Pepper Dennis

Season 1 Episode 3

Frat Boys May Lose Their Manhood - Film at Eleven

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 2006 on The WB
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Frat Boys May Lose Their Manhood - Film at Eleven
Pepper is forced to visit a shrink after she causes an angry riot during a live interview at a church. Things only go further downhill when she is taken hostage while trying to get an exclusive.

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  • this show is becoming different than i expected and i'm loving it!

    so i just got done watching this episode of pepper dennis and i got to say this show is wrongly advertised. i mean they advertise it as if it's just some silly slap-stick comedy, but it's not! it has more to offer and this episode showed that. it's confusing when i sit down to watch a show and expect it to play out a certain way and then get it goes another direction entirely. at first i think to myself, "what is going on here? this show isn't suppposed to be like this!" then i stop, re-adjust with the new changes, and see it in a completely different way and embrace it. i really like that they have given this show heart and emotion and not just that slap-stick-comedy feel to it all the time. something that threw me off guard and one of the changes i'm talking about is Kathy. i really felt bad for Pepper's sister during this episode. then i felt bad for Pepper at the end, another change. i even shed a tear.:( that's when i know a show is good. either that or maybe the story ment something to me at this particular point in my life? either way i enjoyed this weeks episode immensely and am actually looking forward to watching the next episode this coming tuesday instead of just filling an hour of time on a tuesday night.moreless
  • This episode is really hilarious! But it’s a bit cheesy as well.

    The entire therapy situations between Pepper, the therapist and Babcock are hilarious! From the beginning till the end, when the boss walked in: That was so hilarious!

    Then why does Babcock knows people in Germany, since he is Canadian? It just looks strange to me.

    The hostage situation, well I don’t know – it’s just not too exciting. The ending was lame! Lame! It’s interesting to see Babcock struggling for the first time. The “after talk” was just boring as well.

    The therapist and Kathy situation is just lame as well.

    Babcock talking in the make up it’s just unrealistic. A man with such a big ego, opening his heart just to talk? Unrealistic!

    The tearjerker was clearly when they break up again when the boss is angry with them.

    The doormat metaphor went a bit too wrong to Kathy. All the sad ending, just too much, but I really enjoyed the first half of the episode. Great work: I hope this show survives!moreless
  • superb episode!

    This is how I choose this show to watch this series after all! It was so funny when pepper dennis caused this food fight! Not bad at all! haha.

    but, I loved it when Pepper dennis and charlie bacock and this doctor caused a wacked ones! jack comes in and think that they were make love! haha! Superb!

    but..I find it very funny when I saw todd who make fun of frat boys. They were naked with log with them! Oh, my god. Pepper dennis got heated and cause this log to be fall off and those frat boys thought that it was gonna hurt them, but turns wasn't really hurt at all.

    Frat boys charged to attack todd! haha! Very funny.

    But, it wasn't funny when charlie bacock thought that pepper dennis is dead. It has cross his mind and thinking twice.

    I'm very glad that both of them are getting along very well. but their boss is very angry at pepper dennis and charlie bacock! Yikes.

    In the end, pepper dennis cried and her sister make her comforts.

    Very good episode!

    I rated this episode to be 10.0!

    That's all for now.moreless
  • In summary. Loved the little girl \"Ginger\" tap dancer. What a talented, cutie to fit in with this wonderful cast. Perhaps you could find other episodes to use her in. The scene with the frat boys was hillarious. The ending emotions between Brooke and Pemoreless

    This show is truly unique - in a league of its own. This episode was both a mixture of silliness, along with a show of raw emotions. The emotions played a part with both the adults on the show, as well as \\\"Ginger\\\" the adorable little tap dancer - who hung in there with the character and didn\\\'t bat an eye when it came to disappointment. I think she\\\'s a keeper for the show. She showed some exceptional talent and was a great blend with the cast, not to mention very cute like the rest of the cast members. The ending was a real tear jerker, you really made their feelings felt by the TV audience.moreless
  • Pepper Dennis offers a charming cast with comedic talent. Rebecca Romijn unexpectedly shines at physical comedy while offering a winning and sympathetic lead matched by a strong supporting cast including Brooke Burns.moreless

    Pepper Dennis includes in leading roles two of America\'s most beautiful stars, Rebecca Romijn (X-Men) and Brooke Burns (Bay Watch). The resulting, compelling physical comedy is both unexpected and a charming surprise. Romijn\'s comedic timing and priceless expressions are perfect. While the story lines have some necessary silliness to set-up the comedy, each episode offers some serious insight into character and relationships. \"Frat Boys May Lose Their Manhood -- Film at Eleven\" convincingly proves that affection which cannot be expressed can come out as displaced anger and frustration. True enough that many viewers will be able to sympathize after they get done laughing. The strong cast is augmented in this episode by a guest spot by French Stewart (Third Rock From the Sun) as a company psychiatrist assigned to help Pepper Dennis resolve her anger management issues.

    Bottom line? What could be just eye candy with a very attractive cast, offers laugh out loud comedy and some charming warmth and wisdom. I didn\'t expect to be hooked, but Pepper Dennis is a keeper.moreless
French Stewart

French Stewart

Company Shrink

Guest Star

Dan Byrd

Dan Byrd

Todd Haskell

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Whitney Anderson

Whitney Anderson


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Alexandra Barreto

Alexandra Barreto

Blanca Martinez

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Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen


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    • Charlie: You saw it.
      Kimmy: Kinda. What happened?
      Charlie: It was a run of the mill hostage situation and I... and then the gun went off... and the feed went out.
      Kimmy: And you thought she was dead. Yeah, I kinda freaked out too.
      Charlie: All I kept thinking was, that's it. That's how it's gonna end. You know, no more jokes, no more banter. We have damn good banter. When she's not screaming at me.
      Kimmy: Yeah, you do.
      Charlie: Damn it. Ten second of me, bumfering and then dead air. You see, I've covered much harrier situations and never done that before.
      Kimmy: She's under your skin Charlie.

    • Charlie: Foosball?
      Corporate Shrink: game.

    • (Jack walks in them in a compromising position)
      Corporate Shrink: Hello Mr. Bell. Um, we're making fantastic progress.
      Jack: Looks more like a lead up to a threeway.

    • Corporate Shrink: All right Pepper, you begin. But if you veer off message (puts up flag) I'll raise this flag. Okay? Understand? Go ahead.
      Pepper: Apparently...
      Charlie: Wait. Apparently is a blame shifting word.
      Corporate Shrink: Oh, yeah, see that is very astute. You've been in therapy before.
      Charlie: I'm no stranger to the couch. And let me just say that I admire Dennis for taking these steps to improve herself.
      Pepper: Oh please.
      (flag up)
      Corporate Shrink: Hostile tone Pepper.
      Charlie: Tone says more than words.
      Pepper: What words? You haven't let me speak.
      (flag up)
      Corporate Shrink: Defensiveness. Pepper please. This is for your benefit all right? And Charlie, this is very difficult for better so let's try to be a little more supportive.
      Charlie: Of course. Have you tried journaling?
      Pepper: Babcock, just listen...
      Charlie: Notice how she only calls me Babcock? It creates distance.
      Pepper: This is pointless.
      (flag up)
      Corporate Shrink: Destructive dialog.
      Charlie: It's okay. I can ignore her.
      Pepper: Ignore me! Can you ignore this? (takes flag and hits Charlie with it)
      Charlie: Not really. Cause that's saucy.
      (beats him with flag)

    • Pepper: He's still obnoxious. You should have seen the smirk on his face this morning when he pilfered the pope from me.
      Corporate Shrink: I see, and then you decided to unleash that resentment on the good people of St. Bridget's.
      Pepper: Those two sisters have been waiting to duke it out for decades.

    • Corporate Shrink: Your sister, she seems nice. Cares a lot about you, even mentioned something about a lake?
      Pepper: Right. Later I may drown her in one.

    • Pepper: Charlie Babcock and I met, we had toe-curling sex, and now I'm over it. Moving on.
      (from behind her and Kimmy)
      Charlie: Toe-curling? I like that.
      Pepper: It means... commonplace Babcock. As in I'm so bored I'm curling my toes to pass the time.
      Charlie: Right. So Kimmy knows?
      Kimmy: I'm make-up. I know everything.

    • Pepper: This tape is misleading Jack. I was after a bigger story than a chili cook-off. I was out to right a wrong.
      Jack: Dennis, you incited a riot in a church basement.
      Pepper: Riot? Pretty strong words for a food fight Jack.

    • Pepper: Can you believe it, Kimmy? Me in therapy? Like I'm some housewife with intimacy issues!
      Kimmy: Well you do kiss Walter Cronkite's picture every morning.

    • Jack: (to Dennis) Little advice: try your best to sound not like a loon.

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