People Are Funny - Season 1

NBC (ended 1961)


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  • People Are Funny About Marriage & Politics
    Host Art Linkletter has some fun with a couple in a game similar to today's Newlywed Game and pins a democrat and a republican against one another as he tests their knowledge.
  • People Are Funny About Parties
    Host Art Linkletter sends three people a gift in anticipation for dinner guests they don't know, builds a phone booth over a tank of ice water, and has a man talk on the phone while being lowered into the water. The boy and his dog are back for a rematch.
  • People Are Funny About Women
    Host Art Linkletter has a woman try to return some soda more than once, looks for an expert on women, and has a game between a dog catcher and a boy and his dog.
  • People Are Funny About History
    Host Art Linkletter has a history major test some chorus girls about with some tough questions and a young woman gets lucky with a monkey.
  • People Are Funny About Being Under Pressure
    Host Art Linkletter puts a young lady on a roller coaster to test her cool under pressure and has a young man introduce an older grandmother as his fiance.
  • People Are Funny About Pest Control
    Host Art Linkletter sends a guy masquerading as a bee keeper out with a bear cub and has a man call his wife to tell her he's working late, while it sounds like there's a big party going on in the background.
  • People Are Funny About Traveling
    Host Art Linkletter has some fun with tourists and plays a game to give away $10,000 cash with a pilot from the Air Force.
  • People Are Funny About Friends
    Host Art Linkletter has a man try to save a parking spot on foot for a friend.
  • People Are Funny About Birthdays
    Host Art Linkletter has a birthday party for 75 year old woman who's never been married. Also, a father must tell Art what prize his son chose.
  • People Are Funny About Remembering Things
    Host Art Linkletter tests people's memories and the lucky lady is back on to show her luck with coin flips.
  • People Are Funny About Luck & Elephants
    Host Art Linkletter tests a lucky lady and gets some help from two men to deliver an elephant!
  • People Are Funny About Money & Burlesque
    Host Art Linkletter convinces a man to try to sell two dollar bills and has some fun with burlesque dancers.
  • People Are Funny About Dogs & Professionals
    Host Art Linkletter helps a boy find a pet dog and plays "What's My Line."
  • People Are Funny About the Shell Game
    Host Art Linkletter plays the shell game and the couple that had their house kidnapped in Episode 1 flies around in a helicopter looking for their house!
  • People Are Funny About Hobos & Taxi Drivers
    Host Art Linkletter convinces a businessman to dress as a hobo and has some fun with taxi drivers.
  • 1/10/55
    Host Art Linkletter kidnaps a house and plays cupid as he brings a couple together.