Pensacola: Wings of Gold

(ended 2000)


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  • A bit confusing, if you’ve actually been there

    I quite liked this show. The stories could be a bit pretentious at time, and Barbara Striesand’s husband needs to not take himself so dang seriously, but one thing bugged me about this show.

    The show was filmed in San Diego, California, but set in Pensacola, Florida. Having lived in both of theses cities, I can say it would take a lot of skillful camera work and post-production work to make one of these cities pass for the other. The terrain they fly over, the background scenery the buildings and more are all wrong.

    The question that comes to mind is, if you are going to film a show in San Diego, a bastion of Naval Aviation, why not set the show in San Diego? Nothing as to story would be lost if it was taking place in San Diego, rather than San Diego pretending to be Pensacola. Over the course of the series, thousands of dollars could have been saved merely by not trying to hide the fact that it is filmed on the Pacific Coast, not the Gulf Cast. And San Diego locations could be better utilized without redressing them to try to make them pass for Pensacola.