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  • Great show.. original.. showing another side of the media that we havent seen!

    Airing as day time TV in Australia.. I stumbled upon it while having a lazy day at home.. and it had me hooked from the word go.. Pepper was witty, intelligent, bold, beautiful and effeminate.. Plus Babcock is dreamy.. I taped it and even got my mum hooked.. We are both devastated to hear that it was cancelled after one season and cant help but wonder what is wrong with the world.. with society preferring reality TV over quality drama.. What a shame! If there's any chance of bringing it back make it happen.. and make sure its fast tracked to Australia.. it deserves that chance!
  • I don't know why, but...

    I'm just over this show. I was upset when I found out that it was cancelled, but a few months without it has made me realize that I just watched it to see Rebecca Romijn (the most GORGEOUS woman EVER!), plus it was good to see Rider Strong working again. Towards the end, I don't think they could even come up with a second season, and that makes me sad, cuz this was a damn good show. Whatever, life goes on. More single women report the news. I thought it was great, but now I feel how I classified ot, just Mildly Interesting.
  • a fun show

    i enjoyed this show, i randomly watched it from various episodes and enjoyed the show. The show is about a young woman trying to make it in a mans world. Pepper Dennis overcomes all obstacles to achieve her best story and out smart her college and love interest along the way.As Pepper's career is clearly flawless and untouchable, someone dares to compete. Her sister, including her best friend the make up artist for the broadcasting news station (who also has feelings for Dennis' younger brother) help Pepper when in need, as everyday is a trip down the rabbit whole in this series.
  • Great show! Very entertaining... Too bad it got canceled.

    Pepper Dennis is or should I say was a great show. The storyline is about a female journalist and how she manages to juggle her professional life and her personal life (parents bugging her constantly, sister coping with her divorce and little brother cooking pot in brownies). It also gave an insight to what extent some journalists will go to get to the bottom of the story. Pepper Dennis portrayed by Rebecca Romijn fits her perfectly. This show was very entertaining and the casts delivered a great performance. Just too bad this show got canceled.
  • I hope they bring it back,but there not.I loved this show it's was one of the best show on TV.Cancelling was the worst thing.I'll wait for the DVD hopfully it well be soon.

    I thought this show has a great deal of promise,but the network saw something else and the reason to cancel it.And I'm sorry they did.Some of the best shows on TV got the axe buy that's the way it goes I might guess.There's no rush to get this GEM back on the tube on the CW network.Comedies like Pepper Dennis are rare that they will be a good fun show to watch and it was in 2006 until CW cancel this fine program.Rebacca Romijn was great in this role,just perfect and the cast to follow,now it's gone BYE.
  • Pepper Dennis is lol funny, the cast is great, the writing & producing is excellent. I think the show should come back with a Bang! Oh! without Babcock, now on Brothers & Sisters, if he got deported on last scene, then thats his way out.

    CW Please pick up this show & give rebecca a great new love interest. she deserves a new guy in her life rather that babcock. Give her someone with real hair and not a toupe. She\'s sooo funny & sooo talented, she needs someone that matches her wit & sense of humor that here character shows. The CW needs all the help it can get with the line-up it has since it began. Sad! all that hype & all the same shows! except those 2 soaps desire & FH. Nobody has time for. Now Pepper Dennis thats a gem weekly.
  • Great show

    I loved the show. It would always cheer me up when I was down with the way Babcock and Dennis would always go after each other when underneath it all they really really liked each other. Also Rider Strong was so cute with his undying love for Pepper. Also Kimmy and Pepper’s younger brother was a cute relationship. And Kathy, little miss goody two- shoes, she was funny. She would be nice to anyone even if they were treating her like dirt. I loved whenever something was going good for Pepper Dennis she would always manage to mess it up somehow. Overall the show was great and they should not have canceled it.
  • I miss this show!

    I absolutely LOVED this show. The characters were funny and likeable and very real, even Charlie with his unbelievably white teeth. I don\\\'t watch Idol, so this was the perfect show and time for me. It was a wonderful show to watch on at a perfect time for me. Pepper was a strong woman, someone I would want to be like. Kimmy is crazy and wonderful. I really miss this show. It\\\'s one of the only shows I have actually wanted to watch again. I laughed, cried and ate blueberries! It was wonderful. And I constantly watch to see if it will come back. Please make this lady happy and bring her show back!
  • Dr. Pepper's in the house

    This wasn't the worse show I've seen. The growing attraction between Pepper and her coworker was quite intriguing. But, ultimately, it didn't make the cut onto UPN. Rebecca Romijn is a cool actress. She has more range than most supermodels do when they act. But, there was nothing that spectacular about the show.
  • My husband and I love this show. We are not happy that it ended. It was nice to watch on Tuesdays. The characters were very funny, and for one hour you could put all your problems aside and watch a great show.

    Bring it back! This show is the best on tv. With so many reality shows, it is nice to have a show that is funny like this. That for one hour every Tuesday you could forget your problems and just watch one of the best shows on tv. My husband and I love this show and hope that it will come back. Tv is suppose to be fun and with all the reality shows on it is not that way anymore, but with this show it is getting back to being that way. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!
  • Bring this awesome show back!

    Rebecca Romijn is a fantastic actress and she was fantastic in this show!!!

    i thought this show was incredible - unique idea, great actors, and very funny storylines. i loved it! why did the WB have to get rid of it?! ahhh!!! it was so good!

    i loved how Chick had a crush on Pepper. I wanted them to be together, but in the finale, i realized that they wouldn\'t really go good together, and that Charlie and Pepper would be a much better match. But i\'m glad that Chick found someone else.

    The finale plot was really interesting. i loved it! chick confessed his love, Charlie confessed his and Pepper confessed hers...everything is going to work out!

    Romijn\'s character was strong-willed and independent, and she wasn\'t so quick to give up that independence. She wanted to keep her own identity, and she was a great role model.

    This show was really good, and it\'s such a disappointment that it\'s gone.
  • A show about a strong woman who has oen problem after another in her personal life and her relationship with family and coworkers. Played out in the newsroom of a fictional Chicago Station.

    A great premise. Not entirely original. It was funny though. The characters were very believable.

    The camera man with the crush that he can't express because the girl of his dreams jsut seems way out of his league. I was glad to see Rider Strong back in something. He made Chick an awesome character.

    The Strong feminist career woman. Rebecca was an awesome choice. She was beautiful and she was smart. Pepper was too serious for her own good. She was overly ambitious. She worked hard to get what she wanted and she didn't care who stood in her way.

    Les Gay was a bit of a set back for the show. But He was thrown in to cause drama, and he served his purpose well.

    Kathy was overly innocent first time out on her own. It was awesome. She was just so overly cheery. You could tell she had no idea about the real world.

    Babcock was interesting match for Pepper. He was her competition and her soul mate. They were very similar people and that caused some tension. The Chemistry there was awesome.

    Kimmy was hilarious with all the funny comments and advice.
  • I Love this show.... please bring it back!!!! I love the cast and most especially the story, when Pepper met charlie that was sooo cute, sweet and romantic. The funny part is when Pepper found out that the new anchor was charlie!!!

    Pls people bring it back this show it is the one of the most GREAT shows ever always makes me laugh and makes me feel so great after taking good care of two kids everyday!Now I feelin' so depressed without this show! Please bring it back! I miss this shows and I love it so bad that I have to record it to my DVR and watch it all the episodes all over again... please bring it back! Pepper Dennis is so great! I love the story goes most especially how did pepper met charlie for the first time.
  • The Pepper Dennis show fills a network comedy VOID right now and is better than previous very successful shows such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Just Shoot Me, and WKRP in Cincinnati. A merger has meant all the new shows at the WB being axed.

    I believe the definition of instanity is cancelling a hit show in the making.

    Pepper Dennis, hit show to be, is a breath of fresh air to the glut of family and reality shows on t.v., and it fills the VOID for network comedy shows that have a very successful past. Shows like Pepper Dennis when given time and backing historically do very well and include The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Just Shoot Me, WKRP in Cincinnati and so on.

    Pepper Dennis and other new shows at the WB, soon to be CW network, are victims of the upcoming merger I understand all got the axe. I wonder if they got the backing they deserved? Certainly Pepper Dennis didn\'t get much time as a mid-season replacement and its time slot was originally against American Idol on Tuesday at 9! Boy, if you want to ensure great ratings, you can\'t beat that strategy!

    A petition to save the show is already at 1300 and counting (, and I imagine the show has very favorable focus group numbers compared with rival shows and similar demographics.

    If execs for rival networks actually watch this show and perhaps conduct a little research themselves, I believe they will be as convinced as I am that the Pepper Dennis show is a future hit waiting to happen... The numbers for the Will and Grace show were very low in the beginning for that new show, and the pilot for Star Trek meant the show being cancelled, with later new life. Look how these shows turned out!

    The Pepper Dennis show deserves a second chance and this time, the backing a future hit needs.
  • Best new show of the season! Different story lines from anything else on TV. Characters are so fun to watch together. I LOVE the show.

    I Love this show. Please bring it back....You didn\'t give it enough time to take off. I taped it for my co-workers and they loved it. My husband who only watches informational TV even started watching it. Change it to another night if you have to. Put it where Charmed used to be on Sunday.....another great show you cancelled that I will miss very much. Please give it a longer chance!!! Finally a show worth watching on TV. The characters all had perfect chemistry. They were so much fun to watch. I looked forward to Tuesday night TV. I mainly watch WB programs. 7TH HEAVEN, EVERWOOD, GILMORE GIRLS, PEPPER DENNIS, SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE and am disappointed in the fact that you are cancelling all the good ones. Please give Pepper Dennis more time......PLEASE.
  • Pepper Denis is an awesome of the best show i ever watch my secound fav. show ever.. rigth after Veronica Mars.

    Pepper Denis maybe one of the best show that i ever watch on KTLA. I\\\'m glue to the sceen when im watching it. I even watch the comercial so I don\\\'t miss any excitment. Sometime I even try to finish my homework early so ic an watch.. i love the relationship between charle and pepper. it\\\'s like a work version or Romeo and Juliet except it have more drama and no one die. Pepper Denis is my favorite show so far of many year of watching t.v . AT first when i saw the comercial i thought it was a movie.
  • Excellently cast, written, and directed. I think the only reason they cancelled it was because of the new CW network merger of the WB and UPN. They didn\'t give it a good chance either, starting it too late in the season and in the wrong timeslot.

    Rebecca Romijn was excellent. I thought of her acting as green at best, with her being a successful model. She brought emotion to the character and there were times where her voulnerability shined through. I am a big \"X-Men\" fan, but I think this is her better work. Lindsay Price was pretty good too, although I liked her better in \"Beverly Hills 90210\". Rider Strong was so-so and didn't bring the dramatic edge like he did in \"Boy Meets World\". Brooke Burns I LOVED! She was so sweet and believable niave. Much better than in the short lived \"North Shore\". Although I haven't seen any other work by Josh Hopkins, (not a big \"Ally McBeal\" fan) I though he did well enough. The show in itself was well written and directed, and I believe it should be given a second chance, if not on the CW then perhaps somewhere else.
  • This show can't be cancelled. I wanna' see some reruns or new episodes.

    This show rocks!!!! I love it. I want it to continue. And the way it ended was good. I can't wait until the 2nd season and/or when it comes to DVD. Rebecca Romijn really shined in this show and Josh Hopkins is so hot and him and Rebecca look good together in this show. They should be together forever in the show. And the fact that Charlie Babcock has pearly whites is sooo attractive. I love a man with bright and healthy teeth. And altough Charlie tries to pretend like Pepper Dennis is not the girl of his dreams, he loves her and she loves him. We all could see it. Altough, I think he only preposed becuase of the fact that his visa was not renewed. So if he married an American we would be wouldn't need a visa.
  • WHY!!! Please Please Please keep this show!! It can\'t be ending. I love this show SOOOO much. Please I\'m begging, lets make a petetion or something! This can\'t happen!!! They set it up for a perfect team.So many things they could do with the

    new Pepcock team! The CW needs this show even if they change the time or even the channel! Since I know America\'s Top Model took One Tree Hills spot and One Tree Hill had to move down. Im begging, please we need this show! WHO\'S WITH ME!!! LETS DO THIS!!! KEEP PEPPER DENNIS!!!KEEP PEPPER DENNIS!!!KEEP PEPPER DENNIS!!!KEEP PEPPER DENNIS!!!KEEP PEPPER DENNIS!!!
  • Pepper Dennis is a great show and i very sad to see the seris finale next week i cant wait for Babcock to marry Dennis because i know they are made for eachother ever since the first episode when theymet at the bar i cant be more thriled to see them marry

    Pepper Dennis is a great show and i very sad to see the seris finale next week i cant wait for Babcock to marry Dennis because i know they are made for eachother ever since the first episode when they met at the bar i cant be more thriled to see them get married.. im very sad that this amazzing show cant be more than just one season.. even just a full one season and not just a 13 episode season but we dont always get what we wish for if espicially its a show and how many episodes u want it to be..hah wow
  • This dramady about an up-and-coming news reporter struggling to make it in a man's world is filled with laughs and can also be touching at moments.

    This is a show that premiered too late in the season to be picked for the new line-up in the CW. Rebecca Romjin and Brook Burns play their roles fine but at times, the situation can be driven down and the jokes are overdone. It was a nice surprise to see A.J. Trauth make guest appearance as Pepper and Kathy's younger brother. It had a good run, and it shouldn't have been cancelled.
  • OMG... i flookin love this show...

    the show rocks... i just want pepper and charlie to get together. i love watching them go back and forth but at hte same time i'm like come on just kiss or tell each oher how you feel. i love pepper shes so spunky. charlie is cute and funny he always makes pepper mad but she cant help but love him. its soo cute. and chick just wants pepper witch is funny and he seems gay at times. im just waiting for kathy and lex to get together. its like a odd couple (very odd) lol but they just seem rite for each other hope its works.
  • It's a show about family and friends and with a devotion and ambition your career can take off. It shows that everyone makes mistakes and displays that time will can make it right. Its one of those shows you can watch with friends or family.

    This show keeps me laughing and entertained all the time, its one of the funniest shows. It has everything for everyone, slap stick comedy, romance, drama and a few adventures. Its not just for females, but males can appreciate it to. Give it a chance to acquire a bigger audience. Its the next best show and a must see.
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!! They CAN'T Cancel it! I am SOOO Mad!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! They CAN'T cancel it! I am Soooo Mad! When I first saw the previews for it I thought is was going to be dumb. But then I watched the first episode & I fell in Love. It shows a woman struggling to be the best at her job but also struggleing with haveing a life. Its funny and interesting I cant see how they can cancel it when they he stupid shows like "the simpsons" on for god know how long! I really hate that there is a good wholsome show on finally & now they are canceling it! This sucks!!
  • This show is about a hard working woman who is very independent. She works for a local news network in Chicago, she competes against the powerful men who dominate the station. And at the end of the day she always proves herself right.

    I think it is cute show. Finally a female who has the lead role in a sitcom with such a supportive cast. I really like the love story between Pepper and her co-worker. Also I like that the young camera guy has a crush on her. Her sister, Kathy brings so much quirkness to the show and the comedy also. I think it is cute, but not a lot of critics will acknowledge it.
  • Pepper Dennis is an alright show.

    Pepper Dennis the show about a reporter for a Chicago new station always doing something she doesnt want to, it seems. I like this show alot, Chick who is played by Rider strong who was from Boy Meets world which wis my favorite show thatisn't on anymore is a great actor for this show. He is the silent type but funny when he is in the storyline. Pepper and Charlie are also pretty funny. The fake hatred between them is acted out great as well. It is too bad that becuase the WB is combining with UPN to form the CW means that Pepper Dennis is getting cancelled. It had to be right when I start watching the show every tuesday.
  • Pepper Dennis is an ambitious and determined reporter in Chicago. She works hard, and as a result, she has trouble finding love. To make things worse, Charlie Babcock, a man with whom she had a one-night stand, becomes the new anchor at her station.

    This show definitely has its moments, and it is sometimes very funny. However, it can be very one-dimensional at times, as you can easily tell from the summary. Pepper Dennis, played by Rebeccca Romijn, is the typical girl who can\'t find a man because she spends too much time persuing her career. There is then Charlie Babcock, the cocky, handsome anchor whom she can\'t be with but secretly wants to be with and blah blah blah, etc. I do think it\'s very punchy and sometimes witty... It isn\'t a must-see, but I think that maybe The CW could\'ve given it a little more of a chance.
  • This show, as few have,has skillfully blended soft porn with wholesome heart warming stories. I am sincerely a lifelong fan. I used to consider those e-mail offers for viagra... now I just replay the bikini episode.

    I love this show.

    The characters are just that...characters.

    Goofy,sweet,lovable and fun...

    I give this show a thumbs up.

    This show is clever and unique and did I

    mention FUN?!!!

    I suffer from Post-Dramatic stress

    syndrome PD is the vaccine.

    Sexy sweet and funny, Ms Romijn can

    hold her own with the best comediens of

    all time.

    She makes me laugh and that is not


    The Lady makes me laugh.

    As for the serious subjects the

    show tackles, I say well done and

    continue with these edgy subjects.

    Inter-office romances...

    Friends Brother romances...

    Inter-racial romances...

    Believe me middle America can handle

    these subljects and more....

    I will watch this show as long as it is


    I like to see the physical comedy

    like the dye packs and chili fights,

    mud puddles and the like.

    Most of the supporting cast are

    new to me but all top notch...

    KK is adorable

    Babcock, gotta like a name like that...

    Maybe there should be a character,

    something of an arch enemy of Pepper\'s,

    A private Dick called Salt Peter

    Or not.

    Love you

  • It can't be cancelled!

    I can't beleive the CW didn't pick up this show. Thid show is amazing. It's great. It was like it didn't even have a chance though because it was a new show which stinks because it is a great show. The CW should really bring it back because it is one of my favorite shows.
  • Rebecca and Brooke are perfect sisters. Pepper has interesting challenges. They are both easy on the eyes. Fast moving. I like the sub plots too. DON\'T ditch it!!

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