Pepper Dennis

Season 1 Episode 2

Poker Clubs and Boob Cams - Film at Eleven

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 2006 on The WB
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Poker Clubs and Boob Cams - Film at Eleven
Pepper decides to go undercover to bust a prostitution ring at a club and sees someone unexpected there. Back at the station, she finds herself in a compromising position with Babcock during a sexual-harassment seminar, causing her to reconsider her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Kathy reconsiders her divorce and agrees to go back to her husband.moreless

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  • great episode!

    Okay, I was suppose to write this review last week, but I has to watch the repeat episode to refresh my memory. Now I remember it very well.

    in this episode, pepper dennis wear the disguise to invesigation of what's going on into this bar or something. Oh, well, she's so awfully hot in this dress that I saw. It was so funny when chick is so choke after stare at her boobs.

    Plus, I'm proud of kathy! she decides to leave her husband for good after her husband cheated on her this time with this lady.

    Oh, well, the life must be going on.

    I liked the storylines much better than it was before. Not bad at all.

    I rated this episode to be 8.9. That's it for now.moreless
  • The episode was not so interesting in my opinion. I really like this show, just, this episode did not seem to do much in my opinion.

    The series started out really good. It was much better than i had anticipated. But, there has only been two episodes now and it seems the writers keep going in circles. Babcock likes her and Pepper likes him, but Pepper refuses to be \"unprofessional\" and rejects him. Then she decides to like him, and he decides he doesn\'t like just keeps repeating like so and it\'s rather frustrating.
  • Awesome beyond belief

    I love this show sooo+ much. And I thought is was so cute the way Rider Strong\\\'s character has a crush on Rebecca Romijn\\\'s character Pepper Dennis! The episode is awesome and there better be more awesome episodes to come. And the sexual harassment issue involving co-workers was a good issue to discuss.
  • I liked this episode. It closes the past of for the two sisters and points out first pieces of their future.

    This episode is basically the second part of the pilot. Most story lines get closed and I think they will start over in the future.

    This review might contain spoilers of this episode!

    Pepper is still trying to figure out what is between her and Dennis. The end made it pretty clear that they won’t be together in the near future.

    Their work in the club was nice, especially during the broadcast.

    Another storyline closed is the marriage of Kathy. I think she will start her own life and she will team up with Pepper to great team. I couldn’t stand Brooke Burns in the role of the “Stepford wive”. It just doesn’t fit and I think she will be great in the office or whatever she will do in the future.

    The scene where she captures her lovely husband with the other woman was really funny. I liked it.

    I really start to like this show. I also think that the “real” story will start with the next episode and this will have some serious potential!moreless
Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks


Guest Star

Jeff Chase

Jeff Chase

Poker Guy

Guest Star

Bob Gunton

Bob Gunton

Dick Dinkle

Guest Star

Alexandra Barreto

Alexandra Barreto

Blanca Martinez

Recurring Role

Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen


Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Charlie: You know you are really hard to follow. I mean you're on, you're off, you're hot, you're cold, you push, you pull, you KICK!
      Pepper: I am nothing if not consistent.

    • Kathy: Why are you taking his [Bryce] side?
      Lynn Dinkle: Because divorce is failure! And I want grandchildren.
      Kathy: This is my life!
      Lynn: No this is your sister's life! You're just visiting. Don't make a huge mistake.
      Kathy: Mum, it would be even a bigger mistake to stay with a man who took six years to find my Clitoris!
      Lynn: Clitoris!
      (Dick Lynn almost chokes)
      Kathy: Whatever!
      Lynn: Oh I can't believe I raised a daughter who turned into this kind of a wive!
      Kathy: No mum, if you want him, you can have him.

    • Pepper: Hiding here isn't the answer. It would give Babcock the impression that chasing after him last night meant something.
      (Kathy looks up)
      All right, it did mean something. A lot actually. I really wanted it to happen and now he's Blanca Martinez.
      Kathy: You will not take a backseat to that weather girl. Do you understand me? Fix your lipstick, perk up those boobies and throw you hat right back in that ring.

    • Charlie: I just saved your ass.
      Pepper: And groped it!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Pepper: Sexual relations between co-workers are verboden.

      "Verboden" is Dutch for "forbidden", this is a reference to the fact that Rebecca Romijn is from Dutch descent.

    • Title: Bill O'Reilly
      Pepper says that she doesn't want to be in a Bill O'Reilly situation with Charlie. This is talking about the sexual harassment at work charge against Bill O'Reilly in 2005.