Pepper Dennis

Season 1 Episode 10

Dennis, Bulgari, Big Losers at ACoRNs - Film at Eleven

Aired Unknown Jun 06, 2006 on The WB

Episode Recap

At the 2006 National Junior Domino Topple, Pepper interviews a father of one of the girls in that competition.
As she's done there, she has Kimmy on the line who has to inform her right away when the nominations for the ACoRNs are in (some local awards for the news people).
Pepper and Chick enter the competition hall to get some additional footage. Meanwhile the nominations are in. Pepper is nominated for an entire series of nominations, as she isn't quite, she's sent out the door. Outside she's so happy that she got nominated that many times, you can hear her inside. One of the guys inside turns around to see what's going on, trips another one and all the domino stones are falling…

At home, Kathy has a man over, apparently her mother set them up. The guy is her mother's dentist. Kathy gets really nervous.
Pepper runs into her in the bathroom, where Kathy seeks some advice how to ease up a bit. However all ideas Pepper brings up somehow aren't compatible with Kathy. Her final advice is to find some help group.

At such a help group, a "passion consultant", an older woman is "teaching" a series of housewives how to improve their sex life. However there's a little accident involving Kathy, so things don't go as planned.

Meanwhile at WEiE Les has to hand out the award show tickets himself as Kathy is at the doctors. The number of nominations results in the number of extra tickets. Blanca has one, Chick has one, even Charlie has one (for co-composing a news theme), but Pepper is the star: she has four nominations, meaning four extra tickets.
Pepper already dreams about receiving all four awards.
While Pepper is dreaming Les is handing out assignments. Pepper wants to report that the airport air control might fail any minute, but Les isn't interested in what might happen. He also announces that they will broadcast the ACoRN award show this year with an entirely new concept. Pepper doesn't like the new red carpet concept that makes it more about appearance, less about the journalism.

Pepper tells Kimmy that she's inviting her family to that show as she thinks her parents might like it – despite they always disagree with Peppers career.
At the dinner, with her family, Pepper tries to tell her parents about her nominations, but fails, especially since Kathy shows up with a neck collar. When Pepper finally can invite her family, her mother tells her the play her brother appears in is more important – despite Mitch isn't really an active part of the play anymore.
Pepper is very sad, but Kathy promises to come.

Next day, Charlie and Pepper complain about the entertainment influence of their station with less and less news. They bring their concern to Les' attention. He disagrees and makes everything worse for Pepper, as he assigns her to Blanca to cover the event. Pepper is mad at Charlie that she got degraded to a red carpet reporter.

Meanwhile Kathy is back at work, but is preparing some banner for Mitch. She explains to Kimmy that her mother thinks Mitch has some artistic depression, but Kathy's theory is that he's down because of a girl.

Pepper is doing the interview with the head engineer at the airport. As soon as the new terminal will open, the system will fail he explains.
They are called back to the station for dress fitting. There Les hands Pepper some Bulgari earrings. She even has to say that name at least six times on the live coverage.

Meanwhile Kimmy listens to all of Mitch's messages. Pepper walks in, still really angry about her assignment tonight.
Charlie has organized a date for himself. Pepper ain't happy about that.
Both can't stand it and peak at Charlie: turns out he organized himself an escort or as Pepper puts it: a hooker.

At the event: Blanca is in her element reporting about all the glamour.
Les is concerned that Wes Sprinkman, the CEO and his step-father isn't there yet.
Pepper interviews a couple of guests, but ain't really successful.

Mitch has put his make-up on, when his parents enter. They bring a series of balloons. They are so happy, about him. Mitch is still depressed, over Kimmy of course. On one of the balloons is written "Follow Your Heart".
The award show starts, but Pepper isn't around yet. The first nomination is about the breaking story – Pepper doesn't win it. Pepper is disappointed.
Even Chick the awards he was nominated for. Pepper doesn't win, even Blanca gets a trophy. Charlie gets his trophy too. Blanca somehow ends up with two awards and Pepper has none. So she happy her parents aren't around yet.
Pepper follows Charlie's date to the restroom to find out if she's really a hooker. There she has some accident that ruins her white dress, that exactly when she wins her award.

After the show Pepper is even angrier than before. She snaps at Babcock for bringing a hooker. She lost one of her earrings, worth like one million, ruined her dress and won only one ACoRN. That's when her phone rings. The airport control system has just broken down completely.
Les tells her to shut up and go back inside, but he's so loud all the other news teams hear him and everyone takes off! Les blames Pepper.

With everyone gone, Les is ruined, so Charlie has to take over command. He sends Pepper to the airport and hosts a live broadcast with Chick and his parents, as Les sent everyone else home – due his massive budget overuse for the event.

While Les tries to save the earring from the toilet, Kathy seeks advice from Charlie's date. Kathy thinks the girl is a hooker, but apparently she knows Charlie since a long time – and she ain't a hooker.
Meanwhile Pepper has organized some facts, 12 other airports in the region have shut down now, for Charlie who can't read her writing. Charlie tells Pepper now that his date is some school teacher from Boston.
That's when Pepper gets the news: a Learjet without fuel and Wes Sprinkman in it, has to make an emergency landing. They send Blanca.

Mitch shows up and declares his love to Kimmy. To get rid of Mitch, Kimmy kisses Chick's father and walks off with him.

Meanwhile Pepper gets her source wired up for another interview.
Only seconds later their breaking news live broadcast stars.

When Kathy and Pepper arrive home, their parents are waiting. Pepper tells them to go home as she had the worst night. Her mother tells her to relax.
Pepper has enough: she blames her parents for all hers, Kathy's and Mitch's problems! After that Kathy tells the truth: she tripped over a vibrator on that meeting to open up sexually and Mitch admits he wasn't in that play, that guy was some other kid. He drops out of college. So he almost burns down the place. Pepper gets the fire out, but her trophy got damaged.

The next day at work, Wes is yelling as Les. He's angry about the event and that they didn't have anyone at the airport, just Blanca who picked him up on the interstate…
When Wes comes out, he tells Pepper how good her work has been.
Les comes out of the office, almost crying, and tries to make a statement to his crew. They all feel bad about Les, but nobody comforts him.

Kathy flirts with the delivery guy, while Pepper's dad is installing a spotlight to highlight her award on her desk – the one with some fire damages.
He apologizes that they weren't there for her show. They had stayed out of her life ever since she demanded so when she was 12-years-old. He tells her he's proud of her. He's really happy to hear those words.
As they take off, her award starts to melt under the extremely bright light Dick just installed.
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