Pepper Ann - Season 1

ABC (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Nicky Gone Bad / In Support of
    Nicky Gone Bad
    Nicky gets tired of everyone thinking that she's perfect and a goody-two-shoes. She decides to invent a new bad girl image for herself. But Pepper Ann is worried where Nicky will end up if she carries on with her bad behavior.

    In Support Of
    Coach Doogan tells the P.E. class that they need support for the upcoming trampoline lesson. Pepper Ann is worried and turns to Lydia for help in finding a bra.moreless

  • Have You Ever Been Unsupervised / The Unusual Suspects
    Have You Ever Been Unsupervised?
    Dieter is having a thirteenth birthday party, which will be unsupervised. Pepper Ann feels pressured to go but is scared that there will be kissing games like "Spin the Bottle".

    The Unusual Suspects
    The otter statue is missing. Principal Hickey calls in Pepper Ann and some of her friends into his office to find out where it has gone. As everyone starts to tell him what they were doing and what happened, the information points towards one suspect - Pepper Ann!moreless

  • Sketch 22 / Manly Milo
    Sketch 22
    Pepper Ann is mistaken for an eighth grader by Sketch when he sees her in the park. She tries to keep up her new cool image but finds it hard.

    Manly Milo
    Milo tries to be more of a man by hanging out with guys, but the guys reject him because he's always seen hanging out with two girls. He then learns that how macho you are doesn't really matter.moreless

  • Thanksgiving Dad
    Thanksgiving Dad
    Episode 10
    Pepper Ann's dad has called, saying he has a surprise for her. Pepper Ann thinks he will come and visit her. Meanwhile, Lydia and her Aunt Janie are trying to have the best Thanksgiving ever. But; the turkey burns, Ned eats all the yams, so they have to resort to Butterscotch pudding in place of yams. So they go to plan B and dinner is served. And Pepper Ann finds out her dad is going to visit her next week. And everyone enjoys dinner, even Milo, who was invited by Pepper Ann, who is grateful for everything.moreless
  • Crush and Burn / Soccer Season
    Crush and Burn
    Milo is upset that Gwen Mezzrow has a crush on him, so Pepper Ann comes up with a genius idea - tell everyone that her and Milo are a couple. One lie leads to another, which leads to another...until it gets totally out of control.

    Soccer Season
    The Hazelnut Middle School Otters are back and awful as ever. However, Pepper Ann gets in the game and becomes a star. But the success goes to her head and she needs to be taught a lesson.moreless

  • The Environ Mentals
    Pepper Ann joins the environ-mentals and tries to solve the problem that the pyramid peanut butter can presents(skunks crawl in and suffocate).
  • Uniform Uniformity / Snot Your Mother's Music
    Uniform Uniformity
    Principal Hickey thinks that school uniforms will improve the school, so he hires P.A.'s mom to make the uniforms. Pepper Ann thinks that her individuality is at stake but soon learns that people's personalities are shining through when their clothes aren't the focus.

    Snot Your Mother's Music
    Pepper Ann really wants to go to a Flaming Snot concert but can't go. She then finds out that her mother knows Mick Snot and can get her to the concert. When Flaming Snot trash their hotel they come and stay with the Pearsons, but Pepper Ann soon finds out that they're not as cool as she thinks.moreless

  • The Big Pencil / Sani-Paper
    The Big Pencil
    It's time for the science fair and Pepper Ann is determined to beat her rival Alice Kane. Nicky tells her that her rivalry has to stop but Pepper Ann wants to build something that will win her the giant pencil.

    Pepper Ann's school gets a invited to the Sani-Paper toilet seat cover factory because no other place will allow them to come. While she is there she learns how unfriendly to the environment the factory is. She enlists Milo to help her do something about it but with Principal Hickey keeping such a close eye on them it wont be easy.moreless
  • Megablades of Grass / Family Vacation
    Megablades of Grass
    Pepper Ann exploits and takes advantage of Milo's skill of being able to cut grass, and trim bushes into the shapes of various things, just to get herself some MegaBlade 3000's.

    Family Vacation
    Pepper Ann and family go to vacation at Lake Tammy. Lydia lets PA bring Milo but Moose also brings her friend Crash.moreless
  • Psychic Moose / Doll and Chain
    Psychic Moose
    Pepper Ann begins to think that Moose is psychic after she sees her at the mall with Ezzie, a psychic and appears to know a lot about PA. Pepper Ann wants to protect her sister but is the answer more simple than she thinks?.
    Doll and Chain
    Pepper Ann and friends are assigned dolls that must accompany them everywhere. Pepper Ann thinks she's irresponsible because she keeps losing her doll, and can't get it to stop crying.moreless
  • Old Best Friend / Crunch Pod
    Old Best Friend

    Pepper Ann is excited to see her old best friend, Brenda. The two spent a lot of time together at Chubby Camp. But when Brenda arrives PA soon realises that they have nothing in common anymore, and tries her best not to say so!

    Crunch Pod

    Milo has won the title of Crunch Pod Champion for the 4th year. But when Pepper Ann accidentally wins his free game, people begin to praise her skills. Milo and PA must have one big match to decide once and for all who's best.moreless
  • Romeo and Juliet / Food Barn
    Romeo and Juliet
    The drama club is putting on a production of "Romeo and Juliet". Every girl in the school wants to be Juliet because Craig Bean (an eighth grader!) is playing Romeo. Cissy ends up as Juliet, and PA is cast as the nurse. But when Cissy loses a contact lens, thus preventing her from reading the teleprompter, PA gets a chance to play Juliet. Only she can't get out of her nurse's costume.

    Food Barn
    In economics class, Pepper Ann and her friends get assigned partners and have to work at a job for a week. Pepper Ann has to work at Food Barn with Milo. Milo keeps getting praise and promotion for doing very little. But PA's attempts at being a good employee just get her into trouble! Meanwhile, Deiter is not showing up at his job because he's been at the Food Barn eating all the strudels.moreless
  • Ziterella
    Episode 1
    In the opener, PA has been practicing the perfect smile for her class picture. Then, tragedy strikes: she gets a pimple the day before she's going to get her picture taken for the school yearbook. The only solution is to get pimple cream, but Lydia sends her to Abe's Mall (The "AbysMall").moreless