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  • Awesome Sauce

    this is hilarious for a little kids show the art is super cute too
  • george putting a gun to his

    what are we teaching kids these days put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. Great education to children NOT.

    In America where gun are so easy to have and get. I am sure you would let your eight year old child get a gun to his head. GREAT .

    George has done it. He is their role model so why can we allow and eight year old child to put a gun to his head. REAL COMMONSENSE NOT....









  • peppa is nerppa

    shit i hate this don;t even deserve a 1 0.9

  • Oh my god

    Well I used to watch this show until I was thinking,what the hell encouraged me to watch this

    like once in primary school in p6 I told Craig that I watched peppa pig and he made fun of me for it I was ready to punch him.... so now it's babyish
  • Horrible

    Peppa is tooo spoiled . she always gets what she wants. also george is rude and always want cake.

    this show is amazing i love it and so does my 2 year old baby brother he chuckeles away like mad its so good its so like watching a family but there are pigs hahahahahahahahahah LOL :-)


    Incredible show for kids and parents! We all LOVE IT! My son especially - who is 3, laughs hysterically :)

    Exceptionally funny with loveable characters combined with artful animation... seriously who could not simply adore this wonderful show?!

    Ten stars!

  • No words anymore

    This show is just plain bad. First of all is the animating. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!? It is like watching a 4 year old drawing and painting it! Next is that they make the adults so freaking stupid. They the children idiots and make the little kids cry over nothing. Like eating vegtables! Also its has the worst story plots ever. You always know that it is lauging and falling on the ground. They even let the kids disrespect the adults like calling mommy and daddy pig fat. They also are super rude. I just want to grab peppas face and burn it into a incineratior untill she cries and dies in hell. She it the bitch of the show she makes fun of her brother. AND the biggest hypricrate in the world. She says to not to do this and she does it. She is a follower and the worst person is not even saying words correctly like airplane. They are saying it WRONG they say areoplane WTF?!?!??!?? DONT WHATCH OR LET YOUR KIDS WHATCH THIS SHOW AND MAKE IT SO THEY CANCEL THE SHOW!
  • Horrific


    Let me firstly say sorry. Sorry to the people I was calling bad parents. What a fool I have been.

    As you can see if you scroll down enough, I posed my initial review on Sept 1st 2014. Since then I have (thanks to my son) seen every single episode at least 20 times. I know all the words, the story etc. I can now say that this programme is the most irritating once I've seen for a long time.

    I'm not going to bash the messages it sends kids, I stand by the fact it is a kids show and I'm not going to critique the computer crashing episode. But as an adult watching it, it is truly awful.

    Miss Rabbit and George have to be the most blood boiling characters in animation history.

    Miss Rabbit, yeah I get the hilarious joke, she does all the jobs. But it wears thin after 5 minutes and hearing her grating, condescending voice is torturous.

    She made a few appearances in the first season, only a few words, then I assume the voice actress slept with the producer because in season 2+ she is everywhere, spouting "funny" lines and doing everyone's job. The episode S04E20 - Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue, highlights how irritating and rage inducing her character is.

    Then we move onto George. The idea of a little, cuddly 18 month old piggy should be cute, but his constant crying over NOTHING and then immediately getting over it, infuriates. Have the writers ever had children? If my 2 year old cried because he couldn't so something, me saying "It's ok George, you can do it later" would not result in a laugh.

    Also, for an 18 month old, he is incredibly smart. I say 18 months, episode S02E26 - George's Birthday clearly shows his 2nd birthday. So all his adventures prior to this episode he was less than 2 years old. He can paint, sing, dance, work complicating things and dress himself. Not to mention the full comprehension of the English language.

    The more episodes I see, the more hate I have for it.
  • Peppa Pig, More Like George The Wimp. (More of a rant on George than the show)

    Right, starting off, I used to love this show when I was little. Now, watching it again, is another story...

    The characters are alright.

    But the character who really annoys me to heck is George, Peppa's 2 year old brother. He says simple Words like Dinosaur, No, Why? Etc. but worse than that, he cries disterbingly and has a temper over the things you do not see toddlers fussing about. In the episode "Daddy's Movie Camera", he wines at HIMSELF and thought it was a dinosaur. George is just a coward and a wimp, i think he even got his own way and had a big fuss in one episode. Well, it gets even worse, He is scared of dinosaurs! so why does he have a green dinosaur toy? well, the little fool broke it in George's New Dinosaur. and what was george like? he cried (he deserved it) and got an electric one that roared. Even cried over having vegetables, he cried when he got dirty, he cried when he dropped his ice lolly (he deserved that one), he cried when there was no sand and he cried/OH ITS TOO MUCH! No wonder why Peppa Pig fans like him the most, they mimic him and cry when they want their own way. On YouTube, theres a video of every single time George (and other toddlers) fuss in the show until around half of season 4. its called All instances when George Cries.

    Peppa is also a bossy boots and a showoff and is really mean to George (the reason why George cried in the first place). Like the time Peppa and Susy would not allow George and Richard in her room, and guess what happened, the toddlers cried.

    Peppa calls Daddy Pig fat

    The animation is cheap and looks like it had been made in MS Paint.

    The voice acting is below average. George is once again the worst for this bit.

    The pilots are usually the same. Just jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

    The endings are always the same. Which is everyone falling on their backs and laughing.

    Overall, it would have been good if it weren't for George wimpy Pig. He is the one making the younger viewers like this show. Do not let your kids see this, and watch the grand old classics instead (any show from your childhood) and ban the show from your own household! The show gets a 1 out of 10 with the title of Total Crap!
  • peppa pig puts a p_nis-shaped stain in the face of children shows

    peppa calls her mom old and dad fat, george cries every episode for no good reason, and the animaters reuse the cry sound, and george has a demonic smile.

    search the link to see his smile.

    also peppa is a whiney puke who always gets her way and steals toys from george and kicks him out of his own room.
  • twisted NOSES

    those twisted noses look so FREAKING STUPID

    This show breaks the 4th wall like crazy!! The show is JUST WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS! First off the theme song is LAZY AS A ROCK IN A VALCANO! The theme song is crappy because it's used SO MANY TIMES!! It's just SHOWING THE CHARATHERS!! Then Peppa or the family do something. Then George cries. ARE YOU SERIOUS HE CRIES ALMOST IN EVERY EPISODE! HE EVEN CRIED WHEN HE TRIED VECEABLES!! WOW WHAT A KID! Then random stuff happens and it's BORING!! Then the animation. THE ANIMATION LOOKS LIKE A FORD PINTO DREW IT! Next the characters. MOMMY AND DADDY PIG ARE REALLY ANNOYING!! PEPPA IS A SHOW OFF AND SOMETIMES RUDE! GEORGE ISN'T BRAVE AT ALL AND CRIES ALOT FOR NO REASON WHAT SO EVER!! Peppa and the family do is jump in muddy puddles. Then they laugh and fall down! WHY THE HECK DO THEY DO THAT! NO CLUE AT ALL!! This show doesn't teach kids anything! This show is rated 1/20 which is a piece of crap! And that's why this show stinks. I HOPE THIS GETS CANCLED SOON!
  • peppa pig soo handi cap in tha brain

    peppa pig soo dumb makes no sence at all evrything she does makes no sence att all. i watched an eppisode and she was driving on a down scale hill like nothing at all
  • More like Peppa Piss!

    Because the show sucks! The pigs in the show look more like p*nises.
  • I've seen better.... WAY better!

    It bothers me a bit that people who rate the show a 10 naturally assume that those who low rate it haven't actually watched it. Perhaps I'm not as avant-garde as these viewers but I've seen the show more than once and don't like it for a few reasons:

    1) The darn snorting gets on my nerves - some may find it endearing, but I just find it annoying.

    2) The father is there more for comic relief than a parent - humor is great but a better message would be treating a parent with respect instead of a laughing stock.

    3) Peppa seems to constantly find things "boring". I have enough problems with my own children saying this without it being reinforced by this show.

    4) Enough with joking about the father being fat. Overweight kids have enough to deal with without this show sending the message that laughing at them because of their weight is okay.

    5) People have mentioned educational value, but if so it must be subtle. Compared to shows like Dora, Bubble Guppies, Blues Clues, and Umi Zoomi this show scores close to a zero.

    While everything I find about the show is more annoying than actually bad, still, if I never see the show again I believe my life would be just a little bit more pleasant and my 5 year old son certainly won't be missing out on anything. For educational value there's the shows I've listed above among others and for humor there's a huge selection that don't come with the snorting and inane laughter.
  • peppa pig

    This show is adorable, funny and educational all at the same time. For the parents who do not like it, they have not taken the time to watch it with their children.
  • UPDATE (September 17, 2014): I hope a pack of wolves eat the living crap out of these pigs.

    Oh goody, another review update from me. Looking back at this show, all I can say is, my god, this is almost as annoying as Ni Hao Kai Lan. Heck, this may be much worse than Kai Lan and Breadwinners combined. I mean, the art design is the ABSOLUTE worst I've ever seen. This makes Breadwinners look like a masterpiece. I'm dead serious, the art design is so undetailed and flat out LAZY that even kids could find this hard to look at and not frown upon. Also, they didn't bother hiring any American voice actors to dub the TV show to have American English, making some words very hard to interpret at times. I understand this is show is from a British company, but how cheap are these bungholes?! Another reason why this show sucks is that George and his brat friends (or the younger kids who rank up with his age) won't freaking shut up and stop crying, which is the main reason this show is so annoying! Just one second of them crying will just cause the worst migraines you'll ever have. It's just too high pitched and cringe-worthy. Oh, with the title, they later introduced a wolf family, so it's like this show is mocking me. You expect them to eat those aggravating little pigs, but no, screw the circle of life, they don't eat them. WHY?! I'm starting to feel this show is made against me. Oh, I also know some of you dodos on the internet will be thinking, "Duh, it's for It's for kids is no excuse for this show being crap. I mean, go look at Disney/Pixar movies. They're perfect examples for kids movies that adults/teenagers also like watching. This show is just an unholy mother of garbage.
  • Horrible

    I hate this show so much. It is so bad that it makes all of the other shows on nick jr good.
  • so, the kid pigs like to call their dad, fat?

    it may b true, but how and why would they let their kids tell them that. they may be pigs, but real kids are watching this show! what do you learn from it anyway? in the end they all fall over laughing at something that isnt even funny. like in the episode where it was peppas bday, she woke up @ 5 in the morning and woke up her parents. a few minutes later the party started. HAVING A PARTY @ 5 IN MORNING! cmon, u can do better than this; when i was little i loved dora, wow wow wubbzy, and max and ruby. the only reason i know of peppa pig is because my 5 year old brother watches this... but please!!! find something education for kids 2 watch!!
  • Would anyone like some bacon?

    How is this show educational? They just tell kids you should disrespect your parents, kinda like Caillou.

    The characters are actually brain dead morons who can't do stuff that seem so simple. They're annoying too, like in one episode Peppa was messing with her mom's computer on purpose. She kept smashing the keys, suddenly making the computer crash. If I were Peppa's mom, I would ground her for an hour, give her a time-out, or send her to her bedroom.

    George is really annoying, too. When someone asks him a question, all he says is "dinosaurs!". What's so special about them anyways? They are extinct for Pete's sakes! Even George cries for really foolish reasons.

    The dad gets embarrassed for stupid reasons, like buying a chocolate cake in one episode when it wasn't on the shopping list. Listen, I wouldn't be THAT embarrassed.

    The kids call Daddy Pig fat. Wow, that is VERY rude. I think kids are gonna mock them and call big people fat. Thanks a lot creators.

    The kids even stay up late or wake up really early in the morning. Like in that one episode where Grandpa Pig and Grandma Pig babysits, Peppa and George are allowed to stay up and watch TV. Wow, why didn't they even bother to ban that episode? Why didn't this cartoon get complaints from parents?

    The humor doesn't make sense at all, I mean, at the end of every episode, everybody is on the floor laughing for a stupid reason.

    The artwork looks like a preschooler drew it, storyline is dumb, episodes are BOOOOOORING, and the voice acting is terrible.

    I wish I can turn these pigs into bacon if they were real. Then I'd give them to the poor, hungry people.

    My grade: F-
  • Good For Adults, Bad for Kids

    I was watching this show recently with my 3 year old daughter, and I do not think that this show has the right influence on her. Yes, they do have small hints of humor, but they are things that only teens/adults would understand. But I've noticed that in the show, Peppa and her friends tend to behave very badly, and they are never really punished for it. If they were scolded by their parents, or at least learned their lessons by the end, then maybe I would be fine with it. But the parents usually just either go along with the children, or dismiss it and let the kids do whatever. I've also noticed some characters mention the word "stupid" and the characters sometimes treat their friends unfairly. On top of that, recently my daughter has been getting influenced by George. She "cries" (I can obviously tell it is a fake cry) whenever she doesn't get what she wants, and I'm afraid that Peppas unfair treatment to others will someday rub off on her. Peppa is someone who will not take it if something doesn't go her way, and I don't want my daughter to turn into that. I've begun to hold off on the peppa pig, and mainly just been letting her watch shows such as Bubble Guppies, which she has learned a whole lot from.

    This show is fun for adults, but I do not recommend this for kids.
  • What ever happened to kids shows?

    Kids shows back n the 90s and even the early 2000s used to be the bomb. now, they're a bunch of garbage that should be canceled after the first season. but for peppa pig, it should have gotten cancelled after the first episode. peppa is a bratty pig who is a terrible role model, and george has issues with communicating. and their parents do NOTHING to fix it. and the animation SUCKS!!!!!! it probably took them 5 minutes to draw the characters. nick jr has some ok shows, but this one is by far the worst
  • Worst show on Nick Jr.

    This show is simply horrible in every imaginable way, yet Nick Jr. has recently decided to air this show at least ten times a day. Their heads look like a referee's whistle, so it looks like it was drawn by a three year old. The show is completely unimaginative. How many episodes does Peppa and her family enjoy jumping in muddy puddles? I've lost count. Even Yo-Gabba-Gabba has a better educational value than this show does. Now I completely understand that this is a children't program, I get that, but my children even hate this show. There really is NOTHING redeeming about this show. It is truly horrible.
  • Many Reviewers Can Be (and in This Case, Are) Wrong

    come on here and be a troll about a show that you can't begin to understand? Like another reviewer said, do you people have kids? If not, why are you reviewing the show, other than to be a troll?

    This show appeals to both of my older kids (5 and 2) and contrary to what many of the genius reviewers on here say, their IQs have not been reduced by 50 points or to 0. Incidentally, IQ doesn't work that way. Oh, and also incidentally, my 5-year old reads and does math at a Grade 4 level.

    My wife and I also enjoy each new episode we watch. They're full of running gags and in-jokes that the adults will love, too (try The Pet Competition, The Secret Club, and The Noisy Night for a few laughs).

    Let's look at one of the brilliant other reviews: "Back in the 1990's we got some awesome kid shows, for example: Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob Squarepants". Okay, if you find SpongeBob awesome in any way, shape, or form, you become instantly relegated to troll status. Moron. If you enjoy this sort of tripe, leave Peppa Pig alone for the people who are intelligent and are raising kids to be productive members of society.
  • Who wants some bacon?

    This show honestly sucks a whole bunch. I mean, who would want to watch this? *sigh* If these pigs were real, I would sneak into their home when they're asleep, and cook them into bacon at a bacon restaurant. Honestly, why are kid shows so horrible? Back in the 1990's we got some awesome kid shows, for example: Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob Squarepants, Dexter's Lab, and a couple more of these memorable classics. Then it's the 2000's, and we're beginning to get crap such as Dora The Explorer, This, Go Deigo Go, and a couple more of these horrible abominations. Today, TV is now full of crap, even SpongeBob is bad. And the only good kid shows left are MLP:FiM and actually, MLP:FiM is pretty much it. Every other new show I like now is adult shows. And my parents never let me play in the mud or stay up way past my bedtime. This show does nothing but teach kids to be ***s and lower their IQ levels down to 0. Honestly, what is wrong with the world today? So, all in all, this show gets NO stars. This show fails. Please do not watch this show in front of your children!
  • People need to be REALISTIC!!!

    This show is about a real family environment whoever thinks their child isn't in some way like peppa and George is deluded!! Every child goes through a bratty stage, and expects things to go their way and when children do first talk they do say only a few words!!! Children are fussy with food and expect story after story at bedtime and mummy and daddy pig are very much how most parents are!! Stressed and laugh at the silly day to day things that go wrong or silly things children do!! As for playing in the mud every child likes splashing in puddles with wellies!! It's a funny show that children and adults can relate to at times!! Other shows I won't mention are unrealistic with thin adults and perfect children who can figure out world peace... Peppa pig is a normal family with normal house and normal life!!! We don't all have a room each for our kids and they share a lot of things!!

    All in all I think people read too much into it!!
  • ThIs ShOw Is GaY

    ThIs ShOw Is FoR ***S aNd DuMb PeOpLe AlIkE. mY rEgArDs
  • Horrible! This is just what i saw....

    the mom pig and the grandpa pig were in the three chickens were coming out and he said "look its Tom DIck and Harry!" (there was a brown one, white one and black one) she said " no thats Vanessa, Sarah and Jamima". i couldnt believe my ears! a little racist are we????
  • Perfect for 2 year olds!!

    Peppa pig develops the child watching it by using a range of animal characters to explain the roles of everyday life in a light hearted way for young pre-schoolers to identify with.

    With the narrator explaining everything clearly to a 2 year olds understanding - they get to identify with the characters of Peppa pig doing the simple tasks that themselves as children would go through going to school, or bathtime or looking at the stars or seasons or playing together.

    It is important to teach the children about these simple understandings of the world that maybe us as adults have forgotten because we are so used to it we take it for granted!

    People should look at the world through the eyes of a toddler and try to understand whether watching a show like peppa pig might help them understand more clearly the everyday world that surrounds them, Instead of instantly rejecting it and hating it!

    This show is very educational to a pre-schooler child who is finding out about things for the first time in their lives. I recommend it to every child - both of mine have been bought up on it and I really felt watching it helped them understand and relate to what they go through themselves as children.

    In my opinion it is actually the best show for pre-schooler level. It is relevant to their age and emotional development and it is not as dull and drilling into an adults skull as other pre school cartoons can be!
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