Pepper Dennis

Season 1 Episode 9

Charlie Babcock's Homosexual Encounter - Film at Eleven

Aired Unknown May 30, 2006 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Brochures Charlie is offered:
      - What to do when your boyfriend is gay.

    • Other front page stories of "The National Investigator":
      - Secrets of 12 minute diet (no drink, no food)
      - Fountain of youth discovered! (baby picture) This man is 63+
      - My clone does what I tell it to do!
      - Truck drives itself cross country

    • The magazine Pepper made it on front page is called "The National Investigator" and her picture with Grady harper is titled:
      "Harper has Pepper with dinner" and the picture of the two kissing.

  • Quotes

    • Charlie: Dennis, you can't do this.
      Pepper: Babcock, you have to stop reacting like this every time I meet a guy.
      Charlie: No forget that. This is my dinner. I should have been at that fundraiser today, where I should have hit it off with Grady.
      Kimmy: Someone has a man-crush.
      Charlie: He's my pig-skin god.

    • Milford: We've got a homo on our hands, no question.
      Charlie: That's impossible.
      Milford: He thought you were interested and he was testing the waters. When he found out he was barking up the wrong tree so to speak he covered with the nice watch line, which incidentally we've been using for centuries.
      Charlie: Is there a codebook for all this?
      Milford: No, but I'd be happy to provide you with some useful literature.

    • Pepper: He commented on your...
      Charlie: No, he said I had a nice watch, which is code for penis. There is more code in gay culture than a covert CIA operation. I can't expect you to understand at all. The point is...
      Pepper: That you're a jackass? If he's so gay why is he dating me?

    • Gay Guy 1: You work with Pepper Dennis right?
      Gay Guy 2: We love her.
      Gay Guy 1: Yeah, we're obsessed. I went as her for Halloween.
      Gay Guy 2: What's she really like?
      Charlie: Drunk. All the time, and meaner than a wet alley cat.

    • Pepper: Are you sure you guys can't switch teams?
      Grady: Oh come on, I'm not the one for you anyway.
      Pepper: What are you talking about?
      Grady: I just came out to over a billion people, and you two can't admit that you two are hot for each other? The truth will set you free Miss Dennis.

    • Grady: This is incredible. I don't know what to say.
      Charlie: Well you can go out and tell those reporters camped out there whatever you... (sees trophies) Oh my God, Mecca. (Walks over to look at trophies)
      Pepper: I apologize for him.

    • Les: Why are my anchor and my star reporter standing around like two idiots at Grady Harper's coming out party? Are you trying to get me disinherited?
      Pepper: We got an exclusive with Grady after his announcement. He cries. Enjoy.
      Les: Well that's better.

    • Pepper: Les, throwing me on the field with the Chicago Cheetahs' quarterback is absurd. It's like asking Blanca to put on underwear.
      Blanca: She's right. It's just not done.

    • Kimmy: (to Pepper) They say no amount of lip smacking can take this lip gloss off. Your mission, prove them wrong.

    • Pepper: (After falling backward over a wheelchair, she sees a figure standing in the light) God?
      Grady Harper: Not quite Miss.

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