Pepper Dennis

Season 1 Episode 9

Charlie Babcock's Homosexual Encounter - Film at Eleven

Aired Unknown May 30, 2006 on The WB

Episode Recap

Pepper is annoyed on the phone fighting with a guy as she waits on some tax reports. When she wants to copy them, one of the sport journalists gets to the copier first so they start to fight over it. During that, his tie is caught up in the machine and almost strangles him. The guy is out for a couple of days, so Les assigns Pepper to his story. She doesn't want to, but Charlie would like to get that story. That reminds Pepper about the Pope story (back from episode three) and agrees to take the story anyway – just to hurt Babcock. Charlie tries to convince Les with his knowledge about the man and names some number. Sharp Pepper writes everything down.

Later on, she's reporting from the Chicago Cheetahs' quarterback's (Grady Harper) party. Some football comes flying over the house and Pepper has to find cover and hits her head. Chick wants to help her up, but Grady is there first. Chick is all worried and wants to call 911, but Grady takes her in his arms and the team doctor around can look at her right away. She likes it to be in his strong arms and doesn't resist.

Back in the studio Pepper tells Kathy and Kimmy how great her experience with Grady was. Apparently after that small incident, they talked for hours! Even better for her, they are going on a dinner date tonight. When Charlie hears that, she's shocked!

In the news van, Chick looks at the footage of his high-school graduation. He's invited to his reunion and is depressed as all his former colleagues apparently made it to something. Garfield tells him to write something down that sounds like something. Like "associate producer" or so.

Pepper and Grady are at dinner: they apparently agree on everything! A photographer steps up to take a picture, so Grady kisses her. After that, the waiter arrives with an expensive bottle of wine – turns out Babcock sits on the bar and is sending over that bottle. So Babcock steps up to their table and sits down. Grady soon flees into the restrooms. Pepper and Babcock fight, leading Babcock to chase after Grady.

In the bathroom, the two guys have a rather "strange" encounter. Charlie is extremely irritated.

Next day on the front page of a magazine called "The National Investigator" is a picture of Grady and Pepper kissing. Kimmy is so happy – even more when Pepper reveals her plans for tonight: she prepared everything so she could make sweet love to Grady tonight. He's invited to her apartment and she plans some nice dinner – she bought new underwear and Kimmy gives her the special lip-gloss the one that doesn't come off.

Meanwhile Charlie visits a guy in accounting, some gay man. Grady took a "peak sneak" at Charlie in the bathroom and the gay guy assures Charlie that whoever that guy is, he's definitely gay.

In the same time Garfield is filling out the questionnaire for Chick's reunion. They call him "Senior Producer" now. Chick is happy. There only one more problem: Chick needs a date! He types in Pepper Dennis, but then they both agree to delete it, but then the mail is actually sent with Pepper's name on it. Chick can't stop screaming.

Charlie runs into Pepper who's off to leave for her hot date. Charlie tells her in the last second before the elevator door closes that Grady is gay: Pepper hits the emergency stops and opens the door again. Pepper rips the brochure Charlie hands her apart. Despite all of Charlie's explanation attempts she ignores him and leaves. Pepper thinks Charlie is just jealous and tells him, a guy can't be gay when he's dating her and tonight, he'll be too busy to think about anything else but her anyways.

Grady and Pepper just finished dinner at her place, when they start to talk about the food. He's all interested in that and goes along telling some personal stuff. He likes musicals and such things. So Pepper takes him to the living room. He sits down as far apart from her as possible. She starts to work him, but he's getting more and more uncomfortable around her. So she asks what's up. He tells that it's just not his style to hook up with a girl just like that. So she goes further and starts to strip for him. That's when it gets too much for him and he tries to leave.

Before he can leave, she asks him where they stand and asks him if he's gay.

Next morning: Pepper brings Kimmy almost all her "soft" music CDs as she's officially over: Grady Harper is gay!

Charlie enters with a pink "pride!" shirt and handing her some internet articles that speculate about Grady's homosexuality. Pepper tells him how good Grady is in bed. Les enters and wants to know anything about Grady from Pepper. He sees Charlie's shirt and is extremely irritated. Pepper's phone rings: it's Grady. He's apparently upset so she agrees to get to him right away.

On her way out, Chick tries to ask Pepper if she could be his date for his reunion. However he got her at the wrong time. She's mad that she just was used for a fake date by Grady, so she tells him no.

Pepper arrived at Grady's place who tells her everything. His friend wrote a book about their relationship and Grady admits that he just needed some pictures of him with a girl to cover up the rumors, but now the book is getting published.

He fears that his career will be over: the people won't accept a gay quarterback and certainly not his work for the kids he spent millions on over the last couple of years. She's angry, but he asks her for her help during this crisis. She declines to be his fake date, but to help him in general.

In the studio Chick tries to ask Blanca out for his reunion date. She sort of agrees, but then he runs into Kathy who offers herself as a date.

Pepper goes into Charlie's office and tells him that Grady is gay. She complains that everyone just wants to use her as cover and nobody wants her. Charlie tells her that he hasn't been successful since their encounter either.

Charlie gets a call and turns on the TV: the Cheetahs' manager tells the public that he will not sign a new contract with Grady anymore. Pepper realizes that Grady was serious.

Pepper tries to find out where Grady's friend and author hides. So she calls her sources. Meanwhile Charlie goes to the gay guy from accounting again and asks if he could find out where that guy is.

In a gay bar, Charlie enters. Everyone recognizes him. They tell him how much they love Pepper Dennis. He tells them that she is constantly drunk. They are irritated.

He sits down at the bar and asks for the "low life" Sheldon Zorn – turns out it's the bartender. So they sit down in the back. Turns out Sheldon and Grady were a couple for two years. Charlie asks him why he wants to ruin Grady's life. Sheldon explains he had to hide in the dark for his boyfriend.

Kathy calls Pepper to manipulate her to go to Chick's reunion. Charlie calls her as well; he tells her that he will beat her to Sheldon.

Charlie and Pepper meet with Grady at his place and they try to figure out a plan. Apparently some reporters are camping outside. Charlie has convinced Sheldon not to release Grady's name. Grady is happy about that, but while Charlie is looking at some sport trophies, he tells Pepper how afraid he is. She talks to him and tries to convince him to come clean. He tells her he isn't ready yet.

Grady goes outside and gives a press statement. Charlie and Pepper are looking at it from the inside. Grady finally comes clean live on every station there.

Les is furious that Charlie and Pepper in the picture and not making the report about Grady. Charlie and Pepper stay relaxed: they have an exclusive with Grady from after his outing: he even cries in it – the perfect thing for the ratings.

The sports reporter that Pepper almost killed walks in and tells them, Grady is basically out of business now.

Pepper is out on the street interviewing people about Grady being gay. All still love him. Pepper even interviews the team boss who fired Grady – despite he sits in the sauna.

Chick and Kathy are on their way to his reunion. She tries to get their stories straight, but it ain't working.

Chick enters the reunion alone.

Charlie and Pepper are with Grady who is signing some autographs. Grady's contract got renewed, he also thanks Pepper. He tells her she should go and grab Charlie as they are the perfect couple. Charlie and Pepper talk a bit about love, but she takes off to get to Chick's reunion.

Everyone questions Chick about the whereabouts of his date, as Pepper is missing. Just when he wants to admit that he wasn't honest, Pepper shows up in a nice light blue dress. Everyone is shocked to see Pepper. She takes him to the dance floor.
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