Pensacola: Wings of Gold

Season 3 Episode 1

Tip of the Spear

Aired Unknown Sep 11, 1999 on

Episode Recap

Jack Hightower is talking to Kelly when his car is blown up in Cairo. Kelly reevaluates and decides he wants to be in a combat unit. Another class of nuggets is graduating. Hammer, Major Lewis is applying for a staff position with the 18th M.E.U., with Kelly's encouragement. Kelly talks with Col. Doug Drayton and he asks to be "the ace" of the 18th M.E.U. Spoon and Ice, on the same carrier, the "Connie", get orders to return to Pensacola. On the way back they meet Burner, who was based in Turkey. Kelly observes a helicopter pilot flying an attack helicopter, the Cobra. He asks Edward Turelli (cc), call sign Capone to join his unit. At a meeting, Kelly talks to many pilots. The team, the Aviation Combat Element (ACE) of the 18th M.E.U. is called the Fighting Bandits. Spoon says Flying Bandits although the patch says Fighting Bandits. Hogs, Frogs, Hueys, (types of helicopters) Cobras, and jet pilots (jet jockeys) comprise the unit. At the bucket Kate hugs Spoon, Ice and Burner hello. Abigail Holling, Cricket, and Lt. Brian Rappaport, flight surgeon, meet Ice at the bar. Eddie Turelli talks with Ice, Spoon and Burner. His grandfather is doing 25 to life and his father runs a sanitation business in New Jersey. Burner approaches Sarah. She will be a church on Wednesday and Burner finagles an invitation. The next day, during an exercise, Spoon nearly causes a crash. On the ground, Kelly does not chew him out, but puts him on leave. Spoon's father collapsed and is in intensive care. Spoon visits his father in Bethesda. His father has cancer but he refuses chemotherapy. He wants to enjoy his remaining time. Ice fusses at Burner. He was supposed to find a house. Turelli overhears and mentions a 3 bedroom house is available. The owner will be away for 5 to 10... Burner is encouraging children at the church. They are mostly from foster homes and Burner relates to them. Hammer is now Lieutenant Colonel Lewis. Hammer asks Kelly about Spoon flying and suggests pulling Spoon from the exercise tomorrow. Spoon forgets to arm his bomb. Kelly warns Spoon that he must fly better and that "I can't be having this conversation with you again." Hammer looks at Kelly but they don't speak. Colonel Drayton questions Kelly about Spoon. Kelly is upset but Hammer tells him that Drayton asked him directly and he owed Drayton the truth. Sarah and Burner go out again and kiss. Spoon does well in the next exercise. Hammer gets a call. Spoon's father has died.

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