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Pepper Dennis is a beautiful and ambitious reporter with her sights set on anchoring Chicago's top-rated evening news broadcast. Her career is her top priority, but she does have close friends -- especially the station's makeup artist Kimmy and cameraman Chick, who has a secret crush on Pepper. Complicating Pepper's daily life is the fact that her spoiled, needy and recently separated sister Kathy has moved in with her. Worst of all, the hot guy Pepper woke up with this morning, Charlie Babcock, just showed up in the newsroom, grabbed her dream job and is now practically her boss. She's trying to despise him, but Charlie is smart, handsome, funny, available and interested. Office romances can be so complicated.
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    • Great show.. original.. showing another side of the media that we havent seen!

      Airing as day time TV in Australia.. I stumbled upon it while having a lazy day at home.. and it had me hooked from the word go.. Pepper was witty, intelligent, bold, beautiful and effeminate.. Plus Babcock is dreamy.. I taped it and even got my mum hooked.. We are both devastated to hear that it was cancelled after one season and cant help but wonder what is wrong with the world.. with society preferring reality TV over quality drama.. What a shame! If there's any chance of bringing it back make it happen.. and make sure its fast tracked to Australia.. it deserves that chance!moreless
    • I don't know why, but...

      I'm just over this show. I was upset when I found out that it was cancelled, but a few months without it has made me realize that I just watched it to see Rebecca Romijn (the most GORGEOUS woman EVER!), plus it was good to see Rider Strong working again. Towards the end, I don't think they could even come up with a second season, and that makes me sad, cuz this was a damn good show. Whatever, life goes on. More single women report the news. I thought it was great, but now I feel how I classified ot, just Mildly Interesting.moreless
    • a fun show

      i enjoyed this show, i randomly watched it from various episodes and enjoyed the show. The show is about a young woman trying to make it in a mans world. Pepper Dennis overcomes all obstacles to achieve her best story and out smart her college and love interest along the way.As Pepper's career is clearly flawless and untouchable, someone dares to compete. Her sister, including her best friend the make up artist for the broadcasting news station (who also has feelings for Dennis' younger brother) help Pepper when in need, as everyday is a trip down the rabbit whole in this series.moreless
    • Great show! Very entertaining... Too bad it got canceled.

      Pepper Dennis is or should I say was a great show. The storyline is about a female journalist and how she manages to juggle her professional life and her personal life (parents bugging her constantly, sister coping with her divorce and little brother cooking pot in brownies). It also gave an insight to what extent some journalists will go to get to the bottom of the story. Pepper Dennis portrayed by Rebecca Romijn fits her perfectly. This show was very entertaining and the casts delivered a great performance. Just too bad this show got canceled.moreless
    • I hope they bring it back,but there not.I loved this show it's was one of the best show on TV.Cancelling was the worst thing.I'll wait for the DVD hopfully it well be soon.moreless

      I thought this show has a great deal of promise,but the network saw something else and the reason to cancel it.And I'm sorry they did.Some of the best shows on TV got the axe buy that's the way it goes I might guess.There's no rush to get this GEM back on the tube on the CW network.Comedies like Pepper Dennis are rare that they will be a good fun show to watch and it was in 2006 until CW cancel this fine program.Rebacca Romijn was great in this role,just perfect and the cast to follow,now it's gone BYE.moreless
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