Pepper Ann

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 13, 1997 on ABC

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  • Pepper Ann gets a zit the Day before Picture Day!

    Pepper Ann gets a zit the Day before Picture Day and has to go to Abe's Mall (The place where only un-cool people shop) to buy some Pimple Cream. When she is leaving, She gets caught on camera by someone Interviewing a band.
    I Laughed at the part when Pepper Ann didn't want anyone to know she was there and then it showed where in the interview she walks by in the background and then Moose (Her little sister) says "Hey, That's you, Peppie!"
    And also at the part Where Pepper Ann says: "I gotta change my name and move out of town!" Then Moose says: "Okay!"
    Oh and at "Abe's Mall is the only place you can buy pimple cream at 50% off!" "That's a savings of 93 cents!"
    This was a really great start to a really great series.
  • Pepper Ann gets a zit the day before picture day!

    Ah yes, every pre-teen can relate to that situation. Getting a zit or pimple is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone who reached the big 1-3. And of course let's not forget the whiteheads and blackheads, the little helpers of zits/pimples. It must've been hard for Pepper Ann to have to go to the most unpopular mall in Hazelnut to get a tube of zit cream. At least she was able to save some money what with all the sales and discounts. That is a good finanical lesson for anyone on a tight budget. You go Pepper Ann! You too discounts!
  • Pepper Ann gets a zit before picture day and has to go to the store were only uncool people go, to buy zit cream! When she finaly dose she is cought on camra by the newscaster interviewing a rock star outside the store. Her life will never be the same!

    I loved this show! It tells about a real prob teens face.(minus the rock star) It was a great episod for the first! Most piolts are bad and have poor graphics, but not this one! It is funny! It gives you hope when you wake up to a big zit!