Pepper Dennis

Season 1 Episode 13

Star Anchor Weds Colleague - Film at Eleven

Aired Unknown Jul 04, 2006 on The WB
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Star Anchor Weds Colleague - Film at Eleven
Babcock has unexpectedly proposed to Pepper, and they find themselves walking down the aisle together. Unfortunately for Pepper, she learns that Babcock's proposal isn't motivated out of love.

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  • Amazing!

    This episode was great! Not only did viewers finally get to see what they had been waiting to happen all season through Charlie and Pepper's wedding, but the way in which all events played out was amazing. The fact that Kathy was able to move on with her life by finding love again was satisfying, as was Chich and Blanca's unexpected relationship. Kimmy unfortunately ended heartbroken, but I guess that she had some satisfaction through Pepper and Charlie's wedding. This episode sure was amazing and satisfying. The storyline was great and the writing smart and witty. The actors also delivered amazing performances.moreless
  • Charlie Backcock and Pepper Dennis about to wed

    This was the best finale I\'ve ever seen in a series.

    Charlie and Pepper coming together was meant to be! The writing, directing and acting was is perfect harmony in this episode and I applaud the efforts of everyone in this show.

    This Pepper Dennis show deserves a comeback and second season if for no other reason than to see how Charlie and Pepper do together...
  • Pretty good overall and quite possibly the best series finale I've ever seen.

    I'm glad they ended on a positive note in all corners (except Kimmy and Mitch, but you get the sense that she's growing up, so at least it's conclusatory). I'm sad it's ending, but with "The CW" and all, I guess the days were numbered from the beginning... sigh...

    Since I've been watching this show from the beginning and have never written a review, I thought I might recap: I love this show except for one thing...Rebecca Romijn. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really just don't think she can act. At all. I love Charlie, Kathy, Kimmy, Jack (Jack!! He should have come back in the end), Agent Thorne, Mitch, Blanca, Chick, the driver guy, and even Les. But I don't like Rebecca Romijn's portrayal of Pepper. The plotlines are pretty good, especially the season arc, and the dialogue is much better than the usual level of "crap" for The WB. Character development was deep and done well. Pepper's clumsiness didn't even get in the way of the plot, as those things usually do. The "news" bits managed to mostly tie in well and advance the plot...even when you never thought they could. The series finale answered questions (yay for marriage!) unlike some others which leave you hanging (argh). I'm glad about Pepper and Charlie, possibly because they're just such a cute couple, and duh they're meant to be together. Blanca and Chick could have been done without, but hey, I'm sure the writers have been toying with that idea for a while, and let them have their fun. Kathy and Agent Thorn were quite adorable, but their one-episode storyline could've been expanded on. And whatever happened to Kathy's previous paramours (Chick, the driver, the mailman, Les, etc, etc)? I would've liked to see some conclusion to all that, or at least have it addressed more than once or twice. Maybe that would've gone down in a second season, had there been one. I don't know. Maybe it'll be renewed next summer on The CW. I don't think so, but a girl can hope, right?

    If not, Pepper and Charlie will go down in television history as a couple who were just right, were rooted for, and loved, and cheered on...and eventually made it together. Bravo, writers, for understanding the way a series finale should be. Even with that manically insane bit about the statue thrown in. (Yay! I get to see Herman in Turk-shut up and get back to Pepcock!)

    Congratulations, Pepper Dennis. We salute you and your fellows at WEIE News, Windy City News, Chicago.moreless
  • awesome wish it would continue. When will it?

    It was romantic yet down to earth though i think that Charlie is very mean to get Pepper\'s hopes up like he really wanted to marry her not just to renew his green card. maybe though he really did want to marry her. When the next season comes out it should defintly have Charlie and Pepper actually getting marrried and maybe they good even have it that from their last sexual incountor Pepper became pregant and gave birth. It be super funny to see Pepper fat and having mood swings. And they could even do twins or something. Or maybe while Pepper is in the hospital giving birth Charlie could be cheating on her in the copy room with Blanca. But then have Blanca refuse to have sex with Charlie because she knows Pepper would kill her if she found out.moreless
  • An absolutely perfect episode! Hard to watch beacuse it was the finale, but I wouldn't have changed anything about it. I'll miss you Pepcock!

    This was the perfect (but too soon) ending to a great show. The chemistry between Pepper and Babcock was excellent, props to the actors. Watching the show was bitter-sweet, knowing it was the finale, but it was one of the best finales I've seen in a long time! It kept you wondering up until the final moments what was actually going to happen, although, we all KNEW how it was going to end. Everything about this episode was perfectly played, written, and acted. How they managed to pull this one off in such a short amount of time is beyond me, but they did it! And did it very well. I'll miss Pepper!moreless
Alexandra Barreto

Alexandra Barreto

Blanca Martinez

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Fred Koehler

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Tony Daly

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    • Charlie: (giving last broadcast) And that's the news for this evening. But before I sign off, I want to say a proper goodbye to the WEIE audience and to a city I have fallen in love with. Chicago, while I might not be able to be with you in body, I will always be with you in spirit, and I will deeply miss everything about you. From your elegant skyline to the foul-mouthed bleacher bums in Wrigley, to your city lights that sparkle like the moth beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Sure when I first moved here I thought you were just another pretty face, but it didn't take me long to discover that you also have the kindest heart and warmest soul I have ever known. You may ask if I love this city so much, why am I leaving? Why don't I commit to it? Settle down in the greatest anywhere from Buenos Aires to Reykjavik. Well the reason I'm leaving so abruptly, immigration troubles aside, is that I don't deserve you, Chicago. I don't think I'll ever be good enough for such a special and worthy city. I know I let you down, and I'm sorry. This is Charlie Babcock. Goodnight and Goodbye.

    • Chick: Stop. You know what's bizarre? For someone who's job requires a keen eye for detail you sure have a tendency to overlook the obvious.
      Pepper: No I don't.
      Chick: Oh really? I was in love with you for five years.
      Pepper: You were what?
      Chick: This isn't about me. Besides, I've moved on. This is about what's right under your nose. Charlie is here because he wants to marry you. Doesn't that mean something?
      Pepper: He hurt me.
      Chick: Well, that's what happens when you care about someone. You get hurt. Look, if I didn't think he was worth it, I'd let you walk away. But I think you should hear this guy out.

    • Pepper: Well Babcock? The people I care about obviously see something in you because they're here, in this dingy office, under this horrible lighting, hoping I'll give you your day in court. Me, I'm not convinced. I'm still pretty torn up about our last go-around. But I trust their judgment, probably more than I trust my own. So here's your chance, your one chance. What are you gonna say to me that's gonna make all the heartache I went through go away?
      Charlie: I love you.

    • Pepper: Sitting behind the anchor desk for the first time should be the most satisfying moment of my life but you ruined that too.
      Charlie: Dennis...
      Pepper: Don't say you're sorry. It's a waste of breath. Diamond in the rough my ass. You lied to me Babcock. You promised me it could be fake and then you let it be real. And when you let it be real you couldn't handle it could you? Because you're terrified of anything real, of anything that might get in the way of that phony million-dollar smile or that little boy charm or your juggernaut career. I know how I appear to people, tough, strong. But what you did to me you just don't do to a girl. One thing's settled; everyone finally knows the truth about Charlie Babcock. And that makes it a whole lot easier to watch you go. What's wrong Babcock? No one feeding you a line?

    • (Charlie pulls out a ring box, inside is a rock)
      Pepper: A rock?
      Charlie: It's a diamond in the rough. I brought it back from assignment in Botswana. Kinda reminds me of you and me. (gets down on one knee) Dennis, will you do me the honor of being my green card wife?
      Pepper: Sure. And I appreciate the effort to do it correctly.

    • Charlie: So you're saying yes?
      Pepper: Yes.
      Charlie: I really appreciate this Dennis.
      Pepper: Screw you Babcock.

    • Pepper: This is fast Babcock. Lightning fast.
      Charlie: I'm being deported.
      Pepper: Excuse me?
      Charlie: There was a screw up with my immigration papers, the Department of Homeland Securities been contacted, if I don't find a way to get my green card in the next three days I'll have to leave the country.
      Pepper: So you don't actually want to marry me then.
      Charlie: Well...
      Pepper: You want a fake marriage.
      Charlie: I wouldn't put it like that.
      Pepper: You jerk.

    • Charlie: Dennis I'm in real trouble here. If I leave the U.S. now I may never get back in. Besides going to Canada will ruin me. Do you know what they call the Canadian Broadcast Corporation? The corpse.
      Pepper: So this is all about you career then.
      Charlie: Their star anchor doesn't even have hair.
      Pepper: Goodnight Babcock.
      Charlie: Oh I see what this is. Getting me out of the way opens up an anchor spot for you. Cheap way to nab a promotion Dennis.
      Pepper: Like I need you deported to get a leg up.
      Charlie: You do.
      Pepper: I do not.
      Charlie: Yeah, you do.
      Pepper: I DO NOT. (slams door)
      Charlie: Yeah, you do. (Pepper opens door)
      Pepper: You know what? I will fake marry your sorry butt, and then I will take your job, fair and square. Then I'll fake divorce you so you can go back to Canuck land and live out the rest of your miserable unemployed Toronto-y life.
      Charlie: I'm from Ottawa.

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