Pepper Dennis

Season 1 Episode 11

Pepper Dennis Behind Bars - Film at Eleven

Aired Unknown Jun 20, 2006 on The WB
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Pepper Dennis Behind Bars - Film at Eleven
Pepper is sent to prison when she refuses to reveal one of her sources. Soon Pepper uncovers a scandal at the prison that has remained undetected for several years.

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  • An investigative journalism double-header.

    Pepper Dennis is on the warpath against injustice big time in this episode. RR plays her character so well.

    She is completely passionate about her job and totally unwilling to take the easy way out. That is probably why she gets in so much trouble. And that is why she makes such a good hero each week.

    She starts out with a scoop on a defective medical product, pretty timely. The company responsible for the product gets the court to order her to produce her source, heard that before. To protect her source and those who might follow in his footsteps one day, Pepper voluntarily goes to jail. Again, a very timely theme.

    While there in jail, she stumbles onto another scandal.

    This is another great episode of Pepper Dennis, the cape-less crusader for good.moreless

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    • Pepper: What was your big break like?
      Charlie: Great story. I was embedded with these Nicaraguan rebels during a political skirmish, things went down, I ended up taking a bullet for their leader.
      Pepper: Of course you did.
      Charlie: Got a lot of attention, my agents had me airlifted and behind an anchors desk faster than you can say Sandinista.
      Pepper: Did it feel weird that it happened so fast?
      Charlie: Never thought about it. I was too damn excited, and I was still hopped up on a lot of Vicodin.

    • Knuckles: Long speech, Oprah. Now I'm really gonna have to cut you.
      Pepper: (taking Knuckles down) It's not Oprah, Tinkerbell, Lois Lane, Little Debbie, Cinderella, Grass bag, Blondie, or Goldilocks. It's Pepper Dennis and I gotta eat here too are we clear? Cause if we're not I am happy to take you down breaking news style.
      Knuckles: I like Grass bag.

    • Charlie: In the last five years Lunchsac has lost ten contracts around the Midwest for serving expired food. That jumpsuit is so bad girl.
      Pepper: So why does this jail keep renewing their contract? Most of these women have filed food poisoning complaints.
      Charlie: I couldn't find a single one on file with the DOC. Just so we're clear, there's not gonna be any conjugating?
      Pepper: The complaints must be getting buried, but why? To protect Lunchsac?
      Charlie: Political connections, money, the room was designed for it and I did bring flowers.
      Pepper: Money. What if the state is cutting corners at these inmates expense? Do we know what they claim they're paying for the food?
      Charlie: State budget's four dollars per meal per inmate.
      Pepper: But we don't know what they're actually paying Lunchsac.
      Guard: (knocks) Two minutes. (Awkward silence)
      Pepper: Come on Babcock, this is the part where you say, 'two minutes, I can do it in one and a half', and then you unzip something. And then I pretend to ignore all subsequent libidinous comments, which is what we normally do in the real world. Outside of here, which seems so far away right now.
      Charlie: I'm sorry Dennis. I'm an idiot. I was just trying to keep it light, you know, cheer you up.
      Pepper: I know. It's okay.
      Charlie: You know when I got here I couldn't believe it. Everyone expected it to be Camp Cupcake but it's pretty awful huh?
      Pepper: I wouldn't recommend it. But I'll survive.
      Charlie: Yep, you will. Not a lot of people have the strength to make it through something like this, Dennis. I couldn't.
      Pepper: Thanks.

    • Les: I've reserved 5 minutes in each broadcast for a jailhouse update.
      Pepper: Leslie Gay listen to me! You will cancel all interviews or publicity or so help me god, I'll be in here for murder! Yours!
      Les: You started this! I'm only trying to make lemonade.
      Pepper: Well you're back to lemons, because I'm shutting down my visitor's list.

    • (while Pepper gets arrested)
      Blanca: Thanks for the show! See you in hell!

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