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Aired Unknown Apr 04, 2006 on The WB
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Pepper Dennis had her sights set on becoming the anchor for Chicago’s top-rated evening news broadcast, however, a one night stand of Pepper's unexpectedly nabs the job from under her feet. Pepper's life is further complicated when her sister, who has split up with her husband, decides to move in.moreless

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  • A dissapointing pilot.

    This episode was very dissapointing. The series gets so much better after this episode. They make Pepper seem incredibly cold how she wont even stop her eliptical machine, and the writting was abysmal. In following episodes the writing and acting gets better but is still slightly choppy. Many of Pepper's lines are incredibly cheesy or corny and make her acting become much more terrible than it normally would be. Also in later episodes Pepper doesnt seem like the type of person who would go for a one night stand. I also noticed almost every set changed dramatically after this first episode.moreless
  • A bit uneven but promising.

    Well, I was a little leery of the idea of Rebecca as a reporter but she actually does a great job here. I enjoyed the beginning where she seems ready to bust the housewife like a cop and turns reporter, a good introduction to her world.

    I'll admit some similarities to Gray's Anatomy like sleeping with her new boss and the music playing over the end. However, I do like how they show how dedicated and planning Pepper is, showing how controlled she wants to be. Which of course just makes her flops more funny.

    What really impressed me was Brooke Burke, showing off a great comic timing as a sister who seems more attuned to the gang at Arrested Development. However, she can show some nice dramatic touches like when Pepper yells that "I'm turning into you!" and, trying to keep from getting upset, Burke calmly replies "I'll give you a chance to take that back."

    So overall a bit soapy with the attraction to the anchor (although like Gray's, it's nice to have them getting in bed first and then having sexual tension) and him suddenly moving on with that busty reporter. Still, it shows some promise and may be worth taking a longer look at.moreless
  • I love this show!

    My comment on this pilot episode:

    Apparentely, I never expect for this show to be terribly bad! But, turns out I was wrong after all.

    I think this show is indeed the next gilmore girls, because I feel the connection between gilmore girls and pepper dennis! Great show of all!

    I like the storylines and actor/actress too as well. WEie news was pretty awesome and it hasn't nothing much compared to the real-life news like I watch eyewitness news on cbs 3.

    I have to admit that show is really great and it's still SO new to me. I'll know more about this show in the near future.

    But, what I'm jealous of, I saw beautiful house that Pepper Dennis lives! The door was so big and it has make me want to live in Chicago! Fair enough!:)

    This episode is quite funny! I like it alot now and I can't wait to write the reviews for this entire season!

    Overall, this episode deserves to be 10.0! That's all for now.

  • Pepper Dennis...while not popular amongst the critics, I actually was surprised by it.

    So, we've met Pepper Dennis, and to be honest I think it was a quite OK pilot episode. Yeah, the storyline and characters could still use some development but why-oh-why are the critics so insisting on a picture-perfect pilot episode! Shows improve in time! Anyhow, this episode was fast-paced; there wasn't really a moment where the scenes were boring. The thing I liked most about this episode is the chemistry between Pepper and her sister Kathy. Kimmy, the make-up artist is an OK-character I guess, but her and Chick weren't really introduced in this episode so I guess that's for next episode? Josh Hopkins was really good in his role of Charlie Babcock and I think the chemistry between his character and Pepper Dennis is good too. Anyway, to conclude, good pilot episode and I hope the next episode will be even better.moreless
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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Kathy: Technically you don't work here. You are suspended.
      Pepper: Yeah, thanks for that.
      Kathy: So it's my fault?
      Pepper: I have nothing! My career is wrecked, my home is in ruins - I had plans Kathy and now they are history! I'm a loser! Life has rolled over me and turned me into you!
      Kathy: I'm giving you the chance to take that back.

    • Charlie: Pepper, I can't stop thinking about you.
      Pepper: What?
      Charlie: Yeah, and that never happens. Come on, let's go see if the copy room is open.

    • Jack: Dennis, I have big plans for you at this station, but it's gonna take time in grooming. Do you want to throw that all away?

    • Pepper (to boss Jack about Charlie): He's too tall! I'm much better proportioned for the skyline backdrop! Charlie Babcock is going to stand on that set and look like some freakish Godzilla about to devour Chicago.

  • NOTES (9)

    • This is the only episode whose title did not end in "film at eleven." This is the shortest episode title.

    • Music: Don't Be Lonely by Kristin Candy and Rollercoaster by Kendall Payne.

    • "Pepper Dennis" was originally going to be called "Eliza Pep", however this was changed due to test audiences rejecting it.

    • "Pepper Dennis" is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and distributed by The WB Television Network.

    • After the pilot of "Pepper Dennis" was filmed earlier in the year of 2005, co-star Brooke Burns was in an accident and was hospitalized after diving in a backyard pool and hitting her head. She had to have minor surgery in fixing a broken bone in her neck. Even so, her accident didn't affect the series as she had two months to recover before production on the series began again in January.

    • Even though the series is set in Chicago, the show is taped in Los Angeles, California.

    • WB network executives initially wanted to put "Pepper Dennis" on the fall 2005 schedule, but the network changed their minds in order to let lead star Rebecca Romijn shoot "X-Men 3" during the fall. The network decided to wait until midseason to begin production on the show.

    • When the series was in development, the show was first in a cast-contingent stage. Also, once the contingency was litfed, a pilot presentation would be made. But when Rebecca Romijn signed on to the pilot the WB greenlighted a full pilot for the series.

    • This episode is the series premiere.


    • Pepper's dilemma--sleeping with a man she picked up in a bar who later turns out to be her boss--recalls that of Meredith Grey in ABC's hit drama Grey's Anatomy.
      A lot of bright blue is used in the series--the color of the foam padding on Pepper's mic, the lettering on the news van and station logo, and in a scene in the previews she is splattered in the face with a blue substance. This may be a subliminal reference to the blue all-over body paint Rebecca Romijin wore (and not much else) in X-Men 2.

    • Jack's coffee cup reads I See Dumb People, an allusion to the feature film The Sixth Sense where the character Cole Sear says I see dead people.