Pepper Dennis

Season 1 Episode 4

Heiress Bridenapped - Film at Eleven

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 2006 on The WB
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Heiress Bridenapped - Film at Eleven
Pepper's fluff piece about a high-society wedding she is attending takes a serious turn when the bride vanishes, but Pepper has a bigger problem to deal with: her mother is also on the guest list and tries to pair her up with any eligible man she can find at the event.moreless

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  • Pepper Dennis is on the job again-- this time helping find out what happened to her almost-married friend, a decent episode, but nothing overly special.

    When, Veronica Mars turned out to be rescheduled because of a basketball game, I decided to flip to some other channels, one of the shows that was one was the "Heiress Bridenapped" episode of Pepper Dennis. It had its moments, particularly the whole singing moment. Other than that though, nothing really stuck out. The show, which I believe is a comedy, did not have any other funny, or endearing moments. I was compelled to watch Love MOnkey on VH1 at the same time. I believe that based off this episode, it shows that the show has a lot of potential, but it wasn't reached in this one episode.moreless
  • superb!!

    My comments on this wedding episode:

    This episode is so awfully good and this series getting much better and better!

    I like to see how pepper dennis becomes very angry about it and her friend become very stunned and decides to leave and Pepper dennis somehow hurt her feeling after all.

    But, both of them becomes friends again in the end..I really like that.

    In this episode, Pepper Dennis and Charlie gets along pretty well so far.

    It was so funny when her mother pushes her to have boyfriend, but charlie has to be pretend to be her boyfriend..haha Not bad at all!

    Of course, Pepper Dennis is so hot in this blue dress that I saw! It's really lovely..!

    In the end, Pepper Dennis and Charlie dances has touched my heart so much! I almost cried in this episode so far!

    this episode keeps getting better!

  • A lot of drama - a lot of comedy

    This was the best episode so far! This time you get to know the characters even better since ever before. You can see, that nearly every person has to faces, one as the outer experience and one consists of the true inner feelings. There is Pepper's mother who is always telling other people that her doughters are alright to keep the perfect family image. But when Pepper opens her heart to her, you can easily see, that she is really what a mother should be like: not pushing her doughters, be understanding and give them time think and make their own decissions. So far the drama...

    This episode is filled with funny situations in a row. Take the tug-of-war with the bridal dress. Or not to forget the sudden start of Pepper to sing to the bride to explain what means. And at last the tossed bouquet which landed in the arms of dancing Pepper and Charlie and none of them is carring and so they let it slip. Awesome!

    More like this please!!moreless
  • This episode does some serious character developing. I really liked that.

    Pepper is always struggling with her career, and this time it isn’t about Babcock. The show starts to show us that this isn’t just a temporary “loosing her mind” Pepper, it’s who she really is. That now get clear and I think that’s what makes her so adorable.

    Also the Kathy is for the first time more than the black and white girl. Before, she just jumped between crying and absolute happiness. Now she starts to get on track again. She becomes a person that isn’t that annoying and fits the actress Brooke Burns much better.

    The whole wedding was nice done, even though some persons where just a bit too much stereo type, like the husband-to-be.

    Then the happy ending was a bit too cheesy, but I think it did fit the episode and so I liked it as well.

    Then - I never imagined that could happen – Pepper sings one of my two favourite love songs! Listen to your Heart by Roxette! I’m a huge fan of Roxette and so I loved that. That the episode even ended with the same track - made this almost perfect for me.

    The thing I still don’t like is Mrs Dinkle. She shows a better face at the end, but still I don’t like her. She pushes her girls so hard, that they cry so much – too much.moreless
  • In this eposide Pepper gets stuck going to a wedding of an old friend who she gives some of the wrong kinda advice to. but she goes without a date only to find that her mother is trying to set her up with any single guy at the wedding.moreless

    I really liked this episode because i really think that pepper and babcock need to be together and this episode really shows that. I thought that when their mom tells lies to everyone and trys to get pepper with every single guy at the wedding. I thought that it was funny when she gave the bride advice, i mean who gives that kinda advice? but another reason i liked this episode was beacuse Eric Winter was in it, and he is from another one of my favorite shows Days Of Our Lives but he isnt on there anymore which really sux but when the bride ends up with the one that she really loves and they get married at the station by babcock this show is just a really good onemoreless
Pamela Reed

Pamela Reed

Lynn Dinkle

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Sarah Rafferty

Sarah Rafferty

Callie Meryl

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Linda Gray

Linda Gray

Barbara Meryl

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Alexandra Barreto

Alexandra Barreto

Blanca Martinez

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Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen


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    • Pepper: Well played Babcock, you're timing is impeccable.
      Charlie: Well thank you Dennis, it was my pleasure.
      Lynn Dinkle: Yoo hoo, sweetheart.
      Pepper: Damn, I didn't think they'd be out of there so fast. There's no time for background...
      Charlie: Mr. and Mrs. Dinkle, Charlie Babcock, I've heard so much about you.

    • Pepper: So all we have left is the ceremony, the toast, dinner, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, first dance, chicken dance, then Donna Summer's last dance, my God we are going to die here!

    • Charlie: I'd love to be your knight in shining armor, Dennis.
      Pepper: That'd be lovely if I were a damsel in distress.
      Charlie: Come on, scorching hot couple like us, we'd set that wedding on fire.
      Pepper: May I remind you that our boss has ordered us not to scorch, burn, or smolder.
      Charlie: Bummer, huh. Then we'll go as friends. In a way you'd be doing me a favor, this evening anchor slot is killing my social life, and that reception is a perfect place for me to meet a nice bridesmaid or three.
      Pepper: Actually Babcock, I've decided to fly in the face of convention and go stag.
      Charlie: Boring.
      Pepper: So you say.

    • Pepper: Mum, how did you get in here? This is a live broadcast studio!
      Lynn: Through the door signed "Broadcast Studio".

    • Pepper: Mum, please! Do you know how bad it looks for my own mother who is this eager to pimp me out.
      Lynn: Don't pretend you care about public opinion. You don't even wear panties. Let's face it: your situation has reached a crisis level!

    • Lynn Dinkle: (to Pepper) Now, who are you bringing - and don't say Kimmy! Last time it took months to assure everyone at the club that you are not a lesbian.
      Kathy: So that's where that rumor came from.

    • Mrs. Dinkle: (About Pepper) She refused to wear pants until she was three years old. Pantsless Patty is what we called her.

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