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  • Horrible

    I hate this show so much. It is so bad that it makes all of the other shows on nick jr good.
  • so, the kid pigs like to call their dad, fat?

    it may b true, but how and why would they let their kids tell them that. they may be pigs, but real kids are watching this show! what do you learn from it anyway? in the end they all fall over laughing at something that isnt even funny. like in the episode where it was peppas bday, she woke up @ 5 in the morning and woke up her parents. a few minutes later the party started. HAVING A PARTY @ 5 IN MORNING! cmon, u can do better than this; when i was little i loved dora, wow wow wubbzy, and max and ruby. the only reason i know of peppa pig is because my 5 year old brother watches this... but please!!! find something education for kids 2 watch!!
  • Would anyone like some bacon?

    How is this show educational? They just tell kids you should disrespect your parents, kinda like Caillou.

    The characters are actually brain dead morons who can't do stuff that seem so simple. They're annoying too, like in one episode Peppa was messing with her mom's computer on purpose. She kept smashing the keys, suddenly making the computer crash. If I were Peppa's mom, I would ground her for an hour, give her a time-out, or send her to her bedroom.

    George is really annoying, too. When someone asks him a question, all he says is "dinosaurs!". What's so special about them anyways? They are extinct for Pete's sakes! Even George cries for really foolish reasons.

    The dad gets embarrassed for stupid reasons, like buying a chocolate cake in one episode when it wasn't on the shopping list. Listen, I wouldn't be THAT embarrassed.

    The kids call Daddy Pig fat. Wow, that is VERY rude. I think kids are gonna mock them and call big people fat. Thanks a lot creators.

    The kids even stay up late or wake up really early in the morning. Like in that one episode where Grandpa Pig and Grandma Pig babysits, Peppa and George are allowed to stay up and watch TV. Wow, why didn't they even bother to ban that episode? Why didn't this cartoon get complaints from parents?

    The humor doesn't make sense at all, I mean, at the end of every episode, everybody is on the floor laughing for a stupid reason.

    The artwork looks like a preschooler drew it, storyline is dumb, episodes are BOOOOOORING, and the voice acting is terrible.

    I wish I can turn these pigs into bacon if they were real. Then I'd give them to the poor, hungry people.

    My grade: F-
  • Good For Adults, Bad for Kids

    I was watching this show recently with my 3 year old daughter, and I do not think that this show has the right influence on her. Yes, they do have small hints of humor, but they are things that only teens/adults would understand. But I've noticed that in the show, Peppa and her friends tend to behave very badly, and they are never really punished for it. If they were scolded by their parents, or at least learned their lessons by the end, then maybe I would be fine with it. But the parents usually just either go along with the children, or dismiss it and let the kids do whatever. I've also noticed some characters mention the word "stupid" and the characters sometimes treat their friends unfairly. On top of that, recently my daughter has been getting influenced by George. She "cries" (I can obviously tell it is a fake cry) whenever she doesn't get what she wants, and I'm afraid that Peppas unfair treatment to others will someday rub off on her. Peppa is someone who will not take it if something doesn't go her way, and I don't want my daughter to turn into that. I've begun to hold off on the peppa pig, and mainly just been letting her watch shows such as Bubble Guppies, which she has learned a whole lot from.

    This show is fun for adults, but I do not recommend this for kids.
  • What ever happened to kids shows?

    Kids shows back n the 90s and even the early 2000s used to be the bomb. now, they're a bunch of garbage that should be canceled after the first season. but for peppa pig, it should have gotten cancelled after the first episode. peppa is a bratty pig who is a terrible role model, and george has issues with communicating. and their parents do NOTHING to fix it. and the animation SUCKS!!!!!! it probably took them 5 minutes to draw the characters. nick jr has some ok shows, but this one is by far the worst
  • Tolerable, but has its drawbacks.

    I'm able to tolerate this show. My step-nieces like it, but again, there's some downsides to this. First off, why does George cry over the littlest things? "Dinosaur, WAAAAAAAAAAAH!"<-------- lol

    Second, the endings are usually the same. Everybody falls on the floor on their backs. That's it.

    Third, why do the heads look like a Twinkie smashed onto a soccer ball then spray painted pink? Those are some strange looking piggies! In conclusion, I don't think this show is good or abysmal, just okay, at that.
  • Worst show on Nick Jr.

    This show is simply horrible in every imaginable way, yet Nick Jr. has recently decided to air this show at least ten times a day. Their heads look like a referee's whistle, so it looks like it was drawn by a three year old. The show is completely unimaginative. How many episodes does Peppa and her family enjoy jumping in muddy puddles? I've lost count. Even Yo-Gabba-Gabba has a better educational value than this show does. Now I completely understand that this is a children't program, I get that, but my children even hate this show. There really is NOTHING redeeming about this show. It is truly horrible.
  • Many Reviewers Can Be (and in This Case, Are) Wrong

    come on here and be a troll about a show that you can't begin to understand? Like another reviewer said, do you people have kids? If not, why are you reviewing the show, other than to be a troll?

    This show appeals to both of my older kids (5 and 2) and contrary to what many of the genius reviewers on here say, their IQs have not been reduced by 50 points or to 0. Incidentally, IQ doesn't work that way. Oh, and also incidentally, my 5-year old reads and does math at a Grade 4 level.

    My wife and I also enjoy each new episode we watch. They're full of running gags and in-jokes that the adults will love, too (try The Pet Competition, The Secret Club, and The Noisy Night for a few laughs).

    Let's look at one of the brilliant other reviews: "Back in the 1990's we got some awesome kid shows, for example: Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob Squarepants". Okay, if you find SpongeBob awesome in any way, shape, or form, you become instantly relegated to troll status. Moron. If you enjoy this sort of tripe, leave Peppa Pig alone for the people who are intelligent and are raising kids to be productive members of society.
  • Who wants some bacon?

    This show honestly sucks a whole bunch. I mean, who would want to watch this? *sigh* If these pigs were real, I would sneak into their home when they're asleep, and cook them into bacon at a bacon restaurant. Honestly, why are kid shows so horrible? Back in the 1990's we got some awesome kid shows, for example: Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob Squarepants, Dexter's Lab, and a couple more of these memorable classics. Then it's the 2000's, and we're beginning to get crap such as Dora The Explorer, This, Go Deigo Go, and a couple more of these horrible abominations. Today, TV is now full of crap, even SpongeBob is bad. And the only good kid shows left are MLP:FiM and actually, MLP:FiM is pretty much it. Every other new show I like now is adult shows. And my parents never let me play in the mud or stay up way past my bedtime. This show does nothing but teach kids to be ***s and lower their IQ levels down to 0. Honestly, what is wrong with the world today? So, all in all, this show gets NO stars. This show fails. Please do not watch this show in front of your children!
  • People need to be REALISTIC!!!

    This show is about a real family environment whoever thinks their child isn't in some way like peppa and George is deluded!! Every child goes through a bratty stage, and expects things to go their way and when children do first talk they do say only a few words!!! Children are fussy with food and expect story after story at bedtime and mummy and daddy pig are very much how most parents are!! Stressed and laugh at the silly day to day things that go wrong or silly things children do!! As for playing in the mud every child likes splashing in puddles with wellies!! It's a funny show that children and adults can relate to at times!! Other shows I won't mention are unrealistic with thin adults and perfect children who can figure out world peace... Peppa pig is a normal family with normal house and normal life!!! We don't all have a room each for our kids and they share a lot of things!!

    All in all I think people read too much into it!!
  • ThIs ShOw Is GaY

    ThIs ShOw Is FoR ***S aNd DuMb PeOpLe AlIkE. mY rEgArDs
  • Horrible! This is just what i saw....

    the mom pig and the grandpa pig were in the three chickens were coming out and he said "look its Tom DIck and Harry!" (there was a brown one, white one and black one) she said " no thats Vanessa, Sarah and Jamima". i couldnt believe my ears! a little racist are we????
  • Perfect for 2 year olds!!

    Peppa pig develops the child watching it by using a range of animal characters to explain the roles of everyday life in a light hearted way for young pre-schoolers to identify with.

    With the narrator explaining everything clearly to a 2 year olds understanding - they get to identify with the characters of Peppa pig doing the simple tasks that themselves as children would go through going to school, or bathtime or looking at the stars or seasons or playing together.

    It is important to teach the children about these simple understandings of the world that maybe us as adults have forgotten because we are so used to it we take it for granted!

    People should look at the world through the eyes of a toddler and try to understand whether watching a show like peppa pig might help them understand more clearly the everyday world that surrounds them, Instead of instantly rejecting it and hating it!

    This show is very educational to a pre-schooler child who is finding out about things for the first time in their lives. I recommend it to every child - both of mine have been bought up on it and I really felt watching it helped them understand and relate to what they go through themselves as children.

    In my opinion it is actually the best show for pre-schooler level. It is relevant to their age and emotional development and it is not as dull and drilling into an adults skull as other pre school cartoons can be!
  • someone please call the cops

    the family is stupid GEORGE IS STUPID peppa is ANNOYING AND A BRAT WHO WHATS EVERYTHING DONE HER WAY AND STUPID ALSO plot 4.4 why the plot gets carried away alot comedy 0.1 wow whats so funny i want to laugh to i do not want to laugh at anything this show has to offier not once aND i meaN NOT ONCE HAVE I laugh at this show characters 1.0 awful just awful Lines 1.0 very stupid and not enjoyable words 4.1 ya i dont have to deal wITH that but GEORGE only knows how to say dinosaurs humor 0.0 the humor is lame and boring animation 7.7 it's OK leason 1.3 this show dosnt teach shit even hay look how nice parents are and how inresponsible they are
  • Awesome!

    This show rocks! I hate how people trash it for being a little a little kids show.
  • Peppa and George need to be sent to a special needs school.

    I hate this show.Everytime I see this I just wanna fall on the floor,Here are my opinion on Peppa and George

    First of all Peppa:The most brattiest child ever,Peppa always expects people to be nice to her and get everything her way all the time.She has to get some child disipline or she will grow up being a brat.

    And finally George:George is not too bratty or anything but he always says the same thing which is Dinosaur GRRRRRRRR and everyone acuaclly know what he is trying to say.George really needs a speech threpist.

    Mummy pig and Daddy pig go too easy on Peppa and George plus I cant belive this show is still making more episodes.And I have a perfect oompa loompa song for her.

    Who do you thank when your pig is a...BRAT

    Pampered and spoiled like a siasmese...CAT

    Blaming Peppa is a lie and a....SHAME

    You know exactly who will be blamed!

  • Where's my giant oven?

    What a pile of trash.

    Plot: Peppa lives in the fields along with her family. Uggh. No plot is needed to explain, let's just say Peppa is a spoiled pig and George is an unteachable kid.

    Characters: Dumbfounded and absentminded at all times! George only says "dinosaur" and nothing else. Peppa is the one that I would like to cage in my own large oven. She's a bratty pig that thinks she can get anything she wants. Her mom and dad, lets her play in the mud. WTF? The other animals are bearable and okay, and sadly the best character in this crap pile is the narrator itself! Voice acting for Peppa and George are poor, while the others are okay.

    Education value: Spending time with your family, yes, a good thing. Being spoiled and bratty at all times, being allowed to play in the dirty mud, I say hell to the no!

    Art: Simplistic good art. Animation is average.

    Overall: 1. That brat is very spoiled.
  • WORST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bacon, anyone?

    Collecting from my memory, Peppa Pig was one of the worst children's shows ever--Peppa, as I can remember, was one of the brattiest children ever spawned, next to Cailou. The neighbors somehow psychologically bug me too--maybe it's because of the fact that they're never around? I don't know...anyway, the animation looks stiff, and they don't even look like pigs. I don't know, it just rubs me the wrong way that the parents don't even sound like they care about the discipline of their child, as in letting her watch TV past her bedtime or eating snacks before dinner or letting her skip her homework.

    ...anyway, it's been a long day.
  • It's urmmm.... okay

    I think that it is incredibly cute, although it is mindless, the characters, especially Peppa, are so obnoxious, geeeezzz....
  • Children's TV that targets emotional wellbeing for children and adults alike.

    If you want a great family pick me up and have younger children Peppa Pig is the way to go. Much more sophisticated than American style spoon feeding ideals into children Peppa Pig highlights the need for coping with everyday problems with a laugh. It's approach is of a level playing field between children and adults where much is to be learned from each member of the family - from Grandpa Pig's competetive streak to Papa Pig's DIY incompetence as well as conflict resolution between children. The hilarious snorts of Peppa and her family can be mimicked taking the joy of giggling over the little things in life and enjoying the finer moments of early childhood - for example "jumping in muddy puddles".

    Clearly, it isn't aimed at teenagers who's egocentric view on life will simply fail to understand, but pick yourself a 5 year old and giggle away at the antics of Peppa Pig's family. Ho Ho Ho "Oink" ho ho ho ho.
  • Peppa Pig helps us laugh about parenting

    I can honestly say that Peppa Pig - and the likes of Daddy Pig - has actually helped me and my husband laugh about the everyday (and I guess, petty) negotiations of parenthood. My husband fully accepts he is just as silly as Daddy Pig - 'I'm perfectly capable of reading a map'....'Oh, it's upside down' (says Mummy Pig) and the fact that it's the females that sort everything out. So all the giggles are really for the parents. I know lot's of mums who call their other halves 'Daddy Pig' when he's being daft and causing some kind of mishap - and I guess that kinda eases the domestic tension. The kids love it too and it's an easy and safe telly choice.
  • I want to turn these pigs into bacon

    Peppa Pig is another one of those kids shows that tries to educate kids, but ends up lowering their IQ's down 50 points. The show is about a girl named Peppa Pig, and her adventures with her family and friends. Innocent enough looking premise, but the show has a dark side to it underneath it. The show tries to be educational, but the only things it teaches is bad manners that parents would frown down upon. One such lesson is Peppa and her friends being allowed to play in the mud, and another is the parents allowing Peppa to stay up and watch TV past their bed times. If I did that as a kid, I would be grounded or sent to my room for a while. It teaches kids the wrong things, and a show that does that should never have been allowed to air. The characters are all annoying and very moronic. Peppa is annoying and obnoxious. Peppa's parents are brain dead morons who don't know how to discipline their children. George, Peppa's brother, is by far the worst character on this show. He is obsessed with dinosaurs and always has them on his mind. If he is asked a question he answers dinosaurs. He is very annoying, and someone needs to send him to a mental institute to fix his dinosaur obsession. The artwork is terrible. The characters are oddly designed, nothing is detailed, and the set designs look awful. The animation is awful. There is very little movement to the characters, and they move very stiff. At least this show doesn't have the breaking the 4th wall thing like in most kids shows, but that's not saying much. Unless you want your child to be turned into a person with bad manners and thinking of dinosaurs all the time keep the kids away from this, and put on Sesame Street instead.
  • A terrible show that is absolute GARBAGE! I'd score It 0.0 but this site doesn't allow this anymore so I'll Just leave it as it is!

    Every time I go to sit down and watch the tv after school, every once in a while this show is on!
    It is garbage! I don't even know why it's on. Maybe it's on for the little kids which is good, but for us it's change the channel as soon as we see it! It is a stupid story about a pig and her family! YUK! I can't stand shows like this! Even toddlers wouldn't consider watching this! PATHETIC!
  • Why does this show even excist?

    Well,This show is very terrible.One time,there was this artist at this thing they are having and when Peppa's younger brother aske's for a dinosaur face paint she askes "How about a tiger instead?I can do tigers".I just can't believe that someone would hire a face painter like this one.Who would even hire a artist like that?No one could hire a face painter like that.It would be really horrible with a face painter like that.In fact,who would even make this show?It's very a horrible idea to make this show and it is one of the worst childish shows ever made too.
  • puuurfect

    does anybody who comments on this show actually have a toddler? its hard to comment from a parents point of view if you dont.. or are you reviewing from an adults point of view because the show is not aimed at adults...

    mother of a 24mth old that loooves peppa pig
    (and i dont sit her in front of the telly all day)

    does anybody who comments on this show actually have a toddler? its hard to comment from a parents point of view if you dont.. or are you reviewing from an adults point of view because the show is not aimed at adults...

    mother of a 24mth old that loooves peppa pig
    (and i dont sit her in front of the telly all day
  • How is this helping kids?

    I mean seriously Why would anyone let ther kids watch this show? In about all the episodes Peppa and her mentally challenged brother george allways run around and do things they shouldent do.
    1. Play in the mud. I understand they are pigs but in the real world if you play in the mud your parents will yell at you to not play in the mud like in the cartoon. So what kind of lesson is that?
    2. In one episode their perents let them watch television even when its way after their bedtime. So in real life if you ask your perents to watch TV they will let you?
    And also George is to obsessed with dinosaurs If someone says a question to him he is always going to answer "Dinosaur" It gets really annoying!
    My final thoughts: You should let your kids watch arthur instead. That has somthing educational to it.
  • I guess the creators think crappily animated pigs snorting for eleven minutes is a good-good for growing children.

    Nothing is good about this family of PIGS. They are not role models. Peppa: "Let's go play in the mud! And later we can make crank calls and eat human flesh!" I think thats a basic line you'll here in the show. The mother works at home on the computer isn't that nice? She probally sells stuff she stole from Target on ebay for a living. The father however makes Homer Simpson look like a good father. It's called a shave Papa Pig or whatever your called. But honestly, the TV shouldn't raise children it should entertain them. If your looking for a good Y-rated program watch SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Children shows isn't trying anymore......

    I don't hate this show I just don't like it and childish too watch too.

    Okay Okay I'm serious this children' show stink like what? this show is also stupid.. ok let's talk about the plot, It's all about a stick piglet (i write the word "stick" because of the drawing of the legs) named Peppa, who loves too adventure together with his weird animal friends.

    This show, it lowers children' IQ and rotten children' minds. Tie up with the children' show named "Bo on the Go". Now with the scores.

    Nice though.

    It has a very neat animation.

    Hmmm.... good in my opinion.

    Educational Value:
    There's nothing educational in this show, although I don't have any argument of it.


    Overall: 2.0
    This show is just disappointing for little kids for this.
  • Umm....... No.

    My 25th review after "Foster's home for Imaginary Friends".

    This is a terrbile show!!!!! Why is cartoon network starting to allow toddler shows on their channel?! Can this get any Worse?!?!??!?! And Yes, I agree with you, Yoshi34, This show is Terrbile!!!!!! The Animnation's Abysmal! Everything about it stinks! I hate this more then "Catscratch".
    This show is gonna get an F. Here the results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 1.0/10.0 Too Babish! I rather get my ears deaf by hearing a nail screeching on a chalkboard.

    Animation: F-- 0.8/10.0 Worse then the Voice-acting! This show has Hideoulus Bright Colors!

    Grapihcs: F-- 0.8/10.0 AAAHHH!!!! My eyes!!! It Bleeds!!! It sucks Piggy butt!!!!

    Eductional Value: F-- 1.0/10.0 There are NO good Eductional systems in this show at ALL. This teaches kids how to get dirty, break eletroincs and lead mud all over the house.

    Sound: F- 2.0/10.0 Terrbile!!!!!! My ears hurt soooooooooo BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dialouge: F-- 1.6/10.0 Abysmal. Aviod this at all costs.

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.2/10.0 There's no chance of a Lasting Appeal because this show stinks.

    Overall: F 2.6/10.0 A horrbile toddler show on cartoon network. Cartoon Network has to remove all the toddler shows, Expect for "The Land before time". Cartoon Network is really going to get ready to move to Heck soon, because they have terrbile shows, Which easily makes Cartoon network, the Worst Cartoon channel of all time. Start bringing back the classics as well!!!!!!!!!
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