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  • The only thing really liked about this show was its theme song

    I gave this show a chance and I just couldn't get into it. I hardly remember anything about it except for that utterly awesome theme song. I barely got a laugh at it except for how unfunny and dull it was for me. Still I've seen far worse shows and this didn't offend or upset me so I can't really trash it.
  • "She's Like One in a Million" ... This show deserved a longer life than it had.

    This show WAS one in a million. I watched this show on Disney's OSM when I was a little kid. Even now, all those years later, it's still as good, possibly even better because I understand it now lol. This show deserved WAY more than the 65 episodes it got, I bet it could have went at least 3 more years, probably more than that. Unlike the garbage Disney is airing now a days, kids were able to relate to someone like Pepper Ann. Now tell me, how are they able to relate to a teenage pop-star who's really just a normal kid?? I still can't figure that out.


    Pepper Ann was a great, one-of-a-kind show. Though they've come close Disney hasn't been able to top it yet, not in 16 years. It needs to come back on, along with the other OSM shows, or maybe a DVD release.
  • This Show is REALLY funny

    i love this show i watched since i was little and i still love it to bad it doesnt come any more but i go to the library and get a video there about pepper ann i really love pepperann.YOU Rock pepper ann!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !$ $ $ $ Who ever likes pepper ann agree with this message who doesnt agree with me then put disagree with this message
  • 12 year old Pepper Ann Pearson is a freaky 7th grader who is too cool for school.

    This was a good show that told the story of 12 year old Pepper Ann Pearson. This show used to air on ABC, and then Toon Disney. Unfortunately, in November 2004 it vanished off the networks for good. I want this show to be brought back because I never got to see most of the show and I don`t want to live my life with Pepper Ann gone forever,and I want it to shown back on Toon Disney to. If you look closely in the House of Mouse episoide The Stolen Cartoons Pepper Ann is in that episoide with her mom. I really hope this show is back in business.
  • A wanna-bee, gotta-bee, and poser!

    Pepper-Ann is about a girl who wants to be cool, and will do anything to it. She has day dreams about an older guy, and tries to hang with the cool kids. Its not working, she tries to hard to impress anybody, and most of the time ruins it! If she accually tried to accept herreal life, and not try to but in, she would be much happier.
  • This is a lot more than just another "teen show"

    This show was down with moral values. Yeah, I know a lot of users tend to moan at the fact that a show is a little educational but I actually thought it motivated the series and made it stand out from the other teen shows. The cast of characters were interesting in their own way, plus they were actually REAL, which means that they don't try to impress the crowd or try to be freakin' popular like every other crappy teen drama cartoon show!
    Watch this show. It is funny and it ain't one of those "I want to be popular" wannabe teen crap!
  • The daily happenings to teenager PepperAnn and friends.

    This show is about the happenings of teenager PepperAnn and her friends. Haven't we seen enough shows having to do with teenagers and their 'issues'? Over the years of watching TV I've seen shows that can still pull off the teenage interest, and having to do with helping the teenager figure out it's ok to be themselves, make the right friends, etc, etc. But Pepper Ann is about the biggest snore fest, I've come upon in a long time. I remember when this show came out with other cartoon shows on ABC's One Saturday Morning, and even then it was one of my least favorite shows on the time slot.
  • Entertaining

    I just want to say that I was very young when I originally watched this show. I have little to no memory of what this series was. But, thanks to the miricle of Youtube, I can see Pepper Ann!

    Just the name of this girl is cool! I always thought that was a cool name, even when I was three. The show isn't great, but it's entertaining, and the theme song is by far the highlight of the whole series. That's actually all I remember from this show from when I was little, the theme song. The show itself is decent, I recommend it!
  • Nicky decides to live the life of a bad girl. Pepper ann is confused over the term "Support" in gym class and thinks that it means something else entirely.

    I thought it was funny how everytime nickay tried to break a rule it turned out that she wasn't breaking them. I liked the part when Pepper Ann is vizualzing Nicky at the race tracks and Nicky is shouting at the winning horse, i like how she says "I feel lucky"
    I loved "In Support of" how pepper ann got nervous and bummed about not having anyone to talk to. I felt the same way and totally sympathzized with her. My other fav part was when she began to daydream about bieng a "supported" crusader of justice. I absolutley loved it, in fact it gave me an idea for a fanfic.
  • Pepper Ann, an ordinary seventh grader with an overactive imagination.

    I used to watch this show on "One Saturday Morning" all the time when I was a little girl. Pepper Ann is so funny, especially when she always jumps to conclusions and gets into crazy situations. There are so many favorate episodes. Season One; Ziterella, The Big Pencil, Uniform Uniformity, Have You Ever Been Unsupervised, Nicky Gone Bad, and In Support Of. Season Two; Green-Eyed Monster, An Otterbiography, GreenSleeves, A 'Tween Halloween, Pepper Ann's Life in a Nutshell, The Sisterhood, and A No Hair Day. Season Three; You Oughta Be in Musicals, Dances with Ignorance, and Girl Power. Season Four; Live and Let Dye, My Mother Myself, Guess Who's Coming to the Theater, and The Way They Were. Season Five; Sense and Senselessness, and Too Cool to Be Mom. This show is the bomb!
  • Great show about the life of an adolescent.

    Pepper Ann was a great, funny and witty show about the amazing Pepper Ann Pearson and her equally brilliant friends Milo and Nicky. It was well written with lots of clever jokes and was easy to relate to as PA and friends struggled to cope with the pressures of school life and their quests to be cool. It had good moral storylines without seeming to be preachy. It got it's point across through humour, often at the mishaps of PA as she stumbled through life in the seventh grade. It's one of the best cartoons of it's type and time and they should write some more!
  • This is the best tv show in tv show history anyone would watch it. It's totally awwwsome

    The people around the would have to bring this tv show back. Disney Channel should have a Disney Channel Time Machine.Its the best ever. Why wouldn't anyone not watch it. It's so cool and it excited me when I saw the first episode, Ziterella. When Pepper Ann had a zit that was embarassing to her. She was the best ever. Everyone would enjoy her. I hope they make a sequel. It was the biggest show in the 1990s era. The people even born in 1990 liked that show and Pepper Ann was a hit. Everyone liked it in ways.
  • Wow, I miss it. I can totally relate to the situations now-a-day. Pepper Ann is definitely a role-model and the show is surely a classic.

    I started watching this show at a very...very young age. Like about 5 or 6 on Saturday Morning Cartoons on ABC. I must say, between Disney's Doug and Recess, this has to be the best show on the block. Now, I find it difficult to recall the incidents she faced in her middle school years, but find it oh-so easy to compare the ones I remember. This show definitely changed my view on relationships and middle school life. I just wish I could remember most of them.

    They canceled the show once I got into middle school, I'll be mad if they put it back on air once I graduate. I guess my only wish is for there to be such a down to earth character in the future. (not like Hannah Montana or any of the Disney crap they have now) Either that, or for my children to enjoy such a character.
  • I used to Love this show!

    I loved it! It was great. Its never on anymore though. The themetune was greatt and so catchy! I love themetunes. Anyway, I dont really remember the charactors names except the main one - Pepper-Anne lol. I liked the mum she always went (Peppy!) and I liked the purple headed kid. He was dumb and really funny! The blonde friend I like aswell.
    This is such a Classic show! I forgot all about it but then my friend reminded me of it and I just thought that I had to review it! Great show! Great Show! Great Show! Great Show! Great Show!
  • its okay

    So, Pepper Ann is this old disney show about a 7th grade freak. This show is okay, but I LOVE the theme song(don't ask why because I have no its the sort of show you watch when nothing else is on. Its better than some of the new disney american dragon...but I wouldn't exactly say you should bring it back. overall, hmm...its an alright show.
  • This was a show ahead of its time and was taken off the air way too early! It was a grat show for boys and girls, not to mention that it had a great director!

    With 4 seasons of brilliant stories it was a shame Disney Television shelved it, but it is making a comeback...all hail Pepper Ann. Sue Rose and Natch and the writers crafted a well scripted series, and was directed by a director who brought a whole new direction to the series when he took the reins over in the 2,3 and 4th seasons. The show was also the first show to go all digital using the US Animation system. It was a grat success and was well received. Its too bad there were never any DVD's ever made, but now that its getting a new life maybe there will be a DVD collection to come out after all these years since it disappeared.
  • the COsmicly funny daily happenings of a teenage girl named pepper ann pearson and her best friends nicky always finding a conclusion to there problem.

    this is the best show i've ever seen in my whole life! i used to watch this when i was 10. although i might not remember anything from the seires, i never missed an episode... i loved the show but now i love it more than o used to! it would be great if they could just put all the disney shows back on air and replace the old crappy as crap shows! all in all this was a fabulous television show on Toon disney history! nex to that old classic pb&j otter. i wish it would still come on while it had the chance.
  • One of the few good shows Disney has been ever able to create.

    One of the last few cartoons of Disney creation that have been worth anything, PepperAnn was a humorous and off-beat cartoon that was definitely worth watching. Disney no longer seems to be capable of producing great cartoons like this, or when they do have something that would probably be as good they don't seem to realize it. Disney needs to look back on some of their best projects of the past and realize how there going downhill...
  • soo funny

    i liked everything about the show it was funny all the show!!! i really like the theme song!! pepper ann pepper much too coll for 7th grade catch her if u can peper ann she her own biggest fan pepper ann!!! man that song was off the chain!! i watched it every day after school and my brother use to tell me that he mae the show and i would get mad and tell him he didn't!!!!! after a while i started to believe him but that wasn't long maybe a couple of days! anyway disney always kicks off good shows weekenders,recess, proud family phil of the future, even stevens! come on what next the suite like of zack and cody!
  • I thought it was very funny

    Pepper Ann was very funny.Some of my favorite episodes was the garden episode. The road trip episode and when pepper ann meets her sort of twin.Pepper Ann would usually talk her imagination character. Them fighting is funny. Her mother was funny to, her little sister, and her two best frineds
  • Pepper Ann is awesome.

    Pepper Ann is just your normal 12 year old trying to hang out with normal friends. Unlike any other show, Pepper Ann deals with daily life and great morals, and she dosn't want to look fabulos like Totally Spies, Kim Possible, Winx Club and all the other shows in that category. Anyway this show rocks. Period.
  • Pepper-Ann was the cartoon Disney had in a long time!!! Can we at least get it on DVD?!

    It was modern & relatable while still being funny and filled with family values! I would get up early for class to watch it and stay up till all hours watching it on digital cable at all hours of the night! It had a diverse cast and real situations that made it a favorite in my house. Can we at least get the episodes that ran on DVD?!?!

    When I was younger, and Pepper Ann was still on Disney, I would watch it every night at 7 (the time it was on) and then it moved to toon disney and was on at 6 or 7 and I would get so mad because on Friday, they had a movie thing and Pepper Ann was no longer on that night. It's not fair that no station is playing it anymore! I feel hurt! Anyhow, I heard that Disney is thinking about releasing it on DVD! I hope they make the right choice.
  • I loved that show!

    I used to watch this show on a regular basis! I still watch the re-runs! And the characters were just lovable. I think my favortie was Milo because he was so zany. And who could forget his most memorable line: "Hate is such and ugly word. And so's moist, I mean think about: MOIST".

    I mean, the show is a classic that I absolutely love! And quite frankly it should be brought back!
  • Pepper Ann is an under-appreciated gem of a show that definitly dispenses with the usually Disney magic (if you know what I mean). For anybody who like something a little different but likes to keep it safe, Pepper Ann is greatly recommended.

    Pepper Ann follows the day-to-day exploits of one Pepper Ann (duh) and her friends and family. Pepper Ann definitely has a certain style to it that holds a lot of appeal for me. Pepper Anns wacky, sassy but always sensitive character endears her to practically everyone. Her friends, Milo and Nikki are equally unique. I hate to make this a philosophical or soci-political argument but Pepper Ann has a lot of those "thinking" moments, but always with a good dash of light hearted humor thrown in there. I found myself enjoying this show again years after I stopped watching it in Junior High.
  • Hilarious!

    Why hasn't Disney released this series on DVD?!
    With the rate they're going at with releasing their classic animated series on DVD, it looks as though we may have to wait quite a while until this gem is brought out.
    Ah well, we can only hope that our prayers are answered eventually...
  • I wish there was a possible 5,000,000,000,000/10.

    This show was above perfection. Hilarious. Clever. Great. You could watch an all day marathon and never get tired of watching it. It was so well written. Pepper Ann was the coolest character Disney\'s never come up with! I love this show. Its a shame it no longer airs, as if it was, I\'d be able to watch more episodes, and record them. Does anyone have the complete series? Or any episodes period?
  • It's cool!!! I love it! Now that I'm older I wish I had recorded it.

    I am in 7th grade now and I sure do wish I had of recorded it. I remember a little of it from when I was 5-8. I watched it until they cancelled it. I reviewed it loved it it was my favorite. The day it was cancelled I came home from school and tuned to UPN then they cancelled it. So then I started watching it on toon disney. Now it's cancelled for good. :( I am going to e-mail them to ask to "Bring It Back"
  • Pepper Ann is a freaky 12 year old who's slicker than grease in this hilarious cartoon where she's on a neverending quest tobe cool! With her 2 good friends Nicky and Milo, they can conquer anything! Except fiding a way to get Craig Bean or Qwen Mezzrow t

    Needs to be back on toon disney! Was very underrated and a great show. I have seen every episod and they are all GOLD! I wish so much that they would bring it back! I would eat five glasses of bug guts to make my dream come true! Yeah,that bad!
  • Original late '90s Disney animated humor.

    I remember watching this show back on ABC's 'One Saturday Morning’; hopefully some of you guys remember that, too. It was quite original and although it didn't have any adult humor or hidden messages, it was entertaining and funny at times. I still always say "I feel...naked." when I'm missing a hat or some other thing I had been wearing, in reference to Milo's quote when Pepper Ann, or P.A., as he called her was going out with him (I think) and she wore his hat. I recommend this show who wants to see some late '90s cartoons, along with many others (for specifics, send me a message).
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