out in May,2016. I plan on watching the second season tomorrow so I will post my review for that as soon as I finish it. Penny Dreadful isn't a show that you want to miss and if you love dark and Victorian London settings with many famous characters then you will certainly be in for an entertaining ride.

    Season Two Review:

    Arduous, Malleable and Transfixing is how I would describe Season Two of Penny Dreadful. The second season has permanently cemented why this is my new favorite show of all time. I'm mesmerized by anything and everything Horror related and this is right up my alley. I will begin my review and I have my review for Season One on other review sites entitled "The Bloodborne Equivalent Of A Macabre Horror if you're interested in checking it out. I will delve into the story which takes place literally the next day after the Season One finale. I won't divulge what happened as that would ruin the first season but without saying much it picks up very quickly with new threats and predators around every corner. The deadliest of them all would be each other and how they intermix with one another and each of them having their own agendas and emotions which play a ginormous role this season. I loved the story this season even more so then in S1. I will now move onto the acting which as in my review for S1 I cited that the acting is what really enticed me to keep watching. I never in all my years have seen such a cast of actors and actresses that could make me get so emotionally invested in each individual actor and actress as I have with this show. I should say that is also due to magnificent writing by John Logan who is also the creator. I will carry on with the action and drama segment of this review and as it stands S2 is paramount to any other show that I have ever watched and I watch a ton of . along the lines of GOT and The 100 to name a few. The action is just as brutal and relentless as S1 and far more demonic. The drama is far meatier then the action but that only lends a helping hand for when the action does finally unfold throughout the season. I will round out my review with the Cinematography and Location which were superfluous and I mean that in the most genuine way possible. I mean everything is shot with such authenticity and care that you truly feel like you're there yourself. Bravo to the production teams that deal both in the sets and the decor. I will close out my review by saying that if you have not seen this show yet then please don't dawdle. You need to go out and buy the first 2 seasons or watch them elsewhere but buying them would support this much beloved and prodigious television show. I promise that if you love anything drama and or horror related then you will not be disappointed in the least but you will be pleasantly delighted.
  • No more Frankenstein please!!!!!!!

    Came to penny dreadful late, I've just binged watched season 1 & really enjoyed it apart from the Frankenstein monster. Every time the action & story is flowing along nicely up pops that boring Frankenstein to derail things for a scene or 2. What's the point of having him in there he has no bearing on the overall story & his constant whining about love & a mate was just irritating.
  • Awsome!

    Best original series on tv.

    Great actors, great script. Love it!

    Eva Green... well, what can i say? I love this woman.
  • clear feminist agenda

    the show is good, but, doesn't depict the era without adding that feminist element that is prevalent in many shows currently..

    still the acting and atmosphere makes it a very watchable not a 10 and not a 1...
  • This show is excellent entertainment

    One of the most entertaining shows in years and eva greens acting is amazing!
  • Unwatchable

    This show is useless..
  • Resist your initial misgivings and give it a chance.

    I know what you're thinking when you read that this show intertwines Dracula, Frankenstein, werewolves, and other classic horror stories: the awful joke of a movie known as "Van

    Trust me, this show is worlds apart from that terrible movie. This show manages to tie various classic horror stories together in a way that is not at all cheesy.

    If you are a fan of horror, then give this show a chance. You will not be disappointed.
  • What A Pleasant Surprise!

    I was completely resistant to this show - even after Showtime graciously allowed us to see the first episode for free last spring, I let my biases sway me. Out of desperation (the DVD's I wanted were not available at my library) - I borrowed and binge-watched all of Season 1. Boy, was I wrong. It was not the standard "Victorian vampire mystery" - but so much more. Will be writing on the Community page - don't want to spill too much here.
  • Delicious

    (Un)holy damn, what a great first season! I just binged on season 1, and I have to say, I'm rarely as pleased with a recommendation as I was this time. This genre is difficult to nail down (or stake down?), with so many shows about pretty vampires or bubblegum horror, but PD pulled off a dark, seamless masterpiece in its first season. I wholeheartedly recommend others to watch this show!
  • How can tjis have 8.0 but a tween show like th originals is at 9.0. makes u wat to cry about the age group f the people on this website.

    How can this have 8.0 but a tween show like the originals is at 9.0. makes u want to cry about the age group f the people on this website. the original musical score in Penny surpasses the originals in its entirety, with all that it has too offer, easily.
  • Victorian Gothic at its BEST!!!

    All the damned and troubled souls from classic literature march in harmony, in Logan's creation. Penny Dreadful reincarnates Victorian Gothic in a way poetic and gruesome, elegant and raw, all together. It's the precious amalgam of: a) disciplined, inspired and emphatic acting, b) concrete and talented writing, and c) skillful and creative directing!

    It's one of the best productions of the last decade.

  • If Varney the Vampire had been penned today...

    I've seldom seen a show more aptly named. If those Victorian penny dreadfuls had been penned today, this is exactly what they'd have been like. And having them brilliantly adapted to the screen is all the better. Add in a brace of excellent actors and the result is a sumptuous mishmash of Victorian horrors.

    I can hardly wait for season two!
  • The dark has never seemed more appealing..

    A clever take on the genre, combining the devils of various literature. The actors play awesome roles, Eva Green shows her trademark versatility with ease and skill. If I didn't know any better, to experience this show is to experience an Anne Rice novel, through a visual medium. The scenes and visuals are truly enhancing the characters dialog. This is television at its best. One can only wish this show will have a long stay on air.

    Season 1 - ending

    Wow, a cool ending. Mina is gone, but this leaves open the possibility of Dracula coming to avenge her death and get his bride Vanessa. At the beginning of the series when I saw Billie Piper's character sick with lung disease, I figured she would become a vampire, but when Frankenstein's first ask for a bride, well, her character's faith was literally sealed in my mind and Episode 8 indeed confirmed it.

    I was surprised that Van Helsing would be killed in the way it happened, so, in that regard ,it would seem that while there will be Dracula coming in the near future, Victor Frankenstein will be the one with the knowledge to combat him.

    Hey Ethan is a werewolf! Who would have thought of that? I mean, when you revisit the episodes, you do seem him very concerned about the various monstrous killings happening, but never thought he was the one responsible.

    And this Madame Kali, I suspect she will become some form of nuisance in season 2.

    Now of course, what will be interesting is how will they get Timothy Dalton's character to be relevant in Season 2. As protector of Vanessa?

    Lots in the works. Will Frankenstein's bride remember some of her past? How will Ethan react when eventually he will cross path with his resurrected love? Will there be a flicker of memory in her undead brain?

    Anyways, I'm really looking forward to Season 2.

    I wonder the rational on how mere bullets can kill vampires. So, one also has to wonder if Mina is really dead, or will be back......... I thought decapitation/stake in the heart was the only way to kill them, unless the use of sunlight/fire.
  • hell of a series

    the review title says it all
  • Can't wait to watch this!!!

    So far I have only seen clips and a few minutes of the 1st episode and love what I see. I will wait till it comes to dvd and I can get it FREE from my library.
  • Clever and shocking!!

    The entire cast is Divine!!! MR Carney is absolutely breathtaking as Dorian Gray. He plays Mr. GRAY PURRFECTLY!!! Under a smooth and charming persona lies the ruthlessness others say is missing. Folks look carefully.

    Eva Green as the absolutely stunning young woman (Ms. Vanessa) fighting her own guilt and the Devil's efforts to control her. I haven't enjoyed a show like this in a very long time. Cheers to Showtime!! Ok folks watched the Season Finale last night and am dismayed by the good doctor!! Is he so callous as to take Bronas body back to his lab for his other beasties?? My God this man has no morals or conscience!! Tell me this as well does getting bitten by the vamps turn Ethan into Wolfman??? come on people!!

  • Embrace the Dark

    I'm not the one to give out unworthy praise for anything just because it is new or different. Most of the shit on television is flat out awful. That being said, Penny Dreadful is one of the most emotionally gripping pieces of theater I have ever seen. Absolutely masterful story telling and acting doesn't even begin to explain the greatness this show can and has reached. If ever you are in the mood to experience stories of the macabre, there simply is none better than Penny Dreadful.
  • One of the best shows in years - and Eva Green absolutely outstanding

    Yes, Eva Green IS the show (@jonkeriksson: she is on_the_show's_poster for crying out loud, so if you don't get it, forget it). More than any other character. Every inch of her face, every syllable she says is perfectly placed and so believable no, so true that in some moments I completely forget that I am WATCHING a episode of a television show.

    Also, praise to the writers for the exquisite dialogue with some of the most gorgeous English I have ever heard in any film or read in any modern book. And to the directors to never overstate it, to always keep the style and never let it drift into an easy show-off of digital special effects like so many others.

    This is by far the best produced, best concepted and scripted and for many of the protagonists best acted show on television today.
  • Eva Green turns everything into shit.

    I really enjoyed this show for the first episodes, however, Eva Green does her very best to ruin it completely and she does succeed. The show is, for some reason unknown to me, focusing more and more on her character and her horrible performance is making it unbearable to watch. Stay away people, unless you want to watch the Eva Green show of crap.
  • Penny Dreadful Rox!!

    c'mon sinners... Penny Dreadful is a amazing tv show!! The last episode (Possession) was really awesome. Seems to me as a much more dark (and well done) version of Extraordinary League of Gentlemen. But for those who prefer the empty formula of True Blood, probably will hate the show... Let the evil inside in and enjoy the show kids!!
  • Weak Dorian Gray

    Six episodes in and I'm still on the fence. There have been some strong episodes, esp. from Timothy Dalton and Eva Green but the whole Dorian Gray character is poorly cast. He was supposed to be a man of the world who sold his soul for power and it is his complete cruelty and ruthlessness that causes the portrait to reflect that. Reeve Carney is as commanding as having Justin Bieber play Gray as a bored, spoiled trust fund kid. So far we've seen him have a couple rounds of consensual sex, albeit a little rough. He doesn't exude the evil of Gray.

    Franenstein is poor tortured soul rather than obsessed mad scientist. Josh Hartnett's characterwhat are you doing there? (Never mind the completely out of character, for audience shock only scene with Gray. I get that they are developing the characters story lines, I'm just not sure where they can take this as a whole. The production, sets and designs are well done although it is shot very dark so hard to catch some of what is going on.
  • Great show

    I see a lot of negative reviews here. I honestly don't know why. It is a dark gothic drama/horror show. I guess most people were expecting something more action oriented, and have felt let down when it didn't materialize.

    Performance by the star studded cast has been exemplary, with Eva Green especially showing off her skill in the last episode, centered wholly on the tormented Vanessa Ives.

    It is a show that doesn't pull any punches, where gore and scandal aren't self serving, but instead flesh out characters and the world. Plot is not presented overtly, in your face, like most of the other shows. No. Penny Dreadful actually makes you think about what is happening on the screen. Makes you delve into and try to dissect the plot, all for the next piece of the puzzle. Once the revelation about one of the characters actually hits you, satisfaction is guaranteed. Knowing the source material behind the characters is wholly recommended too.

    I'm very glad second season has already been approved by Showtime.
  • Hopefully it picks back up

    After an incredibly strong start (seriously that pilot was amazing and the second episode was impressive), the show has started to taper off, here is hoping that it can pick things back up in the final three episodes
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