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Peppa Pig

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Peppa Pig is a precocious little piglet who laughs and snorts her way through her childhood with her friends and family.

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AIRED ON 6/5/2011

Season 4 : Episode 14

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  • Horrible

    I hate this show so much. It is so bad that it makes all of the other shows on nick jr good.
  • so, the kid pigs like to call their dad, fat?

    it may b true, but how and why would they let their kids tell them that. they may be pigs, but real kids are watching this show! what do you learn from it anyway? in the end they all fall over laughing at something that isnt even funny. like in the episode where it was peppas bday, she woke up @ 5 in the morning and woke up her parents. a few minutes later the party started. HAVING A PARTY @ 5 IN MORNING! cmon, u can do better than this; when i was little i loved dora, wow wow wubbzy, and max and ruby. the only reason i know of peppa pig is because my 5 year old brother watches this... but please!!! find something education for kids 2 watch!!moreless
  • Would anyone like some bacon?

    How is this show educational? They just tell kids you should disrespect your parents, kinda like Caillou.

    The characters are actually brain dead morons who can't do stuff that seem so simple. They're annoying too, like in one episode Peppa was messing with her mom's computer on purpose. She kept smashing the keys, suddenly making the computer crash. If I were Peppa's mom, I would ground her for an hour, give her a time-out, or send her to her bedroom.

    George is really annoying, too. When someone asks him a question, all he says is "dinosaurs!". What's so special about them anyways? They are extinct for Pete's sakes! Even George cries for really foolish reasons.

    The dad gets embarrassed for stupid reasons, like buying a chocolate cake in one episode when it wasn't on the shopping list. Listen, I wouldn't be THAT embarrassed.

    The kids call Daddy Pig fat. Wow, that is VERY rude. I think kids are gonna mock them and call big people fat. Thanks a lot creators.

    The kids even stay up late or wake up really early in the morning. Like in that one episode where Grandpa Pig and Grandma Pig babysits, Peppa and George are allowed to stay up and watch TV. Wow, why didn't they even bother to ban that episode? Why didn't this cartoon get complaints from parents?

    The humor doesn't make sense at all, I mean, at the end of every episode, everybody is on the floor laughing for a stupid reason.

    The artwork looks like a preschooler drew it, storyline is dumb, episodes are BOOOOOORING, and the voice acting is terrible.

    I wish I can turn these pigs into bacon if they were real. Then I'd give them to the poor, hungry people.

    My grade: F-moreless
  • Good For Adults, Bad for Kids

    I was watching this show recently with my 3 year old daughter, and I do not think that this show has the right influence on her. Yes, they do have small hints of humor, but they are things that only teens/adults would understand. But I've noticed that in the show, Peppa and her friends tend to behave very badly, and they are never really punished for it. If they were scolded by their parents, or at least learned their lessons by the end, then maybe I would be fine with it. But the parents usually just either go along with the children, or dismiss it and let the kids do whatever. I've also noticed some characters mention the word "stupid" and the characters sometimes treat their friends unfairly. On top of that, recently my daughter has been getting influenced by George. She "cries" (I can obviously tell it is a fake cry) whenever she doesn't get what she wants, and I'm afraid that Peppas unfair treatment to others will someday rub off on her. Peppa is someone who will not take it if something doesn't go her way, and I don't want my daughter to turn into that. I've begun to hold off on the peppa pig, and mainly just been letting her watch shows such as Bubble Guppies, which she has learned a whole lot from.

    This show is fun for adults, but I do not recommend this for kids.moreless
  • What ever happened to kids shows?

    Kids shows back n the 90s and even the early 2000s used to be the bomb. now, they're a bunch of garbage that should be canceled after the first season. but for peppa pig, it should have gotten cancelled after the first episode. peppa is a bratty pig who is a terrible role model, and george has issues with communicating. and their parents do NOTHING to fix it. and the animation SUCKS!!!!!! it probably took them 5 minutes to draw the characters. nick jr has some ok shows, but this one is by far the worstmoreless

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