Pepper Dennis

Season 1 Episode 12

True Love Is Dead - Film at Eleven

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 2006 on The WB
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True Love Is Dead - Film at Eleven
Pepper investigates the owner of a dating service after Kimmy, looking for Mr Right, signs up and becomes suspicious of the service.

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  • Love is in the air - stop her quick!

    Pepper Dennis's coworker, on the rebound from her break-up with a certain person Pepper knows - impulsively drops five grand on a dating service.

    She decides she wants to get out of it and get some help from Pepper. Predictably, Pepper detects some loose threads that seem to indicate some hanky-panky is going on - and it is not the romantic kind at all.

    Pepper morphs from strong, supportive friend to Super Investigative Reporter.

    This story was really good, had lots of ups and downs, and had some neat lessons.

    One was that even success can be a letdown. The other is that people's immediate prior experiences can strongly influence them in subsequent situations.

    This episode was a fantastic setup for the series finale, which the preview at the end said is going to be the next episode. After you see this episode, you will definitely want to see that episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The location Pepper mentions, Gstaad, is a place in Switzerland. Located in the mountains, it has managed to become resident home to numerous celebrities and extremely rich people while with strict construction laws still managed to look like an old village of farmers. The place is also known for it's excellent winter sports offers.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Les: Your work visa has lapsed.
      Charlie: Impossible, this station was required to file that paperwork when I started here.
      Les: Apparently that was left to the old receptionist.
      Charlie: Briana? Let's not panic, how do we clear it up?
      Lawyer: By reporting your status to the Department of Homeland Security, which we did.
      Charlie: And? (no one speaks) Guys, come on, it's not like they're gonna deport me?

    • Charlie: I'm the voice of trust and truth, I'm the Japanese face of Crest White strips, I'm the one in the power position Les not you. Where's your poster Gay?
      Pepper: Hold on, Babcock. Are you saying that of all the outrages and moral injustices we face everyday, this is where you take your stand?
      Charlie: My teeth are my signature. They're gonna help me go down in broadcast history along with Anderson Cooper's hair, and Ed Bradley's earring, and Brian William's fake tan, so you guys just need to back off.
      Pepper: Why do you have to do this?
      Charlie: What?
      Pepper: Open your big dumb mouth.
      (Pepper walks off)
      Les: I thought you Canadians were supposed to be a compliant people.
      Charlie: Sorry Les, you thought wrong.

    • Charlie: That is utterly depressing and you are giddy with excitement.
      Pepper: I always get revved up before a sting.
      Charlie: No, there's a spring in your step because you've proven those people looking for true love aren't going to find it.
      Pepper: This isn't about love. It's about fraud. And don't tell me you believe in all that mush.
      Charlie: Do you even know what a soul mate is Dennis?
      Pepper: An ancient fabrication that captivates the masses and guarantees employment to Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo.
      Charlie: It's the coming together of two kindred spirits, finding the yin to one's yang. Meeting the person who knows what you need even before you do.

    • Pepper: (recording herself) Note to myself: Kimmy Kim is a sneaky little pedophile!

    • Pepper: The old "we can't give you a refund because our boss is in Gstaad" routine. Let me give you a tip: in news circles they call me the sheriff - because I always get my man.

    • Pepper: True love is dead, and I killed it!

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