Pensacola: Wings of Gold

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1998 on

Episode Recap

After easily qualifying in a midair refueling drill, Burner flies near the beach to show off for two attractive beach bunnies he met at the Bucket. But he goes supersonic and the sonic boom breaks glass and an admiral's Ming vase and frightens his wife's prize winning Siamese cat into running away. Burner gets a S.O.D. and must appear before a board of inquiry. Spoon and Ice try to catch the Siamese cat but they play the coyote to its road runner. Kelly convinces a mechanic to investigate and learns that the speed indicator was slightly off reading .9 (speed of sound) when the actual speed was .99 and that, combined with Burner's taking responsibility and apologizing allows him to return to training. Meanwhile Jules Clegg, a businessman and city councilman tries to buy Kate's bar, the Bucket. When she won't sell, a few days later an underage woman is found drinking and her liquor license is suspended. Kelly has Corporal Martinez investigate and learns that the man, Kermit Wells, with the minor works for Clegg and the woman is his girlfriend. Clegg has bought out several other bars using this same tactic. Kelly brings the man to the hearing and Clegg backs down and Kate is allowed to continue running the Bucket. Kate's history is revealed. Kate's deceased husband, Max, and Bill Kelly were friends when they met Kate. Kate was a wing walker and her husband was also a pilot. After her husband died flying in an air show, Kate bought the Bucket and Kelly helped her fix it up 8 years ago. They nearly hooked up and Kelly stopped visiting her because he had feelings and felt she didn't reciprocate them, she was just grieving.