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  • Season 5
    • The Finale
      The Finale
      Episode 13
      The Finale is 15 years into the future and Pepper Ann has to go to the Hazelnut middle school reunion to open the school's time capsule, where she meets Nicky and Milo and they share a little bond. Then Pepper Ann remembers what she put in the Time Capsule. A nasty letter saying a bunch of hateful words about the school! That wont stop the mirror from letting her reflection show. How can she get out of this?moreless
    • The Word / The Perfect Couple
      The Word
      Pepper Ann finds the word "Frasny" written on the wall of the girl's bathroom. She wants to find out what it means so she starts using it in conversation. But instead she introduces the word to the rest of Hazelnut Middle School.

      The Perfect Couple
      Pepper Ann thinks that Nicky and Stewart are the perfect couple so she throws them a party. But when they are there they are fighting constantly and decide to break up. When Pepper Ann tells them what they have together, they begin to reconsider.moreless
    • Unhappy Campers / The Search for Pepper Ann Pearson
      Unhappy Campers
      Pepper Ann, Milo and Nicky get caught misbehaving at school. They then have to spend time camping and learning how to survive as a team in the wilderness. However, it's not that simple.

      The Search for Pepper Ann Pearson
      Pepper Ann escapes from Dettention because of the "Spring Fever" and falls into the Chess Club. She beats the Chess geek at it, and he calls for a rematch.moreless

    • Zen and the Art of Milo
      Milo get's accepted into the Zen Academy. At first he is happy about this, but he misses his friends at Hazelnut Middle School.
    • Moose in Love / Two's Company
      Moose in Love
      Moose has a boyfriend that Lydia doesn't like because he is the son of her rival Margot LeSandre. Moose asks Pepper Ann to help them meet in secret. But eventually it turns out that Margot and Lydia's falling out was a misunderstanding. Lydia had asked Margot for directions in her deaf ear!

      Two's Company
      Milo and Nicky get dumped by Gwen and Stewart. Pepper Ann decides that if everyone thinks that Milo and Nicky are a couple, Gwen and Stewart will get jealous and want them back. Milo and Nicky begin to spend a lot of time together without Pepper Ann and, although they learn a lot more about each other, Pepper Ann wants them all to be just friends again.moreless

    • Dear Debby / Too Cool to Be Mom
      Dear Debby
      Pepper Ann is reading the "Dear Debby" advice column in the newspaper and finds a letter from someone named Janie complaining that her husband and son don't spend much time with her. Pepper Ann thinks it's from her Aunt Janie and decides to spend time with her to make her feel special.

      Too Cool to be Mom
      Pepper Ann meet's Constance's "cool" mother Denise at school. It makes Pepper Ann realise that Lydia isn't all that cool and decides to change her. Lydia goes along with Pepper Ann's suggestions because it means that the two get to spend more time together. But Pepper Ann realises that sometimes being a mother is more important that having people think you're cool.moreless

    • Spice of Life / T.G.I.F
      Spice Of Life
      Pepper Ann doesn't like Old Lady Gruber and hardly ever has anything nice to say about her. But when she dies she finds out that she was Vera's mother. Vera tells Pepper Ann that Old Lady Gruber actually admired Pepper Ann and asks her to say something at her funeral. However, Pepper Ann doesn't know what to say about her that won't sound hypocritical.

      Pepper Ann hasn't studied for her history test so she pretends to be sick. Lydia lets her stay at home and Pepper Ann has a good time just goofing off. However, when she wakes up the next day, it's still Friday. For a while Pepper Ann loves the fact that she can do what she wants with no long term consequences. But she soon becomes bored and realises that she has to take the test in order to progress.moreless

    • A Is for Average / Alice Kane Went Down To Calcutta
      A is for Average
      Pepper Ann is browsing through a magazine when she comes across an I.Q. test. She takes it and is disappointed to find out that her I.Q. is just average. She thinks that this means that she can do nothing that is above average and it is up to her friends to restore her self esteem.

      Alice Kane Went Down To Calcutta
      Alice Kane announces that she is moving to Calcutta and that she wants to make up with Pepper Ann before she goes. Pepper Ann thinks that it is all a big set up and is wary of the consequences of being friendly towards Alice.moreless

    • The Merry Lives of Pepper Ann
      Pepper Ann stumbles across a Renaissance Fair and likes the atmosphere there. She starts going every day as her invented character. But as the character grows, her life in the real world is suffering.
    • Complementary Colors
      No-one really takes the role of class president seriously so Principal Hickey has a senator talk to them about politics in the hope that they will be inspired. It works for Pepper Ann who stands for office, but when her arch rival Alice Kane stands against her, they both start false rumours about the other.moreless
    • Carmello / Strike It or Not
      Pepper Ann asks if she can take the frog they have to dissect home for the weekend to study it. However, she names it Carmello and becomes attatched to it and decides that she couldn't bring herself to dissect it.

      Strike it or Not
      Pepper Ann thinks that the teachers at Hazelnut Middle School are just being greedy when they strike for better salaries and better conditions. However, when she hears that programmes like soccer may be cut, she joins in with them and learns more about them.moreless

    • Forging Ahead / Reality Bytes
      Forging Ahead
      Pepper Ann decides to get her ears pierced but when she asks Lydia to sign a consent form she refuses. Pepper Ann forges her signature and does it anyway.

      Reality Bytes
      Pepper Ann has to research for a history project over spring break. But she soon becomes addicted to the computer. Milo and Nicky are worried as she shows no signs of getting off the computer or finishing her project.moreless

    • The One with Mr. Reason / Sense and Senselessness
      The One With Mr. Reason
      Pepper Ann has heard stories about Mr. Reason the wood shop teacher. She is upset that she has to take his class and starts petitioning for the class to be dropped. But Mr. Reason turns out to be a good teacher and Pepper Ann regrets her haste.

      Sense and Senselessness
      Pepper Ann goes on a date with three very different guys as the Spring Fling dance draws closer. She starts to consult a book called Men Are Like Cars, Women Are Like Tennis to find out how to act and what to do. But it all backfires and she ends up being dumped by all three.moreless

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